How to Get Support for WordPress Related Issues

Posted on May 18 2014 by in Blog 

WordPress is an open source blogging platform. Since it is open source, the makers of WordPress do not provide direct support for users. This should not affect your decision as to whether or not you plan on using WordPress for the creation of your website as there are still plenty of resources available for dealing with any WordPress related issue you encounter. From the WordPress Support Forum to online communities and individual WordPress developers, there is a never ending amount of help available. When you find yourself dealing with a serious issue that you cannot solve on your own, do not despair, there is help out there. Keep reading to discover how to get support for WordPress related issues.

Using the WordPress Support Forum

Your first stop for any WordPress problem should be the WordPress support forum. WordPress was first released in May of 2003, which means that the support forum is over ten years in the making. Tens of thousands of questions have been asked on this forum and the majority of the user submitted problems get resolved. When you go to the WordPress support forum, before you consider posting your own problem, start by searching the support forum. Summarize your problem in one or two keywords and search the forum for similar problems.

Posting a Question on the WordPress Support Forum

If you cannot find an answer to your problem in the WordPress Support Forum then you may need to post your own question. In order to help ensure your question is answered as quickly as possible, follow some basic guidelines for posting questions. Start with the title for your forum posting. A descriptive title will help those that want to answer issues in the forum notice your question. Do not simply state “Help, I am stuck.” Mention the exact the problem you are having in a short and descriptive sentence, when creating a title. Next, explain your problem as simply as possible in the body of your post. Include specifics, such as the current version of WordPress you have installed, what theme you are currently using, and any changes you may have recently made to your website. Also, include a link to specific webpage where others can view this problem firsthand, unless the problem is related to a feature that is only accessible via the admin screen. Finally, post your question to the correct forum area. There are many topics, so take a moment to find the WordPress forum topic that your question belongs in.

Dealing with Plugin and Theme Problems

When dealing with an issue directly related to a plugin or WordPress theme, visit the website of the person or group that developed the plugin or theme. There is a good chance that they have their own FAQ that covers the most common problems with their software. Additionally, they may offer their own support, especially if this software is a premium plugin or premium theme.


In addition to using the WordPress Support Forum and finding help directly through the makers of plugins and themes, there are thousands of individuals and small businesses that would be glad to help you with your WordPress problem. While many of these groups will charge a fee for fixing your problem, sometimes it pays to allow experts to solve your issue. Start with the WordPress support forums, move on to the WordPress developers, and when all else fails – seek professional expertise.