The Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins for 2016

Posted on Jan 02 2016 by in Great Wordpress Themes 

Business is the backbone of many economies and it is becoming very popular all over the world. Technology has taken it a step further and we now have eCommerce; websites built solely for the purpose of buying and selling of goods. For these websites to be effective and allow the owners reach their set targets they will need to make use of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins. Here we look at some of them.

The Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins You Should Use in 2016


This plugin is rated very highly on many platforms due to its versatility and graceful integration and is easily one of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins. The things that stand out most about it are:

  • Its support of delivery features and multiple payment options. This works well since customers can easily be able to pay for goods using a payment method comfortable for them and can have their goods delivered.
  • You get complete control over product listings
  • You get to have a free Storefront named theme that is 100% compatible with the plugin. Talk about branding!
  • This plugin is open source meaning that you can customize it and turn it into anything you see fit.

WP eCommerce

It can be considered one of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins by those that are comfortable using programming languages like CSS and HTML. It allows for customizations with these two languages.

  • It has built-in marketing tools to help the store owner achieve more sales
  • It has incorporated popular and secure payment methods and offers a secure check-out procedure with SSL
  • There is an order management area just to make sure that you have the right products at the end of your shopping spree
  • It offers dedicated shipping tools and has teamed up with popular couriers. Shoppers can easily trust the store thus increasing sales
  • For those that are worried about using it without any help, it comes with video tutorials.


This plugin is a great eCommerce option for virtual products. It offers the usual cart but it keeps detailed information on inventory. It tells you what has gone out and what has come into the store.

  • It offers support for visual products or downloadable content
  • You get access to compatible themes and extensions
  • You can use it to sell grouped products and for affiliate websites

Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin is free and with it comes the ability to sell bundled products and it comes in more than one language. It offers dedicated support for various payment methods like PayPal and Stipe. If you sell products with activation keys, this is the plugin for you because it allows you to sell such products and generates the activation keys for you.

  • Every product available contains details like pictures, logos and any other relevant information
  • Every user account has a record of previous purchases and downloads and keeps proper records of payment history
  • It generates reports that can be downloaded as PDF or CSV documents. These can be run on an analytics software to find out how the business is truly faring


This is one of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins and is a premium solution for your eCommerce needs. You get to try it out first and if you like it you can buy it. It supports more than one internationally acclaimed payment methods. It is easy to install, is available in multiple languages, provides customers with several shipping options and takes into consideration things like VAT and different taxes, an option which many eCommerce plugins don’t have.

  • It allows the sale of both virtual and physical products
  • You can limit the number of orders per user or per product just in case you need to
  • It can run on websites that share coupons, offer discounts and are compatible with affiliates too

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

This is a plugin compatible with WooCommerce and is available for $22. The most unique thing about it is that it offers an option to create zones according to city, country, state and even postal codes so as to better manage sales. It supports return shipping cost options thereby improving user experience.

You can also categorize products according to quantity, price, weight and dimensions. It supports WPML (WordPress Multilingual plugin) meaning it is available in many languages and it also supports volumetric shipping.

Ecommerce plugins turn a regular WordPress website into a fully functional store taking advantage of the fact that more and more people are turning to online shopping whether from their PCs, smartphones or even tablets. Now that you have an idea of some of the best eCommerce WordPress plugins available, how about a great theme to go with them? A theme enhances the look of your website and makes it look livelier. Your business will definitely benefit from both.