Getting Your Blog On

Posted on Dec 09 2014 by in Blog Business Development Freebies 

WordPress has been reintroducing some of its new interface options recently as I have done another round of domain purchases, which is one of my hobbies, and pastimes as a Blogger. Since I Blog pretty heavy, I always find myself running short on domains, cash, and themes, but so far have been able to get by without any advertising fees or anything like that, so it has been OK. But if you are just getting started with a new blog or new theme, then you will want to save time and money and pick a domain name or WordPress name for free and just start writing.

No one really goes and buys a domain name right off the bat and starts publishing unless they have a solid campaign, some funding, and some professional tools. With the package, there are more than just a professional theme or two, there is a dedicated team of specialists who can help you get your site hosted, as well as packaged with a range of themes, that are included as part of the hosting package. For only $10 a month, it just makes sense to get your DNS servers pointed to us so we can help you with your domain hosting.


When you want to buy a domain off the free market through WordPress or one of its Affiliates, it can be done for around $18.00-$26.00, depending if you want Privacy Protection, which will ding you for $8, but if you want your details private with Whois searches, then you sign up for the fee. I rarely pay the fee for this because:

1. I want people to contact me about my domain so I can collaborate with them.

.2. I think it would be a good way to get involved with a digital community.

3. I will get more traffic to my WordPress site.

4. It will make me feel more important because there is an official record.

5. I like WordPress themes and love WordPress domains and want to start blogging more.


Whatever your ambitions are with your site, we can help. Start by registering with an account and one of our dedicated specialists will be able to assist you.