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When finding the best portfolio wordpress themes one only need look as far as their creative direction will lead them. While it is not rocket science that a portfolio should convey some of your education, greatest works and accomplishments, it is also true that portfolios can be created for different things. For example, a musical artist’s portfolio will be different than a computer coder’s portfolio, and so on and so forth. The important thing to think about is the question:

best portfolio wordpress themes

The answer will be as unique the person who is designing the page. Firstly, get a pen, pencil, tablet, or whatever you use for note-taking and jot down some of your most recent accomplishments as this will give people a taste for some of your more recent work, and like most professionals, you probably have a growing history of work behind you, so be mindful to include some of your better projects.

how to choose the best wordpress themes
best portfolio wordpress themes

When trying to get your site listed as one of the best portfolio wordpress themes you will want to try and keep it unique. This does not mean taking a picture of your butt-crack and jamming it on the front page:

best portfolio wordpress themes

….unless of course this is one of your assets that you would like to show. Are you getting my drift about what you should showcase in your portfolio and how it should be unique? To get a headstart, get our premium package of themes, and create a portfolio where you are well represented, with your best assets clearly listed on a timeline. Having a timeline will create a model of progression, as viewers will be able to see how your skill-set and projects evolved over time.

best portfolio wordpress themes

Consider our theme Prosper:

WP-Prosper is an example for portfolio theme

WP-Prosper is an example for portfolio theme

It integrates many of the stylistic elements commonly found among the best portfolio wordpress themes including diverse menu and layout options. Having a clean and clearly stated Menu can make all the difference when presenting your portfolio on the best portfolio wordpress themes because no matter how good the theme is, if you are giving off the wrong message, then noone is going to want you hear about it. Start off with your instant claim to fame and why you are the right one for the job. Often, this can be portrayed by your previous projects, and other unique things that set you apart from the competition. So when choosing the best portfolio wordpress themes start with our package, then start highlighting your quick wins to gain some attention.


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