WordPress is almost synonymous with blogging these days. However, the scope of WordPress has widened considerably since its inception. It offers an easily usable framework for the developers. That is why it is the CMS the world is talking about positively according to Brainvire. Interestingly, this development framework has offered a job to several coders and designers too. The development experts stay busy developing tools like plugins, templates, or themes to ensure the food on their tables. All this buzz in the WordPress development space has given way to several tools that have enabled this framework’s maximized use.

Know About the Top WordPress Development Tools

Let’s take a look at these tools.


This tool is available in the form of a developer plugin. Developed by a collaboration of WordPress development experts Automattic and others, this plugin offers ease of website optimization at the construction stage. This tool allows to select the following options:

  • Theme for self-hosted WordPress site installation
  • Plugins for a self-hosted WordPress site installation
  • Theme for Worpress.com VIP website

When you have selected any of these options, this plugin offers a list of tools and other plugins that you can select to make your website dream come true.

Monster Widget

Do you feel boggled by the widget testing that involves checking for their correctness? Moving to and from pages can be quite frustrating sometimes. To offer an easy solution for this, Monster Widget comes forward and makes the checking quick. It can test all the core widgets in the sidebars in an instant. Some users find it as handy as the WooCommerce tool that does the same job for an eCommerce website.


DesktopServer is quite a simple WordPress development tool. As soon as installed, this tool brings to the developers all the tools they will require for putting up the WordPress website. With the help of customizing the tools’ set, the users can select the tools they will prefer to bring on board. This tool offers a wizard to deliver an easy set-up process. Then, you are allowed to map the domains to your website. This can make indexing by the search engines relatively easy. Further, it offers the ease of managing three websites simultaneously with the added comfort of removing or adding the websites. To add to all this, it supports the use of Apache, PHP 5.5, and MySQL.


XAMPP can be expanded to Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Thus, by using this simple tool, you actually bring the goodness of all the necessary tools on board, in one go. This tool offers the convenience of using PHP of your choice. The tool may feel somewhat tricky to use for the beginners, but the advanced or experienced developers find it easy to use. With exceptional ease of customization, the tool feels fit for the inclusion of various features in the WordPress website. Some of the exciting things you can do with this tool are:

  • Map the service to different ports
  • Manually set the WordPress site, if required
  • Single dashboard tool for all services
  • Ease of stopping and starting Apache servers 


Vagrant is a powerful WordPress development tool, as it offers many user-friendly features, such as:

  • Ease of sharing the environment with all involved entities
  • Offer multiple virtual machines set up where each server is run using a different tool without them interfering with one another
  • Allows specification-focused configuration 
  • Allows keeping test environments separated
  • Allows easy managing of all VMs through file storage systems

Local by Flywheel

Local by Flywheel offers a click-and-go kind of ease for website development. In just one click, the users can enable setting up local WordPress websites. As a developer, you would want to check the statuses of all the websites from the list. This is possible to do with this tool. It helps create live links and shares to all existing projects. This tool offers ease of operation to professionally run WordPress websites, which means it fits large scale projects.


It is MyApache version of XAMPP, we can say, as MyApache replaces Apache in this WordPress development tool. This is a development stack that offers the advantages of multiple tools in a single pack. The process is simple. The stack is set up; then, database creation is done; it is followed by the website’s manual set up as required. This tool allows manual setting up of the website, but if you want some automated solution to serve the purpose, it may be disappointing. The tool supports the use of multiple languages like Perl and Python. 


So, when you want to make your WordPress Website dream a reality, take these tools’ help. You can test the free versions first, if available, before moving to the upgraded or premium subscription plans. These tools offer exceptional ease of development to both the starters and professionals.

Building a startup requires you to manage multiple aspects of business development at the same time, and to introduce the right strategies and solutions within the first year in order to stay afloat. It is crucial that you keep the company’s cash flow stable during the critical three-year period in order to get the brand on its feet and set the stage for long-term growth. To do this, you will need to manage the financial resources from your business loan wisely and to invest in the right tools and software.

Of course, improving communication and collaboration should be your top priorities, especially now that you’re probably managing your operations remotely. To do this, you need to invest in the right tech that will facilitate collaboration, automate various processes, and keep your teams in sync. Let’s take a look at the tools your growing business needs.

Boosting collaboration with a project management tool

Firstly, you need to make sure that your employees from all departments have the tools they need to collaborate seamlessly in the digital workplace. The first tool you should consider implementing into your operation is a project management tool, preferably a cloud-based one that won’t put any strain on your own IT resources but will provide plenty of fancy features to ensure efficient and effective collaboration.

Among the top features you should look for in a PM tool are visual boards for tracking and task overview, time tracking and logging of each project and their associated tasks, file management and sharing, team messaging, analytics and reports, and intuitive project timelines. These are the essential features your PM tool should have, which will help your employees manage their work with ease.

Standardizing messaging app use

Your employees are most likely using more than one messaging app to communicate about work, but also just to stay in touch, catch up, and share cat memes. Now, while there is nothing wrong with using various messaging apps for the latter, the former demands that you standardize the app use in your company. When your employees send work information and files from one app to another, they are unwittingly losing the much-needed end-to-end encryption provided by the app, which is a big security risk.

To prevent inadvertent data loss, you need to pick a single app with the highest security and the best features that all your employees will use for work-related communication. This is something that a good entrepreneur and business leader need to do in order to minimize risks and improve communication and collaboration between remote teams as well as in-house staff.

Integrating a VoIP phone system

Having a phone system in a growing business is absolutely essential for boosting marketing, sales, PR, customer support, and other mission-critical departments. That said, it’s also crucial for internal communication and collaboration because you need a phone system that facilitates seamless communication across the company. Now, it’s important to note that legacy phone systems are outdated nowadays, and a far more contemporary option is to invest in a VoIP solution.

Voice over internet protocol is a cloud-based phone system that brings various perks and digital features to your company. Some of the best rated VoIP providers typically provide valuable features like low-cost national and international calls, full mobile optimization, various integrations with other tools you’re using, video conferencing tools, collaboration tools that include file and screen sharing as well as scheduling, and more. Choose the right VoIP plan and you might even be able to avoid paying for a project management tool altogether as VoIP typically has all you need for effective communication and collaboration.

Using a dedicated video conferencing tool

Whether you’re in the process of researching VoIP plans or if you’re not yet ready to make the switch, you can always make do with a free video conferencing tool like Google Hangouts or Microsoft’s Skype for the time being. While these are valid choices if you’re strapped for cash, they offer little in the way of collaboration and communication quality.

That said, you can still use them for small-scale video calls comprising of a couple of participants. Whatever you choose, though, it is imperative that you have a video conferencing tool instead of relying on just your email communication – make sure to use it mostly for email marketing – in order to keep the team together in the digital workplace.

Cloud-based file sharing apps

Lastly, you need a place in the cloud to store and share all important work files. This can be a dedicated PM tool, it can be your VoIP system, or it can be a free cloud storage space like Drive or Dropbox. Make sure to research the free options thoroughly and assess their level of security as well as the features they offer. Typically, you will need to pay for a business account to get more storage space and additional features that will allow your teams to collaborate more effectively.

Managing a growing business requires a lot of investing, and you need to make sure you’re pouring capital into the right strategies and solutions. Consider making communication and collaboration a priority and invest in these tools to take your new business forward in the years to come.

The decision to release a new API product shouldn’t be a careless one on behalf of the API company. The demand for APIs is at an all-time high, and there are so many capable API design teams out there. Your business should do more than simply launch a product—it should put in the hard work of building an excellent, distinctive, and enduring one. Make an API that integrates smoothly, is easy to maintain, and is of lasting value to your target market, and you are sure to profit. You could also stand to earn the respect of major players within the API industry.

But with such stiff competition out there, what can you do to make your API product stand out from the crowd? How will you win the following of the developers, clients, and end users that you consider part of your market? This article seeks to answer those questions and help you craft a topnotch API product. Here are some planning, design, marketing, and product management tips that will give your API the edge it needs.

Decide on the Type and Purpose of Your API

Before anything else, your company should decide on what type of API to release and what purpose the API is meant to serve. Even those who are well-versed in API technologies would benefit from understanding the types of API and matching the service to its intended users. You may plan to launch an open API, a private API for internal use, or a composite API. Whichever you choose, make sure that the API’s core purpose is obvious in the product’s design.

Define Your API’s Contract

The next step after preliminary planning is to define your API’s contract. In simple terms, this involves setting clear expectations between consumers and developers about how the API is meant to behave. The contract should include the data types, arrays, and objects that will ultimately be handled by the API. In this stage, you should also decide on an API specification framework or a blueprint to follow for the API’s development. Many people in the API industry use the OpenAPI Specification framework to help define the contracts of their APIs.  

Think of the People You Want to Work on Your API

Next, you will want to assemble a “dream team” of people to get your API off the ground. This team should consist of skilled API programmers, testers, marketers, and support specialists, to name a few. Understand each of their roles, and strive for coordinated efforts to make an API worth remembering.

Invest in a Great API Design Platform

As with many other types of product, the quality of an API rests in part with the quality of its toolset. Broad and efficient toolsets enable “design-first” approaches to building APIs. Oftentimes, this can boost the caliber of the work done on your API. If you can invest in a hosted toolset for API design, consider doing so, as this could make your API much more competitive.

Take API Testing Seriously

API testing is the phase where you can work out the kinks in your product. You can determine how ready it is for launching based on its performance for certain testing metrics. Among the ones that matter are the following:

  • Validation testing to see if the API is working as a holistic solution to its chosen problem
  • Functional testing to survey specific functions in the codebase
  • Load testing of how much traffic the API can handle against its baseline and theoretical maximum
  • Security and penetration testing to see how the API will respond to security breaches from malicious agents
  • Fuzz testing to see how well the API can handle random “noise” to its system

A well-tested API will result in a final product that users are happier with.

Keep API Documentation

In the absence of a very visually oriented interface, API documentation is the best way for the API’s audience to get to know the product. API documentation is like a user manual detailing the API’s parameters, endpoints, and other important info. It doesn’t have be presented in a boring and static manner, however. You can use creative, engaging, and interactive API docs to draw your audience to the product. This, in turn, increases its chances for adoption.

Have a Marketing Strategy for Your API

Once your API is in its final stages, you will want to run a marketing campaign to drum up interest in the product. This can involve pitching demos and releasing API-related content online. You can also cultivate a developer community just for your API. Word of mouth, as well as the endorsement of respected developers, will contribute to the success of the API product.

Make Room for Incremental Development

Lastly, remember that APIs aren’t meant to perform the same way out of the box for successive years. They should always be improved upon. That said, you put a premium on the feedback loop of your API product. Listen to your API team when they bring up concerns during development. Pay attention to what both developers and clients have to say after they’ve integrated with your API. Use their feedback to drive incremental development on your product, which will result in it getting better over time.

It’s a challenge to make ripples in the API industry, but with these tips at your disposal, you’ve got higher chances to succeed. Best of luck in releasing an API product that will leave a lasting impact on its target market!

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, more people are moving online for work, play, and even shopping. Self-isolation, social distancing, and even full quarantine measures in some locations have led to massive increases in online activities. Never before has there been such an incredible opportunity to build a successful multilingual wordpress site or a more pressing need for internet marketers who will build those WordPress websites.

E-commerce has increased dramatically since the coronavirus outbreak according to the Associated Press. “Transaction volumes in most retail sectors have seen a 74% rise in March compared to the same period last year, while online gaming has seen a staggering increase of 97%, according to an analysis by ACI Worldwide of hundreds of millions of transactions from global online retailers.”

These numbers become even more impressive when broken down, and indicate that there is a strong market for Multilingual WordPress e-commerce sites in the online markets these days. Home products and furnishings have seen an increase of 97%, DIY products sales online have increased by 136%, garden essentials likewise rose an incredible 163%, electronics and gadget sales online jumped up 26.6%.

Why Multilingual WordPress Websites are Important

The global Covid-19 pandemic, no matter how tragic it may be, has also created an amazing opportunity for multilingual eCommerce wordpress websites. There are many translation plugins for wordpress, though translation services may be beneficial at the same time. Machine translation vs human translation services is an ongoing challenge, but there are benefits and detriments to both. This, however, does nothing to alter the importance of having a multilingual wordpress website in this day and age of the Covid-19 outbreak, self-isolation, and an increased online marketplace.

The Shopify website presents a host of helpful information and statistics and notes that globally, 57% of online shoppers have actively purchased products from foreign sellers. When broken down, purchasing from foreign retailers was highest in Europe at 63.4%, followed by the Asia-Pacific region at 57.9%, with Africans coming in next, purchasing from foreign websites 55.5% of the time and lastly, Latin Americans making foreign purchases 54.6% of the time.

They further noted that during a 6-month evaluation, overseas purchases were the majority of online sales everywhere except for North America. There was also, however, quite a caveat that should not be dismissed or forgotten. While these people were more likely to purchase from foreign sources, they preferred to shop and explore in their own language, and they wanted their local currency as a payment option online.

Thus, while it is notably important to have a multilingual wordpress website if there is any real hope of attracting a larger, more international, and more profitable audience, it is equally important to have virtually all of the marketing materials and other content translated into the target languages as well. The merchant or online payment solution should likewise have options for paying in the relevant domestic currencies.

Translation Plugins for WordPress or Professional Translation Services

One potential solution for website translations is in the form of Post Edited Machine Translation, (also known as PEMT) or having everything translated using either a wordpress plugin or even using Google Translate, and then using a translation company in order to edit the machine website translation. Such an effort can help to reduce the cost of website translation but remains only one potential solution.

It can also help to ensure that the website is legible and that the wordpress website owner has an accurate translation that their audience can understand and use to make better purchasing decisions online. Since the website is effectively the physical presence online, it is imperative that the website translation be accurate in order to get, much less retain a viable customer base.

There is a long and ongoing battle about machine translation vs human translation services and which is better. WordPress may not be specifically designed for multilingual website design, but it does offer a great many options regarding plugins for wordpress websites.

All that being said, are these wordpress translation plugins going to be sufficient to meet the needs of a professional internet marketer for website translations? Moreover, are they going to offer what you need to succeed with a more international audience for a successful international marketing campaign? Even the best of wordpress translation plugins will not work for anything outside of the website such as video marketing campaigns, much less for podcasts, and other marketing content off-site.

It can be shown beyond any reasonable doubt that people are willing to buy from foreign markets. However, these people want to shop on websites in their own language. They also are very likely to want to view videos about the products they are hoping to purchase online. Numerous online studies and other research has indicated that people want to watch videos about products they are considering before they will purchase them.

Podcasts, slideshows, and many other marketing options for off-site SEO for wordpress all have to be considered, and no matter how good the website translation may be from the wordpress translation plugin, human translation services will virtually always provide a much better option for the website owner.

There are also some wordpress theme options that are not readily thought about when focusing on multilingual wordpress websites. According to Dictionary.com, there are twelve language scripts that are written from right to left rather than the more “traditional” or “normal” left to right, depending on the perspective of course.

Arabic, Aramaic, Azeri, Divehi, Fula, Hebrew, Kurdish, N’ko, Persian, Rohingya, Syriac, Urdu are these twelve languages. However, there are also some other language scripts that may be written from top to bottom such as Japanese and Korean. How does this kind of website translation reflect the need for customization of the wordpress templates and wordpress web design?

In these cases, there is often an oversight on the part of the need for custom wordpress website and theme design. Brand recognition and brand consistency are both imperative for a successful online marketing campaign. People are happy to shop at fast-food restaurants around the world because they recognize the brand and they can reasonably expect that the product will be consistent with what they are accustomed to receiving from said brands.

Website translations are not drastically changed simply because of the style or construct of the language script. However, in order to retain brand consistency, when the website translation occurs for a language that is written in the reverse, the custom wordpress theme must also be flipped accordingly.

This kind of website translation may be most easily accomplished with a custom 3-column responsive wordpress theme, but it still may present some challenges. There are some cases where such a website translation should include not only a translation company but also a professional wordpress designer or other wordpress experts online.

This will be especially true if the website translation moves everything from top to bottom as opposed to merely reversing the wordpress theme in order to remain consistent. This concept of brand consistency, however, should also leave room for what is known as website localization, which is equally important to a successful international WordPress e-Commerce website marketing campaign.

Translation and Localization for Multilingual WordPress Websites

At the most basic level, website localization services are all about website translation, but at a much more complete level at the same time. What good would it do you to advertise your multilingual wordpress website to an entirely new international audience, only to discover that you have gone out of your way, even if unwittingly, and done nothing more than offend the expanded market from day one?

Ask any successful marketing or advertising professional, and it will quickly be realized that these people are successful because they know and understand the target demographic. Creating an international multilingual wordpress website means that there should at least be some basic understanding of the newly expanded audience base.

Using localization to create a successful international marketing campaign online is about much more than the language. It is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding, not only of the language but the cultural and historical environments of the international markets at the same time.

An advertising campaign featuring collard greens and cornbread may be seen as racist in some markets, whereas in other markets, it may bring a sense of the comforts of home. In some markets, a pop will be a refreshing cold drink while in other markets it will be a father figure. The better understanding the wordpress website owner has of the intended audience, the more focused they can be by using localization strategies.

There are some markets where a photograph of a steak being grilled over a barbecue pit may be absolutely fine, but there are also markets where cows are considered sacred and such a picture would be considered to be highly offensive.

This is again a subject that points to the need to use solutions such as wordpress multipress, custom wordpress website designs, and a translation company that specializes in localization services.

Translating Multilingual WordPress Websites into International Marketing Success Stories

One of the largest drawbacks of using nothing other than the wordpress translation plugins is their inability to deal with necessary changes in the overall website design or in the pictures or other potentially offensive materials, even if these same visuals are beneficial in separate online markets. In short, they greatly restrict the ability of the wordpress website owner to engage in website localization efficiently.

There are also numerous detrimental considerations against the wordpress translation plugins in terms of website search engine optimization for the website. A full website translation will allow for the website to be fully indexed by the search engines in all of the relevant languages. The search engines, however, will not crawl the text translated by the plugins. However, this may lead to other challenges for the wordpress website owner as well.

WordPress MultiPress website designs allow for different variations of the website to be created in all of the relevant languages. While these are technically different websites, when they reside in the same domain, they will ultimately result in an increased placement on the search engines. Each of the individual websites will be individually crawled, but the results will all add up to increased ranking on the SERP or search engine results page.

Some custom wordpress designers will establish IP gateways in conjunction with a redirect to point people to the relevant website translation based on where they are searching. Thus, someone searching from an IP located in Spain will ultimately be directed to the Spanish translation of the website.

On one hand, there is a potential that all of the 301 redirects will result in some penalties in regards to SEO, though this is subject to change as is virtually every aspect of the Google algorithms. Add in the fact that this process can be complicated, and it may be best left for WordPress design experts. Fortunately, there are other options as well.

It should be noted that the person searching for the relevant keywords in Spanish will ultimately be directed by the search engine to the Spanish language pages. This cuts out the need to use the technically difficult and potentially damaging redirects that may result in a lower ranking on the SERP.

The same holds true for any other language of the website translation so long as the WordPress MultiPress website design has been fully implemented. Thus, one of the popular solutions for this aspect of website translation and multilingual wordpress website design is the use of flags to indicate that the different website translations that are available.


In this way, those visitors can be directed to the language that they have been searching for indirectly. The website will be fully optimized, the custom wordpress website design, website translations, and website localization strategies will serve to establish a more personal and direct connection with the new and expanded target audience. The rest is pretty much up to the website content that has been created and the products that are for sale.


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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems so far. With its help, you can run a personal or a business blog, create regular content, schedule and optimize it for Google to recommend your website to as many users as possible. Setting up a personal blog on WordPress might sound like quite a challenge, but it is actually very easy. All you need to do is take an online course to see how the platform works. Here are some of the most popular courses you should consider watching to start your future blog. 

Free WordPress Training by Yoast

Photo credit:
WebFactory Ltd

With this course, you get to study the platform for free with a limited program or to get a paid version of the course and get access to more learning materials. Yoast Academy is a trusted source for learning WordPress, as it is one of the most successful companies in the industry of SEO. The course “WordPress for beginners” will show you the basics of the platform and teach you how to get started with plugins, security, installation, themes, and other components of the platform. What is more important, you will get some unique information on how to increase the ranking of your website in search results. There is a total of 4 videos, all of which are easy to comprehend. Plus, when you complete the course, you will get a certificate that you can later add to your resume. 

WordPress Training by Joy of WP

This course will take you longer to complete, around 5,5 hours, but the good news is that it is also free of charge, all you need to do here is just sign up on the platform. There are two WordPress course series, which will help you discover the platform in more or less detail. In particular, you will get to explore blogging, hosting, plugins, themes, links, etc. In case you are not new to the platform, you can easily skip some of the videos if you are already acquainted with that particular information. In total, you might need around half a day to get started on WordPress. In case you don’t have the time because you need to be working on some college or university assignment, think about outsourcing it to an academic writer at domyessay.com. 

Free WordPress Tutorials by WP Apprentice

Photo credit:

This is one of the shortest courses on WordPress you can find as it will only take you one hour to complete. Additionally, you can pay $47 to get lifetime access to all of their WordPress-related essentials. 

You do not need any prior knowledge to feel comfortable with this course as it starts from the very basics. The WordPress Quick Start Course will demonstrate the steps you need to take to find a reliable web host, install WordPress, navigate around the platform, and create content there. You get to watch ten videos that will introduce several essential themes, widgets, and plugins to you. Having taken this course, you will be ready to set up your blog and start scheduling and posting regular content on your platform. However, this course is rather basic, so if you want to explore all of the facets of this platform, you will need to take some additional courses afterward. 

Complete WordPress Training For Beginners by Udemy

With Udemy, all the courses need to be paid for, but the good news is that there are lots of discounts and you can get a great course for $10-20. This WordPress course for beginners will take you only 4 hours to complete and master the platform, and you can expect to get a completion certificate when you are finished with the training. You will get a detailed explanation of the overall framework of the platform and will learn the most important information about the way it works. Additionally, you will get some SEO tips and tricks on how to improve the visibility and ranking of your site. In just a few hours, you will learn how to get your website up and running and how to manage and effectively promote it in Google.

WordPress 101: The Basics by WP101

You need to get a yearly subscription, which costs $19 per year, but you can watch the first eight videos free of charge to see if the course meets your expectations. Although this course is for beginners, you will get to discover all of the most important aspects of the WordPress platform. The videos will give you tips on how to set up, customize, and run your website efficiently. Additionally, in case English is not your native language, you can also watch the course in Spanish. And after you are done with this course for beginners, you will get an intermediate level WordPress course for free, which is quite a bonus.

Have you ever considered focusing on your body with additional muscles and abs and overall fitness? If yes, then you are reading the right article which can help you with some measures to follow. Body building is a very engaging sport that requires constant discipline and it involves total concentration for the best of the body. But before you take any decision on this matter you need to ask yourself; am I willing to give up all the favorite junk foods and welcome intake of heavy proteins and food that might not please my taste at times? Am I ready to set aside a particular time of the day for regular exercises? Am I ready to allow myself to make sacrifices to bring transformation to my body? How well do I know about what body building can do to me? And most importantly, do I really trust myself to pursue an unswerving disciplined lifestyle? Here are some key pointers for you as you focus on body building.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

  1. Exercises – There are different kinds of exercise for different kinds of body structure namely ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Each of these requires a specific kind of exercise according to its body structure’s needs. And you need a significant amount of time in the gym and at home as well. You will also have to give attention to particular exercises for specific parts of your body.
  2. Shoulder exercise – Shoulders are one of the main sources which act upon every action that comes your way. In fact there are several exercises that can help you to bulk up the shoulders. So it plays a vital role in displaying the strength of the muscle and increasing metabolism power. If there is a retain of good balance then shoulders can execute many different kinds of exercise movements otherwise it has a high risk of injuries. Regular shoulder exercises can furnish strong and good posture of the body. The strength of the arm determines the energy for the rest of the other exercise.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

  1. Squat – This is one of the primary exercise routines that stimulates the lower body muscle and helps in maintaining the mobility of the neutral spine. Squat exercise maintains leg muscles and promotes muscle mass. It concentrates the strength of the lower part of the body. And this attributes to a powerful system that you need for performing longer, harder and quicker.
  2. Deadlifts – It is one important feature of exercise because it concentrates your whole body. And this particular exercise performs remarkable work in burning the fats and elevates core strength. It also defines your proper body posture during your daily activities. Significance of this exercise is that it supports tissue healing, massive growth of strength and fat loss and is identified as the safest equipment for exercise.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

  1. Dumbbell lunges – This exercise advances full-body strength and it can be the best source to develop a strong foundation to well-built muscle. It enables you to gain a good quantity of strength to sustain your ability to perform squats and deadlifts and other exercises too.
  2. Workout routine – You may find yourself in a lot of dilemmas as to what kind of workout routine you should follow. And you may be prone to think that it will take only a few days but it is a matter of weeks, months and even years to perfect the right body building. And for body builders, it requires a huge amount of sacrifices for the best result. Consistency in keeping up with proper workout routine benefits in so many ways. It releases stress and anxieties and makes it possible for you to concentrate on building your body. After all, to stay fit is to keep mental health at ease.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

  1. Diet – Out of the many essential disciplines, diet is one of the most important areas where any body builder has to really put any effort into. The strength and growth of the body depend on the food and supplements that you consume. Body building is not only confined within activities inside the gym but it is inclusive of outside the gym as well, and that is diet. The amount of diet depends on different levels, for example, the more you exercise the more you need to eat to gain the same energy. Eating the right food will provide your muscles with proper nutrients and will help in increasing the size and potency.
  2. Vegetarian diet – Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will supply your body with rich nutrients. Intake of green leafs and a lot of fruits enable your immune system to remain strong. Vegan diet has become a food trend for many people in the world especially those who are living a sporty lifestyle. Legumes, grains, and dairy food can make your body available with sufficient nutrients. Unsaturated fat comes from veggies and a body builder requires eating food that produces natural fats. Chickpeas and legumes do a great job in giving you low-fat carbs. Nuts are one important diet in a body builder’s food routine because nuts are considered as a source of producing healthy heart and lead to lower risk of heart attack.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

  1. Non-vegetarian diet – Rich protein content is mostly found in non-vegetarian diet and proteins are an essential part of body building. Proteins help in controlling blood sugar levels and slow down the release of carbohydrates. Intake of proteins is what any body builder needs to observe and nutritionists suggest these lists of protein sources; chicken, peanut butter, egg, cheese, salmon, beef, lamb meat, fish, etc. Anyone who desires to live a sporty lifestyle requires consuming proteins on a regular basis because it favors the growth and maintenance of healthy muscles.

It is necessary for you to be well informed about these details as you get into body building. Work on your exercises and routines while keeping a good eye on your diet.


With a market share of roughly 35%, WordPress powers more websites than any other website builder or Content Management System in existence. In fact, the battle for supremacy isn’t even close. Therefore, your decision to use WP for your site is arguably the most natural and logistical solution.

Plug-ins are an integral feature of the WordPress platform, and can make all the difference as you bid to unlock its full potential. Here are five that no web owner should ignore.

WordFence Security

The first rule of modern web design is that you need to protect your website from day one. Cyberattacks occur every 39 seconds, and almost half of all attacks hit SMEs and individuals. WordFence Security is the best App to ensure that your site avoids the threat of becoming a statistic.

WordFence has a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage a range of tools. They include protection from malware, viruses, backdoor scanning, and brute force hacking. WordPress core file integrity verification and email notifications help you stay safe at all times.

Yoast SEO

A well-designed and functional website counts for very little if nobody ever visits. Search Engine Optimisation is the most important ingredient in the recipe for attracting more customers. While there are plenty of suitable plug-ins on the market, Yoast SEO remains the most convenient and effective.

Yoast SEO uses a simple traffic light system and a step-by-step guide to ensure that every webpage and blog post benefits from solid SEO. It covers keywords, links, readability, and the metadata of the snippet. However, we do recommend hiring an SEO expert if you want to further grow your organic channel performance.


While SEO will bring a lot of organic traffic, social media remains a huge tool for reaching new clients and gaining repeat visits. Buffer is a simple WP plug-in that lets you schedule post publications to your various social media pages. It can instantly transform your approach to time management.

Buffer additionally allows you to put social media share buttons on your web pages and posts. This encourages readers to share your content, providing free advertising and promotion without any extra effort on your behalf. Social interaction develops stronger client relations. Embrace it.

Optin Master

Pageviews are great. In reality, though, the objectives of your website shouldn’t be limited to this idea. You want visitors to take action and, ultimately, enter the sales funnel. Contact data capturing is a huge step in the right direction, which is why you need Optin Master.

The simple plug-in allows you to create engaging pop-up forms that generate leads by getting clients to enter their details. It works with MailChimp and other services, so you can give your users added value with free eBooks or special promotions to secure more conversions. It is a game-changer.

Google Analytics

Every business owner wants to track the progress of their website, pages, and content ideas with real-time results and extensive insights. The Google Analytics WordPress tool by Exact Metrics is the ultimate plug-in to make this happen.

Detailed stats cover everything from organic searches and bounce rate to traffic channels and device categories. You can quickly see which items are working and, crucially, which need a little added attention. Your website needs to continually improve. This plug-in encourages the results you deserve. For more information visit how to get started with analytics.


It’s likely that a variety of additional plug-ins will be required, such as WooCommerce if you’re planning to sell products online. Nevertheless, it’s the five plug-ins above that will enable you to design an attractive, functional, and safe site on the WordPress platform.

A WordPress site should be a business. From satisfying the needs of Google to satisfying the demands of your visitors, heading into battle with the right weaponry will help you win the digital war. You’ve got this!

When it comes to building an online store, WooCommerce is, hands down, the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. But, you also have to keep in mind that just because WooCommerce might be the most popular plugin, that doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for every business owner… it just depends on the needs of the business owner.

No business owner is the same and neither are their needs, therefore WooCommerce might be the perfect solution for some business owners but other business owners need something else. With WooCommerce, you may have to display products and categories in various ways that you may not like… you may like your products displayed in a way that WooCommerce doesn’t offer. That difference in needs is the very reason why there are WooCommerce alternatives to better meet the needs of business owners.

Why Use WooCommerce Alternatives?

The only answer to that particular question is simply, “Why not?” If one thing isn’t working for you, why shouldn’t there be any alternative options? Think of it like going to restaurants. There used to be a point in time where you had no choice but to eat what was on the menu… there were no “healthy” or “gluten-free” alternatives but because the demand for healthier and gluten-free alternatives became so high, the restaurant industry had no choice but to supply the demand.

That’s the exact same theory with WooCommerce. WooCommerce has tons of great features that are very beneficial for business owners but sometimes there are specific things a business owner is looking for that WooCommerce doesn’t offer, despite its numerous features… That lack of a specific feature can make any business owner say no to WooCommerce and look for an alternative that has the specific feature their business needs.

That particular business need could be anything, really… but if WooCommerce doesn’t have a solution for it, that’s when WooCommerce alternatives come in to save the day. Ultimately, these WooCommerce alternatives provide better solutions to meet those specific needs of a business. Let’s take a look at some WooCommerce alternatives that would be more suitable for your business

The Best WooCommerce Alternatives

1.   WPForms

WPForms is a WordPress form builder plugin. What that means is that it’s not an e-commerce plugin that’s fully featured. You can’t use it for advanced processes like shipping or taxes but where WPForms shines is with payment integrations.

You can create simple payment forms with WPForms and they’re integrated for both Stripe and PayPal. It’s the simplest option when creating a simple order form to process credit card payments.

2.   Shopify

Shopify is its own fully hosted e-commerce platform that doesn’t require users to use WordPress in any way BUT Shopify does make an extension for WordPress… With Shopify’s extension on WordPress, users can utilize the WYSIWYG site builder and the e-commerce option as well.

With WordPress, you somewhat need to know some technical skills like software management and how to install updates… With Shopify, you can just start your online store with ease and without the frustration of needing to know certain technical skills… Shopify takes the guesswork out of building an online store.

Because Shopify is its own fully hosted e-commerce platform, you can imagine that it has some pretty great features. Some of it’s biggest features include discount codes, multi-channel integration, and, of course, the ability to sell an unlimited amount of products.

3.   MemberPress

MemberPress is a membership plugin for WordPress. Business owners have the ability to sell paid memberships with different levels of subscriptions and multiple payment gateways. The biggest purpose of MemberPress is to help you sell and expand your business’ membership.

The ease and convenience that comes with MemberPress is the fact that if you’re wanting to create a membership site that only gives its members access to content, then MemberPress is the better option for you.

Realistically, you could go with WooCommerce to get this done but you’d have to go through the hassle of getting several different add-ons, making things extremely complicated when it doesn’t have to be. If you get MemberPress, you’ll get the same functionality you would have with all those add-ons, only with MemberPress, all those functionalities are built-in so there would be no hassle of multiple add-ons.

4.   Easy Digital Downloads

Unlike physical goods, Easy Digital Downloads is specifically made for selling virtual goods. Things like ebooks, software, and music are all virtual goods you can sell without the customer physically touching them.

Easy Digital Downloads is the better solution for business owners who only want to sell virtual goods only… it’s just easier to manage file downloads, manage the software licenses, and accept payments… it’s more of a one-stop-shop.

You technically can use WooCommerce for selling virtual goods as well but with WooCommerce, you’re going to be dealing with features you don’t need in addition to the features you do need. Being that you only want to sell virtual goods, you only need features for that. WooCommerce is going to give you features for virtual goods but it’s also going to bombard you with features for physical goods as well.

On top of that, you’re also going to need to get several different add-ons just to produce the same results as Easy Digital Downloads.

Which WooCommerce Alternatives Will You Use?

As you can see, there are quite a few WooCommerce alternatives for WordPress to meet the many needs of business owners. According to trends.builtwith.com, powers over 3.3 million websites and has an e-commerce market share of over 30%, so it’s no wonder why it’s been dubbed as the most popular plugin for WordPress!

But as you know, technology is constantly changing, which means that there is always going to be something that comes out that’s going to be better than something else. That’s when WooCommerce alternatives came into play… There are certain features that business owners need that WooCommerce just simply can’t provide without the use of several different plugins… that can make running an online business harder than it should be.

With WooCommerce alternatives, business owners at least have the option to see what else is out there to better meet the needs of their business.

As people turn away from brick-and-mortar stores in favor of convenience and extensive choice, contemporary businesses can arguably survive only with websites constructed to be their figurative ‘face’. Corporate info, blogs, and – most importantly – online stores are all crucial for businesses to thrive in the age of information technology. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used for building a website today. It is suitable for a variety of purposes, from developing blogs to constructing online stores. WordPress has both advantages and disadvantages when building an online store, and it is important to be aware of both.

The furthermost drawback that you should keep in mind is that WordPress was not initially built for online stores. Instead, it was developed as a platform to construct blogs. Naturally, with the goal of staying multi-purposeful, WordPress today is used for other types of websites. However, it requires additional plugins like WooCommerce and supporting themes that support online stores. WordPress can as such appear time-consuming for inexperienced developers, especially given the need for additional plugins that are required to build an online store.

Another principal consideration is safety, which, alas, presents certain difficulties with the platform like WordPress. Safety is of utmost importance for modern people. It is crucial to keep user data protected. This might require hiring an external professional who will secure sensitive information and strengthen the platform.

But do not be alarmed! Despite the mentioned before drawbacks, WordPress is a great tool for building an online store when handled correctly. And here’s an example: a website with an online store for industrial actuators built on WordPress platform. Break your products into categories, consider smart keyword search, add a shopping cart or a button for getting a quotation, etc. The most noteworthy benefit of WordPress that outweighs the platform’s disadvantages is its simplicity of use even if you don’t have a lot of previous experience in the construction of online stores. It’s fast to learn and has a lot of tools that help to make the process of building and keeping websites is pretty easy.

Additionally, you can turn the need for an additional plugin into an advantage. Today, eCommerce is as relevant as ever; naturally, there are multiple plugins to choose from. Why be satisfied with a single tool when you can have any of them, compare their strengths, and choose the one that suits your goals best?

Think about this one: WordPress is fast. It stores part of the data on the computers of visitors. This is gold is you have a lot of big images (which is a given for an online store). When the visitor comes to your store again, the loading time becomes significantly slower due to these previously saved bits of data.

And finally, to the question of aesthetics. It is important for users whose attention span has significantly shrunk in recent years. The design of your store may be quintessential for keeping your customers, and sometimes it just doesn’t work. WordPress allows you switching to a different theme without losing any information. You won’t need to export and import the data; everything will be kept in one place.

When you think about it, WordPress might not be the most elaborate eCommerce platform to build an online store. Yet, disregarding its problems, it is fast, convenient, comparatively easy and flexible. If you need a platform for a beautiful online shop with many interesting features and colorful design, WordPress is a good choice to ensure your success.


Most business owners hate standard software products. Because there is no standard software product that fits all business needs. Therefore, most business owners prefer hiring a software development company that offers custom software development services. However, choosing the right software development company in India is hard. Read on to learn how to select a software development company in India.


1. Get Referrals

There are business owners who use software development companies regularly. They have worked with different software development companies. So, ask them for recommendations. They can recommend a good software development company. They will give you honest feedback. Asking for referrals is the easiest way of selecting a good software development company with the best software developers.

2. Your Goals

It is important to figure out your needs and goals before looking for a software development company. You should know the type of software you want to build. Once you know the requirements, it makes it easier to choose the right company. Select a good company to build software that meets your needs and goals. Figuring out your needs and goals can help you select the best-suited software development company.

3. Check the Company Portfolio

The best software development companies have worked on different projects. And they do not hide their past projects from their potential clients. Ask for their past projects. A good company has a tried and tested methodology for building software. You will love their previous projects. However, new software development companies have a few projects.

4. Online Presence

The best software development companies have a good online presence. They keep a regularly updated website, blog, or publications on social media. They focus on teaching their audience. You will find that they are helpful. They share quality content. And they are dedicated to publishing new content regularly. Read their articles. If the company is helpful, select that company.

5. Compare Offers

When you are searching for the right software development company in India, you will get several offers from different companies. The lowest rates are usually tempting. However, it is hard to get quality software development for cheap. If you choose a cheap company, you may find yourself spending more money than you had expected. It is much safer to select a company with a good offer.

6. Client Reviews

Do you want to save time? Read client reviews. Most companies know the importance of client testimonials. So, they put reviews from their satisfied customers on their websites, blogs, and social media profiles. Reading what people say about their services can help you choose the right company. If possible, reach out to their previous clients. They can share their experience with the company. Select a company with good client reviews.

7. Focus on Delivery Time

It is important to have a deadline. Because some companies work on several projects, so they can take a long time to build your software. Therefore, look for a software development company that delivers the software on-time. Getting the software on-time makes it easier to test the software. And if there are bugs, you will have enough time to report them. Decide the deadline. Then, look for a company that will stick to your deadline.

8. Good Communication Skills

Talk to the software developers of the company. They will work on your software. Therefore, talk to them if you want to know if you will understand each other. A good company hires software developers with good communication skills. If you have questions, they answer them using simple language. These software developers will build software that meets your needs because you understand each other.

9. Future Maintenance and Support

If you are focusing on a large-scale project, select a software development company that provides future maintenance and support. The company, which builds your software, understands the software inside out. Therefore, the company should provide support to make sure your software operates at peak performance. Therefore, ask the company if it provides future maintenance and support before making your final decision.


These are the best tips for selecting a software development company in India. Choose an experienced, reliable, trustworthy, reliable, and affordable software development company that provides future maintenance and support. You will love working with that company. And you will get software that meets your needs and business goals.