Big Business And WordPress

Posted on Sep 08 2014 by in Business Development WordPress 

WordPress has moved beyond being a simple blogging platform and larger businesses and organizations are starting to see the advantages. Choosing WordPress as a content management system or for the development of a large website is a more affordable option for businesses and organizations. If you are setting up a WordPress site for a business or organization then learn how to use the features of WordPress correctly to make the entire process easier.

Know the Organization or Business
Your first step is to fully understand the overall structure of the business or organization that needs a WordPress site. How large are they and how many employees will be accessing the WordPress site? Do they have multiple departments? Also find out exactly what uses they want to get out of the WordPress site. Determine if they simply need a large website for showcasing their organization or business, whether they will be selling products or services, and if employees will need access to the website for individual tasks.

Using WordPress Multisite
Depending on the situation, it may be easier to use WordPress Multisite. This option allows you to manage a group of individual WordPress sites that all have access to the same plugins, themes, and features. For example, if the business or organization that are having a WordPress site built need one site for the general public and another for their local intranet, WordPress Multisite can cut down on the amount of time needed to manage updates and changes.

Installing the Appropriate WordPress Plugins
A large company or organization is likely to have special needs. There is a good chance that a standard WordPress site without any plugins will not have all the features they need. You may need to install ecommerce plugins or a plugin for setting up a local intranet or forum. Find out exactly what features the company or organization needs and then install the plugins you require.

Managing Users

If there are going to be a lot of employees that need access to the site, it may help to install a WordPress plugin that improve user management. WordPress does a pretty good job of assigning user roles; though, this may not be enough when there are many employees with various responsibilities. Using a WordPress plugin, such as the User Role Editor Plugin, you can create new user roles, rename user roles, and assign or remove permissions. By editing the user roles, you can create roles that fit the exact requirements of each level of employee.
Test the Website and Keep Everything Updated
Before the site goes live or you allow employees to start accessing features on the website, you should thoroughly test the site to make sure everything works. Visit every page and access every feature. Once you know for sure that everything is working exactly as it should, remember to keep everything updated and back up the entire site on a regular schedule.
Creating a WordPress site that is going to be used by a business or organization with a lot of needs and many employees can be more complicated than creating a basic WordPress site. To make the process easier, understand the company you are creating the site for, find out what features they need, and determine if individual user roles are needed. Finally, always take your time and never skip any steps. If you stick to these simple rules, you should have no problem creating and managing a large WordPress installation.