The Benefits of Using WordPress to Create a Website

Posted on May 07 2014 by in Blog 

Whether you have already created a website or are planning on creating a website, there are many reasons for using WordPress. While WordPress started off as a blogging platform, it has evolved into a full content management system. Major companies and brands are now using WordPress for their websites. Just look at the numbers and you will see the impact that WordPress has had. Currently, there are over 60 million websites that are built with WordPress, which comes out to around one out of every six websites. So, before you spend thousands of dollars for a web developer to create a website for your small business or get your blog started, read about the benefits of using WordPress.

Plenty of Free Resources

First and foremost, WordPress itself is free to use. Of course, this does not include the cost of domain name and website hosting; though, for a platform that allows you to easily create a website free is always a good thing. Whether you create your WordPress website yourself or turn to a development company, you will end up saving money. Not only is the actual software free to use, but there are plenty of free resources connected to WordPress. From WordPress themes to plugins, there are many free alternatives for those that want to save money.


Ease of Use

After moving beyond the money you will save comes the ease of use. WordPress is relatively simple to use, from installation to website creation to website management.  Depending on where you get your website hosting through, they may even have one-click installation for WordPress. Once the installation process is complete, most users will find creating a website is not very difficult. There are thousands of themes to choose from that will define the layout and overall look of your WordPress website, and many of the best are within our packages. WordPress has a well-designed dashboard that is very simple to use. Even a child should be able to browse through the available options on the dashboard.

There is Help Available

If at any point you run into trouble with your WordPress website, there is always help available. The WordPress community is large and very active. No matter what issue you are having, you will probably be able to find an answer through the WordPress forum or through websites dedicated to providing help and support. While there is no direct support from WordPress, these communities should be able to help with most issues. Additionally, there are many web development companies that specialize in WordPress websites. Services from these companies is often more affordable than similar services for custom built websites.

WordPress Can Do Anything

When compared to custom built websites by large web development companies, there is nothing that WordPress cannot do. Your only limit lies with the available plugins and themes. If you discover that there is not a plugin that provides the feature you are looking for, as mentioned, there are thousands of companies that specialize in WordPress websites.