Great WordPress Themes To Get Your Site Flying

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Taking on a new theme can be a big step for more novice site designers or those who are just starting to get their hands wet with site design, but before you run away from a project, consider how fun it can be! One of the best ways to make your site design exciting is with some great WordPress themes. For all the best selections of great WordPress themes, you will want to get our great WordPress themes package, but before we go there, lets take a look at some of the basic that are required for building your site.

1. Get Our Great WordPress Themes Package

2. Login, Install The Theme, Activate The Theme

3. Get Ready To Have Some Fun With Your Design

Consider this theme:



To get started, find an image that you will want to use as your cover image or background. You can do this by going to the APPEARANCE Tab within the great WordPress themes Dashboard. At this point you will want to select the file you have in mind, or use an image that is already within your media library. Also at this point you will want to remove any of the standard title information and update your site with a title and some basic descriptive features about your site.


Are you with me? You should be able to get this far within 10-15 minutes of installing our great WordPress themes premium package. Do you see how easy it is to make a great website with our great WordPress themes in under an hour?

So by now you should have a title, front page image, and some basic information about your site up….now consider the overall appearance of your site. Do you want to try a different theme or continue with the style of the theme you are using?

Regardless or what theme you choose, going through those initial basic steps of setting up your title, image, and basic description will be one of the main functions that need to be changed when adapting to new themes. So that is important to consider if you plan on migrating a theme, going between themes, or setting up multiple themes.


One of the neat features of WordPress is being able to carry your Widget designs from one theme to the next by placing them in the “Unused Widgets” category. Anyone who has had to setup a widget with personal details like a link to a Facebook or Twitter account, then it can be difficult, and time-consuming to go through the process each and every time. Being able to keep your central design core is an important time-saving design element.

So get the basics of your site going, and setup all your Widgets, and be sure to put them in the unused area of your Widgets manager when they are on standby — then you can easily switch between themes. For those who do not save their Widgets by putting them in the Unused Widgets area will be stuck setting up their widgets each and every time they try a new theme; which can be a big deterrent to changing themes or updating your site.

Keep this in mind, and get our great WordPress themes premium package, and you will be able to create not only one great site, but have the opportunity to create a ton of great sites with great WordPress themes styles and designs!