Clearing the myths and misinformation surrounding WordPress plugins

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Judging by the parameters of simplicity and effectiveness, WordPress is by far the best Content Management System that you will come across. Naturally, its popularity is very high and keeps on increasing by the day. Out of 10 million top websites of the world, about 25% sites are set up on WordPress because of its ability to support and take forward SEO campaigns in a way that no other CMS can. The versatility of WordPress is fantastic, and it provides almost infinite opportunities for adaptation for users. The platform is so easy to use that anyone who has no knowledge of coding and even ignorant of other technical details can start using it without any difficulties.

However, this might lead to committing excesses with the system that can be detrimental to SEO campaign.  You might think that the all-powerful WordPress plugins would be enough to drive the optimisation process on its own and you can do well without the help of SEO consultant. This approach is entirely wrong and stems from an incomplete understanding of WordPress. These and some other similar misinformation and myths surrounding WordPress are clarified in this article that will help you to make better use of WordPress plugins for search engine optimisation.

WordPress facilitates search engine optimisation

Let it be clear from the beginning that WordPress is not magic that you can close your eyes and let it do all the work of optimisation for you. The platform assists you to take forward your SEO campaign through better optimisation, but the brain required to drive it must be yours or that of the professional at Perth SEO service that you hire.  You can compare the WordPress platform to a boat that keeps you afloat and helps you steer through the water provided you are capable rowing the boat.

It is a search engine platform in a friendly way, but you must never make the mistake of thinking it as search engine optimised.  You can utilise the facilities and features of the platform to complete the optimisation tasks efficiently, but the platform does not come readily optimised for search engines.  You get the advantage of working on a platform that supports SEO effectively and makes things easy for you but the best results, you must put in your hard work and brains into it.

For efficient use of WordPress plugins be guided by an SEO Consultant

It will be grossly wrong to think that WordPress plugins are all powerful and do everything related to search engine optimisation so that you can do without the services of SEO consultant. Despite the high capabilities of WordPress plugins, it needs someone well conversant with SEO to use it correctly to take forward the SEO campaign.  The expert knows best how to align SEO with your marketing goals. He has a good understanding of organic search and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of the wrong implementation of SEO strategies. He knows which plugins to use for realising the marketing goals more efficiently.

Slow websites can negatively affect search rankings. Some plugins can slow down the website that the consultant knows about and can use this knowledge in selecting the right WordPress plugins. There are issues related to site code whenever you upgrade WordPress or plugins, and only the consultant has the experience of addressing it properly.

Choose the best WordPress plugins

Not all plugins might be suitable for your SEO needs, and you must carefully judge its applicability and allied aspects so that you do not regret later. Once again, the guidance of SEO consultant can come handy.  There are four points to consider when selecting plugins.

  • Every site has its own set of functionality that the plugin must support. It must also be compatible with the technology used for the website as of now and also in future.
  • Evaluate the kind of support you would receive from the plugin developers.
  • Gauge how much popular the plugin is because more users mean more user experience that you can get a share of in case of trouble shooting. Popular WordPress plugins offer better user experience.
  • Rely on renowned vendors when buying plugins because they provide comprehensive upgrading services so that the plugins ready for future use. This is the highpoint of using WordPress plugins.

Make good use of WordPress widgets

While optimising websites for search engines is the first agenda in marketing, proper content promotion is equally important because it aids the SEO cause. The success of SEO campaign depends on how well you can meet user expectation and provide them with the best user experience. To facilitate better user experience, you must present the most relevant content in a tailor-made manner so that the focus is entirely on the content that appears on the page. To achieve this goal, make use of WordPress widgets that allow you to get closer to the audience by applying a social layer to the campaign.  WordPress platforms have inbuilt RSS widgets that you can use to display RSS feeds.

Get WordPress plugins for RSS

There is no doubt that your SEO campaign gains more mileage from the use of RSS feeds and since the facility exists in WordPress, just activate it by installing suitable WordPress plugin.  The plugins allow better control in using RSS feeds more efficiently as you can manage multiple feeds with some plugins and you can even import complete content from some external RSS feed.  Some plugins allow viewers to subscribe to some particular content while some others help you to activate the RSS feeds on the specific pages or post by importing it.

WordPress plugins open up a whole new world of opportunities for search engine optimisation. Try to gain knowledge about the plugins that keep on evolving to meet the growing expectations of users. How well the search optimisation works for you depends to a large extent on your ability to use the right one in the right way under the professional guidance of SEO experts.

About the Author: William Border is an SEO consultant who has worked for a little more than a decade in the field.  After spending some time with a renowned Perth SEO service, he now heads a firm that works in areas of digital analysis and e-commerce.