Domain Parking For Profit

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For those of you who don’t know what domain parking is, let me tell you a few things about it to get you familiar with the topic. First, you need to remember that domain parking can be done for a couple reasons:

1. To Make Money From Advertising

2. To Make A Profit From The Sale Of A Domain

How Does It Work?
Domain parking is a function that is widely used by WordPress site members because of its ability to provide domain purchasing services. When you purchase a domain from WordPress, which can be done as easily as going to and typing in a potential domain that you are interested in. If you want, and the domain is available, then you can purchase it. Sometimes the domain is already purchased, so you can see if it is active.

When a domain is active, it will usually be hosted by WordPress if it was purchased through WordPress and will have information and a functioning page relevant to the name of the page. If the domain is parked, then you will see some information about the domain parking host, as well as relevant advertising. People who choose to park their domains can make money off the clicks that these ads receive. If the domain is hot, then potentially, one could make quite a bit of income.

When the domain is parked, it can also be listed for sale, much like normal real estate, except in this case it is a digital address. The domain name, if trendy, may be an item of interest, and a profit can be made on its sale. Speculators who purchase domain names in hopes of one day making a profit are careful as possible, and sometimes get big payouts from names that get popular.

Some domain resellers go straight for names that will bring in an ad sales interest by playing on famous web sites and finding similar names that would occur from Typos.

Getting it appraised is an option for those who are looking at big deals, and an independent appraiser provides an estimate of the value of the domain name based on a set of criteria.

Parking it is as easy as going from the dashboard and changing the servers over to the hosting site. You will receive a confirmation code and should have your materials parked within a couple days. Making a profit is extremely risky, and speculators should do as much research as possible before making any investments.