Boosting Traffic To Your Site Using SEO

Posted on Jul 21 2014 by in Blog Blogs and Blogging 

It can be discouraging when you do not get as many visitors to your WordPress site as you would like. Most bloggers quit actively working on their blog within a year, if they do not receive a lot of traffic. When you find yourself in this situation, do not despair, as it is never too late to start integrating smart search engine optimization techniques into your WordPress site and the posts that you publish. To help you along, here are the best SEO tips for increasing traffic to your WordPress site. You can also create articles that use a specific word with plenty of repetition in the article, since SEO is is based on the repeat use of a keyword.

SEO Help with WordPress Plugins
The first place to start, to begin improving SEO on your WordPress site, is with WordPress SEO plugins. Depending how much help you want with your SEO, there are several different options. For those that want a sitemap automatically generated when they create new posts, use the Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plugin. For additional SEO, look at WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin includes the generation of an XML sitemap, as well as many other features. While using this plugin, you can keep track of keyword usage throughout each post and receive help when writing Meta titles and descriptions for your posts and pages. Ensuring you do not oversaturate your content with keywords is easier with the help of this plugin.

Choosing the Right Keywords
Google and other search engines look down upon keyword stuffing. If a search engine determines that you are using keyword stuffing, then your search engine rankings can be lowered and you may even get your website blacklisted. Keyword stuffing is using a particular keyword or keyword phrase repeatedly to attempt and trick search engines into think your content is more relevant to the keyword. Not only is this bad for your search engine rankings, it results in content that is unreadable. Take the time to research keywords and use them naturally throughout your content and in titles or headers.

Pay Attention to Google Updates
Throughout the year, Google updates their search engine algorithms. These updates are usually grouped together and named for easier reference. Pay attention to these updates and use some form of analytics to track your website traffic. If you notice a drop in traffic after an update, you can make sure that you are not being penalized due to any of the recent updates.
Build Quality Backlinks
After looking at your optimized content, another important factor for determining search rankings is backlinks. A backlink is any link from another website that links to your website. As with content, there are certain negative practices to avoid. Do not take part in link farming or other methods of link sharing. Generate backlinks the correct way, by leaving helpful comments in forums and blogs, providing your own helpful content on your website, and creating press releases or writing guest posts on other blogs. Social media sharing is also factored into search engine rankings and also results in backlinks. Stay active on social media to help promote your website. Become engaged in social media communities related to the same topic as your website.

Finally, remember that search engine optimization takes time. Your WordPress site will not start receiving large boosts in traffic over night. Follow these suggestions and stay the course. With proper SEO, you should notice a steady increase in traffic over time.