What Are The Best WordPress Themes For Blogs?

Posted on Nov 25 2014 by in Blogs and Blogging 

When it comes to finding the best WordPress themes for blogs, you will have your work cut out for you. If you have been following the last few blog entries, then you will have noticed the recent discussions about some of the various theme categories, and are probably starting to notice some common themes emerging, especially related to design.

As you may know, the design is one of the most critical aspects of any theme, so choosing the best WordPress themes for blogs, you will have to totally know what you want to accomplish with your blog. Consider this blog for instance, where one of our primary goals is to inform budding website developers and theme customers various techniques and best practices for developing their web site or blog. Your blog may be much more different. Are you trying to build a fan base? Show off your portfolio? Let the world know what you are up to? Ask yourself what the primary goals of your blog are?

Once you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish with your blog, then you will have a clear objective on how to choose a theme from the best WordPress themes for blogs. Among the best WordPress themes for blogs are those that are simple and effective that allow for a good linear format so people can keep track of your posts on a timeline. So really what makes it the best?

Best WordPress Themes For Blogs

Getting your blog to be the best among the best WordPress themes for blogs is going to depend on two things. Your content and your design. This has always been one of the classical design dilemmas, form vs. function and content vs. design. Coming up with a way to organize your material between these two objectives will ultimately determine where you stand among the best WordPress themes for blogs.

Some other things that make up the best WordPress themes for blogs are:

Appearance: What does the overall appearance convey?

Layout: What is the most immediate message on the page?

Plugins: Do you have a Twitter Feed Plugin on your page, stock ticker, a calendar, or some other plugin that is designed to provide some material benefit?

Think about it, what do you think are the best WordPress themes for blogs? You may have thought of it, but one of the things that make a blog good is if it is trending. When a topic becomes popular, it begins to trend, and the active nature of social networks can bring a normal blog post to the next level popularity if it contains material that is popular at any given time, but it also adds a value-added element that gives it an edge on the popular stream, causing it to go viral. As strange as it seems, some of the best WordPress themes for blogs have been dedicated to kittens.


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