Pipedrive allows you to prioritize your most important sales activities by automating and consolidating your workflow with an easy-to-use interface. Pipedrive’s USP was created by the seller for the seller to prioritize the needs of the seller. A simple and highly intuitive platform interface focused on commercial sales. Pipedrive’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create multiple sales pipelines, customize each stage of the sales cycle, and track and complete them along the way. Pipedrive also has a powerful contact management platform that helps import, synchronize, manage all contacts and link them to transactions as needed. The interface also allows you to view the history of interactions with each contact. The CRMs Prices start at $ 12.50 per user per month and are billed annually with a 14-day free trial. This basic or essential plan is powerful enough with features such as managing and organizing contacts and offers, customizable pipelines, web forms. Even with all these features, it might be possible that your business has different requirements, hence we’ve listed down 4 best alternatives to Pipedrive.

1. EngageBay:

EngageBay outperforms most CRM systems in size, scope, and capacity. With this all-in-one platform, you can automate marketing campaigns and create efficient sales and service processes. It combines power and convenience and offers a limited free plan for small businesses. Despite the many features, the platform is still highly regarded for its ease of use. CRM includes sales, service and marketing skills. However, EngageBay makes the user interface clean, attractive, and easy to follow. A simple drop-down list allows you to navigate between the service, marketing and sales interfaces. This prevents the CRM from overwhelming with too many options and features.


There is a free plan, limited to 1,000 contacts and 1,000 branded emails 

Basic plan is $10.39 per user per month, $12.99 per user per month

Growth plan is $19.99 per user/per month

Pro plan is $39.99 per user/per month. The flexible pricing offered by the CRM makes it a good alternative to Pipedrive.


You can track transactions using the Kanban style board.

With just a few clicks, you can create custom proposals and templates in Engage Bay.


Free plan has no automation tools

Many features are lacking.

2. Zoho CRM:

Zoho is a complete and feature-rich solution for start-ups. Small businesses can start with the features they need and scale up as they need more software solutions. Zoho might not compare to some of the other enterprise solutions, but it’s a solid choice at a competitive price point. Automation is an important feature in Zoho’s stack because you can set up automated triggers that are useful for your business. Zoho CRM’s automated workflows feature allows you to set up custom workflow trigger conditions. For example, automate emails when a lead takes a specific and specified action.


The standard plan costs $18 per user per month and in addition to the features of the free version, scoring rules, email information, workflow transitions, tags and groups, web forms, fields customizations, custom reports and dashboards, and maximum storage.


Zoho CRM provides an intuitive platform for small businesses with a simple user interface, customizable forms, actionable automation, and social media features.

The Enterprise Edition is built on many features, including tracking the process of achieving sales goals in stages, comparing data between users, groups, regions, and products / services.

These benefits make it easy to use as a Pipedrive alternative.


There are long waiting time for customer support.

Workflow automation is only provided in Professional version.

3. Creatio:

Creatio platform helps coordinate data, processes and teams, connects with digital native customers and allows them to adapt quickly. Creatio provides customers with a complete and complete application to accelerate marketing, sales and service, which can be implemented as a standalone product or packaged on a single CRM. Service Creatio is a back-end software platform that can be integrated into CRM for sales or marketing creation and optionally provides access to all contact details. This CRM software also allows you to track and analyse delivery times on a customer-by-request basis. All features make it an ideal alternative to Pipedrive CRM.


Creatio CRM is a 14-day free trial and is billed annually starting at $ 30 per user per month. This team plan is ideal for small businesses with a direct sales team. It includes features like lead management, opportunity management, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, as well as business process management.


Can be used on both android and iOS.

Document Management compatible with MS Office


The locking up system has some issues

If you use the CRM too heavily it might lag a lot.

4. HubSpot:

HubSpot CRM system allows businesses to automatically track customer interactions via email, social media, live chat or phone, and all interactions are stored in a timeline organized by potential customers. HubSpot’s CRM marketing tools provide email marketing automation and lead generation capabilities to help businesses create and manage email templates and track their emails. HubSpot CRM Sales Tools help sales reps manage leads, track deals, and manage sales pipelines. 


Marketing Hub: The Marketing Hub costs $ 50 $ 3,200 per month and offers advanced features that turn prospects into paying customers. Highlights include pop-up forms, A / B testing, etc. Sales Hub costs $ 50,200 per month, perfect for closing more deals. Sales-focused features include advanced email marketing, transaction phase automation, and call recording.


HubSpot CRM offers a beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard that lets you track leads, sales, offers, and performance in one centralized hub. Real-time notifications for the entire team.

You can add social profiles, general information, key information about employees and branches.


Might be way too costly for small enterprises.  Overall a good alternative to Pipedrive.

A blog is a website that presents its content in reverse chronological order. The blog material is sometimes referred to as “entries” or “blog postings.” Blogging is the internet-based self-publishing of writing, photography, and other types of media. It began as a way for people to post diary-style entries, but many companies have now adopted it.

In general, a blog is a social networking tool that blends a person’s personal life with the specific subject they desire to provide thoughts or information. On the other hand, blogging has grown into a vital tool for advertising a product or service. Users can rapidly learn about the products and services, how to use them, and how they may help their companies.

If we want to take blogging to the next level, we can now incorporate community features into the blogging platform. Don’t be concerned; it’s a simple procedure that you can accomplish on your own. Your social community wordpress theme or blogging website with exciting social media features like friendlist, private and group chats, forums, activities, and more will be up and running in a matter of hours using WordPress, BuddyPress, and BuddyX.

The following are the steps to consider while developing a social blogging website:

Step 1: Identify a niche

The first step in targeting a specific audience is identifying a niche or creating a blog for a particular purpose—for example, a WordPress blog and related products and services.

Step 2: Select a domain and a hosting service

The domain name will reflect your social networking platform. As a consequence, keep in mind that it should not be too difficult. Companies like GoDaddy and Google Domains sell them.

You’ll need to choose a hosting provider once you’ve acquired a domain name. A hosting service provider can assist you in maintaining your website’s backend, database, and availability. Bluehost, Hostinger, and Dreamhost are some of the top hosting choices. There are several others from which to select.

Step 3: Download and install WordPress

You may install WordPress manually or utilize a WordPress Package offered by your hosting provider. This opdpresseration takes only a few minutes to complete. Get a full wordpress website care plans which covers complete website, security, backup, SEO keyword monitoring, theme and plugin updates and more.

Step 4: BuddyPress installation

BuddyPress is a free WordPress plugin that turns your website into a social networking platform. This plugin can be used to create a general or specialized social blogging website. Some of BuddyPress’s features are as follows:

  • User Profiles: Creating and updating user profiles is simple, with profile photos and other information based on the administrator’s choices.
  • Friendlist: Using the Friendlist, you may send and receive friend invites from other platform users.
  • Groups: Creating and administering groups is straightforward. You may even make sub-groups inside sub-groups.
  • Chats: Members can connect through chats, send private messages, or join a group chat.
  • Activity stream: Using the activity stream, you may keep your pals up to speed on what’s going on.

Step 5: BuddyX theme installation

BuddyX Pro is a five-star WordPress community theme based on the BuddyPress plugin. It’s a multipurpose WordPress theme that can build community platforms, blogging sites, membership portals, ecommerce portals, and eLearning sites, among other things. The BuddyX Pro theme includes the following elements:

  • Importing demos with a single click: The BuddyX theme has many demos that can be imported with a single click. Choose a demo and install it with a single click on your WordPress site.
  • BuddyPress widget: The BuddyX theme contains a BuddyPress widget that allows you to quickly and control all areas of BuddyPress functionality and your community page.
  • Support for Elementor and Gutenberg: You may quickly develop and design website pages using the Elementor or Gutenberg page builders.
  • Advanced theme customizer: By selecting customization options on the left side of WordPress Theme Customizer or the right side of the live preview, we can rapidly configure our website utilizing the BuddyX theme’s Advanced Theme Customizer function.
  • Forms integrations: Popular WordPress Forms plugins such as Ninja Forms, WPForms, and Contact Form7 make adding forms to your site simple.
  • Multiple Header Variations: Before deciding on the most appealing header design for your website, try out a few various possibilities and choose the one that best matches the layout.
  • Fast & responsive: BuddyX is built on a lightweight architecture, which enhances website speed and decreases page load times on mobile and desktop platforms.
  • RTL & translation ready: You may easily translate your web pages into several languages, including those written right to left, such as Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic, with this program.
  • Multiple plugin integration: BuddyX comes pre-installed with BuddyPress, bbPress, LearnDash, WooCommerce, Dokan Multivendor, WCFM WordPress marketplace theme, WP Job Manager, GamiPress, Yoast, WPML, and more WordPress plugins, allowing you to be as creative as you want.

BuddyX also offers a Pro edition, which provides premium features to customers at a cheaper cost.

BuddyX Pro costs the following:

  • Single website: $59 per year or $199 for life.
  • Five websites: the price of $129 each year or $299 life.
  • Unlimited websites: For $399, for life.

Step 6: Installing and downloading a demo 

Choose from many options, and with the One-Click demo installation tool, you can download, install, and launch your website in a matter of minutes.

Step 7: Installing and configuring helpful plugins

Plugins enhance the operation of our website, making it more attractive, responsive, fast, and user-friendly. Some of the plugins you might utilize in your WordPress social blogging website are as follows:

  • WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets you sell items online.
  • bbPress for forum integration into websites.
  • GamiPress is a plugin for gamifying websites.
  • Gravity Form is used to create forms and integrate forms.
  • LearnDash is a plugin that provides eLearning solutions.
  • Elementor is the top website page builder plugin for WordPress.

Step 8: Install BuddyPress Addons

Addons are similar to plugins in that they aim to improve the functionality of a single plugin. Here are a few of the best BuddyPress plugins for your social blogging website:

  • BuddyPress Member Blog
  • BuddyPress Post From Anywhere
  • BuddyPress Birthdays
  • BuddyPress Lock Private Community
  • BuddyPress Group Reviews
  • BuddyPress Friends and Follow Suggestions
  • BuddyPress Sticky Post
  • BuddyPress Auto Friends
  • BuddyPress Status
  • BuddyPress Profile Pro

Step 9: Begin working on your management

Your website is now up and running. It’s critical to remember that this is only the first stage. You have a long journey ahead of you. Keep an eye on the internet, grow your community, and extend your horizons with their assistance.

Like all other business concepts, your success depends on marketing and getting your message in front of the right people. While your blog may be used to support an existing business, it can also be utilized to increase income for your home-based business. Affiliate marketing linked with blogging allows you to promote

goods and services. You may use your blog to promote or feed ad networks such as AdSense. If you’re using your blog to market a service business, you may augment it with your knowledge. If you have accumulated a huge community, you can also provide services as a blogger to others..

Author Bio- Shashank Dubey, a contributor of Wbcom Designs is a blogger and a digital marketer. He writes articles associated with different niches such as WordPress, SEO, Marketing, CMS, Web Design, and Development, and many more. Twitter Handle- Wbcom Designs

Facebook Page- Wbcom Designs 

Email id- shashank@wbcomdesigns.com

Digital signage is often used for entertainment and convenience purposes but rarely do we ever thought about how they can help us in increasing business sales through digital signs. Successful digital signage is one that effectively

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide variety of applications in the commercial world. In reality, most of us deal with artificial intelligence on a regular basis in some way. Besides, artificial intelligence has been impacting almost every business activity in every sector—from the ordinary to the spectacular. Moreover, AI technologies are becoming more important for companies who are looking to retain a competitive advantage as they become more widely available.

Now, before we get into how artificial intelligence affects the corporate sector, it’s essential to define it first.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What Is It?

Businesses can no longer depend on conventional business techniques to generate development due to the enormous quantity of data accessible today and consumers’ continuously changing tastes and complexity. These seismic shifts have brought a whole new world of possibilities for using artificial intelligence to promote company development by generating actionable analytics from consumer data.

In business, artificial intelligence simply refers to the application of intelligent computer systems with human-like skills to generate income, enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and productivity, and drive company development and change.

Impacts Of Artificial Intelligence In The Business Industry

Many companies are turning to artificial intelligence development services to save costs, enhance efficiency, raise income, and enhance customer service. Moreover, firms should consider incorporating the entire spectrum of smart technologies into their production processes for the best results, including deep learning, speech recognition, the Internet of Things, and more.

Even companies that are new to AI may gain significant benefits. By using the appropriate artificial intelligence technology, your company may be able to:

  • Save money and time by improving and automating regular procedures and activities.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of operations.
  • Create quicker business choices based on cognitive technology outputs.
  • Prevent errors and human error.
  • Use data to anticipate consumer preferences and provide a more personalized experience.
  • Analyze a large quantity of data to create excellent leads and expand your client base.
  • Increase income by spotting and exploiting marketing opportunities.
  • Enable business data analysis and provide intelligent recommendations and assistance to develop knowledge.

5 Ways of Using Emerging Tech to Improve Your Business

In the contemporary workplace, technology has had a significant effect, transforming how companies perform their everyday operations.

Whatever sector you’re in, technology makes it easier for your consumers to get all of the data they need to do business with you. It may also assist employees in doing their duties more effectively. Here are the five ways technology may help you improve your company.

Boost Your Efficiency and Productivity

Businesses may use AI to streamline their manufacturing processes. You may examine how your employees use their time and implement procedures to improve the efficiency of your systems.

Moreover, work management software also helps you keep on top of everyday tasks so that you don’t forget anything.

Increase Your Flexibility

Over the decade, communication with colleagues has changed dramatically, thanks to various technological advances that have enabled remote working. You may now communicate with your coworkers at any time and from any place, enhancing your company’s ability to respond to customer inquiries promptly and effectively. As a result, this promotes cooperation across the organization.

Excellent Customer Support

Customers are essential to a company’s survival. Therefore, utilizing AI technology to enhance their interactions with it may pay off well. In addition, dynamic websites, live chat assistance, and 24/7 technical support through social networks may help you stand out from the crowd and boost revenues.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

In the long term, businesses that advertise themselves effectively enjoy the benefits. AI technology has enabled companies to develop software that enables them to establish a marketing strategy that can be modified and distributed with their staff.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence also enables you to create visually appealing sites, and media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter may help you market your company. Email marketing is also efficient since it allows you to communicate directly with your consumers and provide them with information, updates, and promotional deals.

Businesses Are Kept Secure by AI

Due to the way data were kept and preserved, traditional data management caused many companies headaches. In addition, businesses may use modern technology to retain data securely and create systems that only authorized individuals can visit inside.

Furthermore, protected passwords provide higher degrees of protection, making it more challenging for cybercriminals to get access to information and avoiding the leakage of personal information. Every element of the workforce has been altered by technology, and companies will continue to reap the advantages as new innovations are released.

Digital signage is often used for entertainment and convenience purposes but rarely do we ever thought about how they can help us in increasing business sales through digital signs. A successful digital signage is one that effectively boosts customer engagement by creating a more welcoming atmosphere, pleasing the customers’ senses, providing clear information or guidance and ultimately lead them to make a purchase. Although this seems easy, it might pose difficulty especially for small businesses if you don’t use the right strategies. However, with technology’s continuous advancement today your business can increase its sales through the use of digital signage, here are some tips on how to make the best out of this marketing strategy:

Supply information that is important to your target market

Digital signage allows you to provide clear and relevant messages to your clients. Developing messages or materials that are aimed for marketing purposes will help get people’s attention on these products or services. Serving as a medium for providing the needed information can be provided in form of video, images, text and graphics. The use of high-quality resolution display assures customers that the message is legitimate and reliable which is an important factor when it comes to business transactions, experts on this field like mandoemedia.com will tell you how to increase the number of sales you make each day with these kinds of services.

Better customer relations

Much like advertisement posters or other forms of traditional advertising, digital signs are often used as additional sources of mass communication which helps promote and project your company’s brand image. Through this method we are able to communicate directly with our customers. Display promotions and discounts

Digital signage can also be used as an effective tool for customers who are on the go.   You can show advertisements or promotional information to your clients in order for them remember about special offers or discounts which they may find useful.

Announce events and programs

This is one of the most important things that businesses should do to increase customer engagement through digital signage. Through this method, you will be able to announce upcoming sales, product launches, and other important events. It is also a good way to keep consumers up-to-date with new products offered by your business.

Be creative so it will attract people’s attention

Unlike traditional techniques of advertising such as TV commercials where you just have a limited time frame to build interest before your audience becomes distracted, digital signage allows you to elongate this process.   You’re able to use the same spot for several days or even weeks before becoming repetitive if it’s effective in capturing people’s attention. The key is to do something that will capture some interest like trying out new ideas, displaying images of beautiful products or providing an interactive experience through social media integration with your network. Another advantage is once the initial investment is made for digital signage, any updates can be done at no extra cost

Digital signage can be used as a medium for marketing and advertising purposes but they’re more than that. They are also important tools for building relationships with customers which means that when done right, they could really help in improving business sales.

To make the WordPress site more catching and interactive, the website owners now apply a vast number of methods. They install various plugins, change the website theme or use the website builder for their platform to stand out from the competitors. 

Today we will talk about the simple method to change your website design and make it more interactive for its visitors – the text color. By making the website design more attractive for the consumers, you will certainly notice a huge increase in website performance.

So, let’s get it started!

Why Text Color Is Important for a Website?

In general, the website text color has a lot of benefits to consider. Here are the main reasons to consider changing the standard text color on your website. 

  • bring the large changes to the website’s design;
  • catch visitor’s attention;
  • helps to highlight the key points;
  • allows structuring the content;
  • makes the text more attractive for reading and more.

As you can see, the text color changing is a must for any WordPress website to introduce a unique user experience for visitors. Thus, having covered the major benefits, it’s now time to learn the methods for these changes applying.

Taken from: https://onehappystudio.com 

Advice for Changing Text Color in WordPress

Before start changing the colors on your website, keep in mind two basic pieces of advice for this process:

#1 Make Sure You’ve Got the Backup Copies

The first try is not easy at all, and sometimes people do regret they can’t start all over again. However, having saved the previous settings, it becomes much easier to implement the changes

#2 Don’t Overuse the Colors 

Be careful while using the colors for the website fonts, as it is really easy to spoil the best design with the worst colors. For this purpose, we recommend double-checking the text colors and use the matching options to make the website design really unusual. A great example of a nice color combination is used on sites like gumroad: a turquoise color can be easily combined with white and green as well.

Ways to Change the Font Color in WordPress

Method 1. Change the Text Color of a Single Block

Let’s first train changing the colors of a separate text:

1. Select the paragraph you want to edit with double-clicking. 

2. Click the arrow tab on the block and then option “Text Color”.

Taken from: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com 

3. Then, customize the color of your text. You can use the one offered by the system or select the color you want to use manually. 

4. Another great tip you can apply for color customization is to use a hex code for the exact color you want. This option may be found in the “Text Color” line below the standard WP colors and can be repeated for the other text blocks posted on your website.

5. Click the “Update” button to save the changes or “Publish” to publish your new post. 

Right now you can easily customize any text on your WordPress website. So, enjoy your results!

Method 2. Use a CSS Class to Change the Text Color

Another great tool to use for customizing a bunch of text blocks is the CSS class plugin for WP. The main advantage of it is that this plugin remembers the color you used once and gives the possibility to apply it again later. 

This method is a little bit complicated in comparison with the first one but is still widely used for setting the color for your multiple texts:

1. Select the text block you want to edit.

aken from: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com 

2. Open the tab “Advanced” located in the “Block” pane. In the Additional CSS class field type in a CSS class, for instance “highlight color”.

Taken from: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com 

3. Click the “Update” or “Publish” button. At this stage, you can use that styling in the Customizer or just add it to a stylesheet of your theme. For the last option go to the post you changed, and check the colors you want to use for a certain block. 

4. Go to the WordPress admin, choose Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS. 


5. Type in the CSS class and the hex code you want to apply to change the font color of the text block.

6. Click the “Publish” button to save the changes. 

Also, in case if you want Now you can use all the creativity to apply some awesome ideas to your website. 


All in all, there are lots of methods that can definitely help you to create a catching design for your WordPress website. By changing the colors of the text you can extremely change the way people react to the website content, increase the overall platform performance, and widen your audience as well. 

Nevertheless, the methods we have presented in our post will not only save your time and efforts but also greatly assist you in creating a unique design for your WordPress website. 

Do you have a WordPress website? If yes, you probably know a lot about WordPress themes. This article covers how your choice of theme can directly affect your website speed.

Do you have a WordPress website? If yes, you probably know a lot about WordPress themes.

Themes make your website look good. It is not easy to design a website from scratch. A WordPress theme affords you the ease of getting a pre-packaged look for your website instantly.

WordPress has a large range of free themes in its marketplace. You can instantly get a new design for your website by choosing a new theme from a seemingly endless library.

Themes are essentially skins for your website. WordPress has a given set of functionalities and features. A theme simply organizes all the elements in an aesthetic and organized manner.

If you’re short of a talented designer in your team, purchasing a premium theme can help solve that problem.

While it’s fun to pick and choose different themes for your website, your choice can have a big impact. Your choice of theme can have a direct impact on the speed of your website.

If you have an app that relies on your website response time for performance, this can affect app speed as well. Powerful iOS & Android app makers are known for syncing website data to apps and thus rely on the response time of your site.

The wrong theme can thus slow down your website and app. This article lays out how different themes can slow down your website, and the factors you must consider while choosing one.

#1: Too many database requests

Generally, themes don’t interfere with your website’s functionality. They simply present your website’s content and resources in a well-designed interface.

However, some themes come packaged with additional features and functionalities. The extra functionality can make your website more powerful and user-friendly.

At the same time, there is a tradeoff. More in-built features can slow down your website.

How does a visible frontend work? When a client opens your website, every little element of the webpage is requested from the database. This includes information about fonts and texts to data requested by CSS and JS scripts.

Every element in your webpage is requested from the database. While some requests are unavoidable, some others are excessive and unnecessary.

Too many database requests are the main cause of slow website speed. You can make a smart theme choice by testing the number of requests the theme makes to the website server.

Lightweight themes make very few requests to the database. Some light themes like SoloStream and Generate Press are very efficient and make 70-80 requests on average. Fewer requests mean your website server has more bandwidth to respond to other requests.

#2: Large page size

Depending on the theme you choose, the size of your page will be different. A larger page size naturally slows down your website as the server and browser take more time to load it.

You can check the size of your web pages with tools like GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights. These tools will help you see the size of your web pages.

What causes large page sizes? Choosing the wrong theme can cause your page size to bloat because of unnecessary elements. Many themes come with additional elements like widgets which enable site owners to add extra features on the front end.

Additionally, some themes do not have any compression mechanism to manage file uploads. Good themes generally come with a compression mechanism that reduces the size of each image uploaded automatically.

An in-built compression mechanism also eliminates the need for using other plugins to compress images. Theme users can simply rely on their theme to compress and manage uploaded media.

A combination of heavy widgets and a lack of compression can bloat your website. While choosing a theme, it is a good idea to trust a light theme more focused on speed and load times.

#3: Excessive theme files

Every theme comes packed with files. While you may not see your theme’s installation files in the admin panel, they’re present on your website database.

These are generally PHP, CSS, and image files. The function of each is explained below:

  • PHP: Contain info on how each file works on the website. This includes instructions for CSS files and their functions on the front end. PHP files also contain information about the overall structure of the theme.
  • CSS: Contain info on how information looks on your website. This can include anything, from text position to button size and more.
  • Image files: Image assets in JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. They’re no different from image files stored anywhere else. Other CSS and PHP files contain information on how these images files are displayed.

Some themes contain too many files which don’t contribute little to the general functioning of the website.

All these files are compiled on your server and render on your client’s browser. Too many theme files can burden the server and make it difficult for your website to load at the best speed possible.

Before you take a call on your theme, make sure it doesn’t contain too many files. You can either do research about the theme or talk to the theme developer directly about this. There are plenty of websites online which compare the speed  A small theme reduces the compile time on the server and improves the website response time.

In conclusion

Themes are an essential part of the WordPress environment. This article shows three key ways your choice of theme can affect your website speed.

A low website speed can also affect your app load time in case you create an app using your website as a foundation. Bloated themes can be a double whammy in such cases, which is why you should take a call after taking all factors into consideration.

Today, computers have become very important. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or other devices, we rely on our computers daily. When a snowstorm causes the power to go out, you realise that your computer is among the things that cannot be used when its battery has no charge.

As such, it’s important to look for an urgent solution when your computer is not working. Most of us will take the computer to a local technician to diagnose the problem and fix. However, some patience, attention to detail, troubleshooting skills, logic, and using basic knowledge of computers can help you diagnose and fix such problems. This means that you don’t always have to take your computer to ‘my local guy’ whenever it experiences problems.

Having done laptop repairs in Hove for many years, we see a pattern of the most common problems being reported by customers and the ones that can be done without the intervention of technicians or our services.

Below are 6 troubleshooting steps to help you fix common problems experienced by computers:

1.Restart Your Computer

2.Perform a virus scan

3.Software update

4. Debloat your computer

5. Wi-fi Connection

6. Operating System Reinstallation

1.Restart Your Computer 

Turn off your computer and wait for a few minutes and then turn it back on. This may seem like a simple action but it solves a lot of computer problems as it restarts and may clear up temporary glitches in a lot of software functions by allowing the computer to reset them to proper running order. Restarting alone can sometimes resolve the problem your computer is experiencing.

2. Perform a Virus Scan 

This is an obvious but overlooked step to solving computer problems. Ensure that your virus-scanning software can perform the deepest scan with the most thorough process. Once you have done so, let the virus-scanning software do its work and it may require a restart of your computer to remove an viruses or malware found.

Most virus scans a quick scan by default so you need to select a full or comprehensive scan to make sure the entire device is scanned but this will take longer than the normal quick scan.

You need to also make sure the virus program is up to date but most virus programs should update automatically when they are opened.

3.Software Update 

Outdated software can be the crux of problems experienced by computers. Your software can cause keyboard glitches, ransomware, software errors, and so on. The good thing is that most of the software updates are automatic. This means once your computer is connected to the internet, it should automatically check for updates in the background and then alert you if any are available for download and installation.

These important software updates are also among the reasons why your computer shuts down unexpectedly. If you realize that your computer is acting up, it may imply that it needs to run updates. When this happens, let it.

4. Debloat Your Computer 

Programs that are loaded and installed on your computer that you rarely or never use are taking up more space than needed and occupy extra space and also makes the system work harder so by removing software you don’t need can free up space and allow your system to run faster and more efficiently.

  • Uninstall applications that you do not need. Look in the apps section found in ‘settings’ for Windows or macOS; drag the app shortcut to the trash, or right click to uninstall and delete.
  • Delete unwanted or unneeded add-on extensions in your browser

Clean out files you don’t need such as movies and files by running Disk Cleanup.

5. Wi-fi Connection 

If you have internet problems, it’s good to try these 3 troubleshooting steps:

  1. Right-clicking on the internet connection icon (the icon is found in the taskbar). Select the Troubleshoot option. Your computer will run a diagnostic test and show any problems together with recommendations on how to solve them.
  2. If this does not work, plug your laptop or desktop directly into your router. Use an ethernet cable to do so.
  3. If plugging your laptop or desktop directly into your router does not help, restart the router by turning it off and then turning it back on.

If there is still no internet connection and nothing else is getting any wi-fi, like your tablet or cell phone, contact your provider as it could be a router hardware problem or problems with your internet provider. In some cases, the internet may not be the issue. If you are getting a message that the drive or location cannot be found or isn’t recognized, it could be a disconnect with external drivers or a corrupted drive. If so, unplug and re-plug in the drives to see if the problem is resolved. Also, consider replacing your cables as they wear out as time goes by. (Connectors sometimes need changing as they tend to wear out quickly too)

6. Operating System Reinstallation 

In some instances, starting over from scratch may solve the problem, meaning, reinstalling your Windows or macOS. Doing this will reset the operating system to the factory default and any issues you have will be removed and everything will work as it did when the computer was first used.

Make sure you backup all your important files so that you can copy them over to the new installation once done.

These are the main issues we hear from people bringing in their devices and although there are others, the ones listed above cover a large chunk of the requests device owners have for computer repairs.

Invented in 1972-1973 by Martin Cooper, mobile phones have been the most promising technological innovation by far. Today, smartphones, highly advanced and integrated with promising technologies, have replaced traditional cellular phones. Mobile apps are the most crucial feature that makes these smartphones different from conventional cellular phones. Traditional mobile phones have made communication easier and have allowed people to connect with their loved ones instantly. But with mobile apps, smartphones not only help connect with people but also help in carrying out daily human tasks conveniently, be it getting entertained, learning, paying bills, or ordering groceries. Moreover, today smartphones are so reliable that for some introverts, they have replaced friends.

The e-book is one such innovation that has brought a severe technological disruption and has emerged as a promising alternative to printed books. As a result, e-books are becoming more prevalent, and according to Statista, the total e-book revenue reached 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, up from 983.3 million, reporting the highest recorded market ever. This has led to a rise in e-book app development; e-book apps offer a wide range of e-books to read, and some also provide the provision for authors to write and publish their books. In addition, the ongoing pandemic has given a significant boost to this app category, and as per Forbes, the e-book app’s readership has increased by at least 30% amidst the lockdowns. In this post, we’ll discuss some must-have features for an e-book that developers must know to create a promising e-book reading and writing app. So, let’s move forward and discuss some of these features that every e-book app must have in order to provide a better reading experience.

#1 Access to multiple books in a wide range of languages

Like in a library, we can find multiple categories of books in different languages; an ebook reading app too must have a wide range of books collection of different types and languages. Mobile app development for reading and writing is a very popular choice amongst aspiring developers, which has led to the huge availability of such apps on various app stores. Wattpad, Amazon Kindle, Libby, Kobo, etc., are some of the most popular e-book apps in the USA. Out of these apps, Wattpad is a top-rated platform where readers can read a number of books written by writers on Wattpad and writers can write. To emerge as a successful ebook app in such a competitive market, it’s crucial for its library to be unique and have a vast and exciting collection of books.

#2 Simpler and interactive user interface

The user interface is a vital aspect of every app, which plays a deciding role in its success. A simpler yet rich user interface makes the user experience much better and helps users to derive what they need conveniently from the app. The same thing holds for e-book reading and writing apps; a smooth user interface provides a better reading and writing experience. For quicker adaptability of the app, there should be a hideable tutorial tab that can be accessed any time a user wants help navigating through the features of the app. Various reading and writing tools should be integrated into the apps that enable users to read and write based on their convenience. These tools should amplify the user experience by providing interactive ways of reading and writing. Let’s discuss more of these tools that add up to creating a perfect user interface.

#3 Availability of effective reading and writing tools

Reading and writing tools are critical factors that help improve the reading and writing experience. When reading via printed books, the readers do not have the choice to alter the fonts, zoom in and out or change the brightness of books. An e-book reading experience is much different from reading printed books because of integrated reading tools; a user can increase the fonts of the texts as per their convenience. Users can zoom in and out to get a good look at pictures and texts of the book. Moreover, readers can easily highlight the important texts of the book, bookmark the crucial pages, change the color of the text, and much more based on their likes and comfort level. Reading tools must also include a dictionary that can help readers find the meaning of tricky words and idioms for better understanding. When it comes to writing, users should be given all the writing tools they generally have access to while writing via Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These include hundreds of font styles and sizes, provision of adding images and italicizing and bolding the texts. All these mentioned reading and writing tools help make the user experience much better and feel like writing or reading a physical book. 

#4 Accessibility and uniformity over operating systems

In e-book reading and writing app development, it’s very beneficial and advisable to ensure that the app is developed in a way that it becomes accessible on more than one platform such as the Apple app store and Google play store. To attract a wide range of users, the app must be compatible with many operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. If an app is accessible on only one platform, such as Android, then only Android users would be able to use it, and it won’t reach the iPhone and Windows phone users. Hence to make it more accessible, it needs to be designed and developed for multiple operating systems and their respective platforms.

The other factor that should be considered besides accessibility is app uniformity over multiple operating systems. Uniformity assures that the e-book app feels the same both in looks and functionality. Uniformity allows the users to switch operating systems, i.e., switching phones, to adapt quickly without any extra effort in learning to use the app on the new phone. Uniformity over multiple operating systems ensures that whether a user is using an Android phone or an iPhone has the same user experience and interface so that if they change phone, they don’t find it challenging to adapt to the app.

#5 Provision to create a personalized library

Provision to create a personalized library is a vital feature that an ebook app must have. Users should be allowed to develop their library and store and download books in it. They should be enabled to customize their libraries based on the type of book, language, author, etc. In a personalized library, the users can create sections in which they can store appropriate books. The columns can be divided into romance, fiction, sci-fi, supernatural, all-time favorites books, etc. Additionally, this library should support storage and downloads of ebooks of all formats such as PDF, EPUB, word files, TXT files, etc. This personalized library should be available offline to enable the users to access all the downloaded material in the apps without the internet.

#6 Secure payment gateway

There are both kinds of e-books available on e-book apps, free as well as paid. To get access to read the paid books, users need to pay the given amount and to do so, a secure payment gateway is required. A payment gateway is required in almost all apps to perform in-app purchases, and so is the case for e-book apps. Payment gateway should offer convenient payment options via credit or debit cards, net banking, or via wallets such as PayPal wallet. Along with providing a payment gateway, it also needs to be secure and safeguard all the stored sensitive personal banking details. Hence the payment gateway needs to use two-step authentication and other such credible security practices to ensure that the app is safe to make transactions. This not only helps in making convenient and secure transactions but also helps in improving the credibility of the app.

To conclude

Like smartphones with a mobile app, technology has been a significant shift from traditional mobile phones with only calling and texting facilities; humans have also experienced significant shifts in how they used to do things. One such major shift is the adaptability of e-books; most of the readers have switched from printed media and books to digital books. Although the market of printed media is quite tough to mitigate, the popularity of e-books can’t be ignored. The ebook app development has considerably increased due to this popularity, leading to thousands of e-book apps available on various app stores. In this post, we mentioned some key features that an ebook reading and writing app must have to be helpful to the users and provide them promising user experience. Every developer must integrate these features into their e-book apps for better reading and writing experience.

Want to know how to get more Instagram followers? Tip 1. Use the keywords that appear in your searches to help young people find them.

Spend the day buying followers or using robot-like briefs. This number can increase your number of followers in the short term, but it will not help you in the long run.

This is because your free Instagram followers value you in real people who care and are related to your brand. The wrong number of followers can boost your ego, but your Instagram strategy doesn’t help.

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Ways to Make Followers on Instagram

1- Have a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy

A clear plan is needed to make effective use of any social system.

The main goal is to get more followers on Instagram. Only followers will not give you a successful Instagram account. Reaching out to buyers should be part of a broader plan related to your business strategy and social marketing goals.

Think about why you need more Instagram followers. What do you want to achieve? You can do this:

Improving brand awareness

Increase product sales

Increase traffic to your website.

Focusing on these business goals will help you keep your Instagram account always. This helps to tell an interesting brand story that attracts newcomers and helps maintain (and maintain) loyalty.

Explain to your audience

Ask yourself who you want to reach:

How old are they

where they live

what is the nature of the work

When and how do they use Instagram?

What are the weaknesses and challenges?

The answers to these questions will help you create the right Instagram content to attract your best followers on Instagram. It also targets your audience’s needs, so you can determine what content they want to monitor in the long run …

Instagram bio and Profile Improvements

Two-thirds of businesses have received profile visits from people who haven’t followed Instagram. These new visitors can become Instagram followers free, but only if your life and profile convince you to hit the “follow” button. This is not the case if your profile is blurry, incomplete, or unfair.

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Have you ever wished to sell several variations of your product on your e-commerce website? This might range from color preferences, different sizes for t-shirts to any other factor you might have for your product. The WooCommerce plugin gives you the ability to do this easily through its Product Variation feature.

We will take you through the process of creating product variations in this post and at the same time, we will highlight its importance and use in the modern world of WooCommerce.

What are WooCommerce Product Variations?

You are already familiar with the fact that the majority of products come in many options: scent, size, color, just to name a few.

In WooCommerce Product variations are represented as a type of product called Variable Products. WooCommerce gives you the ability to control the stock, image, and price of each variation of your product.

Every variation of your product requires an SKU number (Stock Keeping Unit) to differentiate from other variants. Since it might be confusing when all variations are displayed on different pages, WooCommerce displays them on a single page with a selector to switch between the different variants.

How to add Variable products in WooCommerce

Step 1: Set up the Variable Product

All you need to add a product variable is to either create a new product or edit an existing one.

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce, Products
  2. Choose Add product or select a product in All Products and click Edit to modify it

In the Product data dropdown choose Variable product

You will notice that some product options will have changed. One of these changes is that you can now not enter a product’s price. You can fill in this information at a later stage.

Step 2: How to Add Product attributes for Product variations

Select the attribute tab and from the variable attribute dropdown, you can select the default WooCommerce attributes (Color and size) or you could choose to add a new custom one

For pre-existing attributes make sure to enable the options: Visible on Product Page and Used for variations. After that, you could add as many attribute values as you would wish.

Step 3: How to Generate Product Variations

Navigate to the Variations tab, you will find a drop-down menu with the options: Add variation, Create Variations from all the attributes.

If you choose the second option, WooCommerce will automatically generate Product Variations for each combination of attributes you have specified. Let’s say you specified two attributes Size (Medium, Small) and Color (Red, blue). The variation this option creates is

  • Medium Red
  • Medium Blue
  • Small Red
  • Small Blue

However, if you would want to do this manually, select the first option and use the menus you will find to create each product variation. Each variation requires you to provide an SKU number to help in the management of inventory.

You also have the option to choose how you would want to price each of the product variants by specifying prices for each of them.

Step 4: Publishing your Variable Products

There is additional information you would wish to add to have a complete page such as price, image, taxes, just to mention a few. Having set up the Product variations according to your liking, you can proceed to publish your product page.

Product variations are meant to provide a good shopping experience for your customers and having learned the process of setting it up, nothing should stop you