Designing A Content Market Strategy With Our Themes

Posted on Sep 26 2014 by in Business Development Customer Spotlight 

Content marketing is the chief strategy being used by businesses to reach more customers and garner customer loyalty. Every bit of help that you can get with streamlining your marketing strategy can improve how effective your content marketing is at expanding your business. Whether you focus on releasing informative blog articles, sharing information through social media, or sending out email newsletters, the following WordPress plugins will become a helpful extension of your content marketing approach.


OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that makes adding popup forms quick and easy; though, it provides so much more. Not only can you create simple popups asking users to subscribe to newsletters or register with your website, you can track conversion rates and setup targeted campaigns. Using the available settings, you can include popups and forms on specific pages, categories, tags, media, and more. Other options include adding drawings, tests, and questionnaires. This plugin can even track the mouse behavior of users and detect when they are about to exit your website. The analytics allow you to track the effectiveness of each popup or form. OptinMonster is premium WordPress plugin, but it is worth every penny.

Edit Flow
Edit Flow is a free WordPress plugin for managing your workflow. If you release regular blog postings and work with multiple authors as part of your content marketing campaign then Edit Flow will become your best friend. This plugin adds a multitude of helpful additions to your WordPress dashboard for managing content, notifications, work schedules, and budgets. Once installed, a monthly calendar allows you to track assignments and publication dates. Authors and editors can work together to ensure everything is completed on time. Editors can leave comments for authors and suggest blog topics. The included user groups allow you to organize your team by department. Edit Flow is easy to setup, but requires a little bit of research to fully understand all of its features.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
WordPress SEO by Yoast is continually mentioned in lists of top plugins for WordPress – in a variety of categories. It helps with search engine optimization, social media sharing, site structure, and more. When it comes to content marketing, this plugin has a number of helpful benefits. During the creation of posts and pages, WordPress SEO by Yoast will keep track of the usage of your main keyword phrase, helping you make sure that your keyword phrase is used correctly in your content, titles, and Meta information. It will also add Meta information for Facebook OpenGraph.

JetPack is the powerhouse WordPress plugin that was first used on and then eventually made available for self-hosted WordPress sites. This plugin provides more than 30 unique features for making your WordPress site more user-friendly and boosting your content marketing strategy. With JetPack you get social media sharing buttons on every post. You can also easily allow your users to subscribe to posts. Another helpful feature is being able to display relevant posts related to the post that a user has just finished reading. Describing every feature of JetPack would take quite some time, so be sure to check everything out to take full advantage of one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins.


Content marketing is all about keeping your customers or visitors informed. Using these WordPress plugins you can make your site more user-friendly and direct users to specific content. While these are all incredibly helpful in making your content marketing strategy a success, remember that it all starts with original helpful content. Always keep your content fresh and engaging.