Header And Color Customization With Our Themes

Posted on Jul 16 2014 by in Blog Blogs and Blogging 

With each release of WordPress, customizing your website becomes easier. Using the administrator dashboard, most themes allow you to alter the appearance of your site by changing headers, backgrounds, and the main colors of the website. Even though each of these individual task are relatively simple to accomplish, understanding the benefits of making these customizations will allow you to develop a stunning WordPress site that truly shows the style you are trying to achieve. When you want to give your WordPress site a new look read these tips on how to customize your WordPress site with headers and colors.

Adding Your Own Header Image
Most WordPress themes will allow you to place your own custom header image along the header of your WordPress site. Without a header, many sites will simply display a default image or the title and description of the site. This results in a generic look that does not help your WordPress site stand out from others.

The easiest way to remedy this is to add your own custom header image. If your WordPress lets you add your own header image, if you need to create one use an online logo maker, they are quick and easy to use. Now, go to the Appearance section of your WordPress dashboard Here you will find the recommended size for your header image and the upload section for adding your header image. A simple header image can be made from your logo or from an image that goes along with the style of your website. Upload and if necessary crop your header image. This is a quick customization that will help give your entire WordPress site a new look.

Adding Background Images
In addition to adding your own header image, some themes allow custom backgrounds. This works in the same manner as adding your own header image. Remember that background images can require additional time to for a website to load. If your theme allows custom backgrounds, you can typically choose between tiling the image across the background, having a fixed background that stays in place as users scroll down the site, and static backgrounds that either repeat or do not repeat.

Changing the Color Scheme of Your Website
Using a color scheme that goes along with the same style of your brand is an important part of brand identity and having a website that represents the image of your business. Head over to the Theme options of your selected theme and determine what interface they provide for changing colors. Some themes will use a color scheme that is used throughout the site, while other themes allow users to independently change the color of every type of element. A general rule in design is to stick with a basic color scheme. Decide what two or three colors you want to use throughout your site. Typically, these colors should complement each other. With too many colors, your website becomes distracting and may turn visitors away.
A simple design can go a long way towards providing your visitors with a pleasing experience. With a clean design for your WordPress site will let your main content shine and give users everything they need to navigate your site. Keep your WordPress site simple, while using custom headers and color to make your WordPress site your own.