The Most Common WordPress Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted on Apr 10 2014 by in Blog 

Not Updating WordPress and WordPress Plugins

There are several reasons that updates are an important part of maintaining a WordPress site, including security and browser compatibility. This is true of both WordPress itself and the plugins that you install. The majority of the updates to WordPress are related to security fixes. After the WordPress team has discovered a security issue in the program, they try to release an update when possible. By keeping your WordPress site up to date, you are keeping it secure. Once WordPress releases an update, many of the most used plugins will release an update to ensure compatibility. Just remember, every time that you update your installation of WordPress, perform a backup, which brings us to the next common mistake.

Not Creating Backups

As with any major project, you should perform a regular backup to avoid losing all of your hard work. While WordPress provides methods for backing up your WordPress database, you may want to use a backup plugin to back up your entire website. As mentioned, you should always perform a backup before updating your release of WordPress; though, you should also backup your database before switching themes, moving to a new domain, or transferring your site to a new hosting plan.


Creating Too Many Categories

WordPress has included several ways for users to label and categorize their posts. This has led many enthusiastic users to create several new categories for each new post that they create. Using too many categories does the opposite of what categories where designed for, by making it difficult for visitors to find related articles based on category. You know what your site is about, so stick to a handful of broad categories and use tags for further labeling.

Assuming WordPress Is Only For Blogging

The final common mistake to point out is that WordPress is not just for blogging. While WordPress came to life as a blogging platform, it now provides so much more. Businesses and universities are starting to notice that WordPress holds its own as a Content Management System and as a site builder for creating truly dynamic and professional websites. Major companies, such as Time, CNN, and UPS, have used WordPress for the development of some of their websites. For those looking for an affordable detailed solution to their site building needs, do not write WordPress off.

As you may have noticed, WordPress continues to grow and offer new features that businesses and bloggers can take advantage of. This includes an ever expanding amount of help through forums and discussion boards. When in doubt, regarding an aspect of WordPress, search the WordPress forums and you will probably find and answer to your dilemma.