Invented in 1972-1973 by Martin Cooper, mobile phones have been the most promising technological innovation by far. Today, smartphones, highly advanced and integrated with promising technologies, have replaced traditional cellular phones. Mobile apps are the most crucial feature that makes these smartphones different from conventional cellular phones. Traditional mobile phones have made communication easier and have allowed people to connect with their loved ones instantly. But with mobile apps, smartphones not only help connect with people but also help in carrying out daily human tasks conveniently, be it getting entertained, learning, paying bills, or ordering groceries. Moreover, today smartphones are so reliable that for some introverts, they have replaced friends.

The e-book is one such innovation that has brought a severe technological disruption and has emerged as a promising alternative to printed books. As a result, e-books are becoming more prevalent, and according to Statista, the total e-book revenue reached 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, up from 983.3 million, reporting the highest recorded market ever. This has led to a rise in e-book app development; e-book apps offer a wide range of e-books to read, and some also provide the provision for authors to write and publish their books. In addition, the ongoing pandemic has given a significant boost to this app category, and as per Forbes, the e-book app’s readership has increased by at least 30% amidst the lockdowns. In this post, we’ll discuss some must-have features for an e-book that developers must know to create a promising e-book reading and writing app. So, let’s move forward and discuss some of these features that every e-book app must have in order to provide a better reading experience.

#1 Access to multiple books in a wide range of languages

Like in a library, we can find multiple categories of books in different languages; an ebook reading app too must have a wide range of books collection of different types and languages. Mobile app development for reading and writing is a very popular choice amongst aspiring developers, which has led to the huge availability of such apps on various app stores. Wattpad, Amazon Kindle, Libby, Kobo, etc., are some of the most popular e-book apps in the USA. Out of these apps, Wattpad is a top-rated platform where readers can read a number of books written by writers on Wattpad and writers can write. To emerge as a successful ebook app in such a competitive market, it’s crucial for its library to be unique and have a vast and exciting collection of books.

#2 Simpler and interactive user interface

The user interface is a vital aspect of every app, which plays a deciding role in its success. A simpler yet rich user interface makes the user experience much better and helps users to derive what they need conveniently from the app. The same thing holds for e-book reading and writing apps; a smooth user interface provides a better reading and writing experience. For quicker adaptability of the app, there should be a hideable tutorial tab that can be accessed any time a user wants help navigating through the features of the app. Various reading and writing tools should be integrated into the apps that enable users to read and write based on their convenience. These tools should amplify the user experience by providing interactive ways of reading and writing. Let’s discuss more of these tools that add up to creating a perfect user interface.

#3 Availability of effective reading and writing tools

Reading and writing tools are critical factors that help improve the reading and writing experience. When reading via printed books, the readers do not have the choice to alter the fonts, zoom in and out or change the brightness of books. An e-book reading experience is much different from reading printed books because of integrated reading tools; a user can increase the fonts of the texts as per their convenience. Users can zoom in and out to get a good look at pictures and texts of the book. Moreover, readers can easily highlight the important texts of the book, bookmark the crucial pages, change the color of the text, and much more based on their likes and comfort level. Reading tools must also include a dictionary that can help readers find the meaning of tricky words and idioms for better understanding. When it comes to writing, users should be given all the writing tools they generally have access to while writing via Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These include hundreds of font styles and sizes, provision of adding images and italicizing and bolding the texts. All these mentioned reading and writing tools help make the user experience much better and feel like writing or reading a physical book. 

#4 Accessibility and uniformity over operating systems

In e-book reading and writing app development, it’s very beneficial and advisable to ensure that the app is developed in a way that it becomes accessible on more than one platform such as the Apple app store and Google play store. To attract a wide range of users, the app must be compatible with many operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. If an app is accessible on only one platform, such as Android, then only Android users would be able to use it, and it won’t reach the iPhone and Windows phone users. Hence to make it more accessible, it needs to be designed and developed for multiple operating systems and their respective platforms.

The other factor that should be considered besides accessibility is app uniformity over multiple operating systems. Uniformity assures that the e-book app feels the same both in looks and functionality. Uniformity allows the users to switch operating systems, i.e., switching phones, to adapt quickly without any extra effort in learning to use the app on the new phone. Uniformity over multiple operating systems ensures that whether a user is using an Android phone or an iPhone has the same user experience and interface so that if they change phone, they don’t find it challenging to adapt to the app.

#5 Provision to create a personalized library

Provision to create a personalized library is a vital feature that an ebook app must have. Users should be allowed to develop their library and store and download books in it. They should be enabled to customize their libraries based on the type of book, language, author, etc. In a personalized library, the users can create sections in which they can store appropriate books. The columns can be divided into romance, fiction, sci-fi, supernatural, all-time favorites books, etc. Additionally, this library should support storage and downloads of ebooks of all formats such as PDF, EPUB, word files, TXT files, etc. This personalized library should be available offline to enable the users to access all the downloaded material in the apps without the internet.

#6 Secure payment gateway

There are both kinds of e-books available on e-book apps, free as well as paid. To get access to read the paid books, users need to pay the given amount and to do so, a secure payment gateway is required. A payment gateway is required in almost all apps to perform in-app purchases, and so is the case for e-book apps. Payment gateway should offer convenient payment options via credit or debit cards, net banking, or via wallets such as PayPal wallet. Along with providing a payment gateway, it also needs to be secure and safeguard all the stored sensitive personal banking details. Hence the payment gateway needs to use two-step authentication and other such credible security practices to ensure that the app is safe to make transactions. This not only helps in making convenient and secure transactions but also helps in improving the credibility of the app.

To conclude

Like smartphones with a mobile app, technology has been a significant shift from traditional mobile phones with only calling and texting facilities; humans have also experienced significant shifts in how they used to do things. One such major shift is the adaptability of e-books; most of the readers have switched from printed media and books to digital books. Although the market of printed media is quite tough to mitigate, the popularity of e-books can’t be ignored. The ebook app development has considerably increased due to this popularity, leading to thousands of e-book apps available on various app stores. In this post, we mentioned some key features that an ebook reading and writing app must have to be helpful to the users and provide them promising user experience. Every developer must integrate these features into their e-book apps for better reading and writing experience.

Want to know how to get more Instagram followers? Tip 1. Use the keywords that appear in your searches to help young people find them.

Spend the day buying followers or using robot-like briefs. This number can increase your number of followers in the short term, but it will not help you in the long run.

This is because your free Instagram followers value you in real people who care and are related to your brand. The wrong number of followers can boost your ego, but your Instagram strategy doesn’t help.

Click on one of the suggestions below to learn more, or browse the full list of ways to get more Instagram followers for free.

Ways to Make Followers on Instagram

1- Have a thoughtful Instagram marketing strategy

A clear plan is needed to make effective use of any social system.

The main goal is to get more followers on Instagram. Only followers will not give you a successful Instagram account. Reaching out to buyers should be part of a broader plan related to your business strategy and social marketing goals.

Think about why you need more Instagram followers. What do you want to achieve? You can do this:

Improving brand awareness

Increase product sales

Increase traffic to your website.

Focusing on these business goals will help you keep your Instagram account always. This helps to tell an interesting brand story that attracts newcomers and helps maintain (and maintain) loyalty.

Explain to your audience

Ask yourself who you want to reach:

How old are they

where they live

what is the nature of the work

When and how do they use Instagram?

What are the weaknesses and challenges?

The answers to these questions will help you create the right Instagram content to attract your best followers on Instagram. It also targets your audience’s needs, so you can determine what content they want to monitor in the long run …

Instagram bio and Profile Improvements

Two-thirds of businesses have received profile visits from people who haven’t followed Instagram. These new visitors can become Instagram followers free, but only if your life and profile convince you to hit the “follow” button. This is not the case if your profile is blurry, incomplete, or unfair.

In addition to the username and username fields above, the profile includes the site (click on the link) and life.

GetInsta Helps Increase Free Instagram Likes

This app helps you increase your free Instagram likes. You can use it as a reference for the Instagram app and incoming traffic. This allows advertisers to know that your account is useful and allows you to make secure monthly payments. In this way, GetInsta can make Instagram a revenue stream by expanding and expanding the trailer, moving it to another level, and increasing its revenue stream.

On the other hand, GetInsta may store your personal information. You don’t need to provide your real name or address to the person you want to use to receive funds. Followers and followers will come for free and do nothing but post the first thing people admire.

Have you ever wished to sell several variations of your product on your e-commerce website? This might range from color preferences, different sizes for t-shirts to any other factor you might have for your product. The WooCommerce plugin gives you the ability to do this easily through its Product Variation feature.

We will take you through the process of creating product variations in this post and at the same time, we will highlight its importance and use in the modern world of WooCommerce.

What are WooCommerce Product Variations?

You are already familiar with the fact that the majority of products come in many options: scent, size, color, just to name a few.

In WooCommerce Product variations are represented as a type of product called Variable Products. WooCommerce gives you the ability to control the stock, image, and price of each variation of your product.

Every variation of your product requires an SKU number (Stock Keeping Unit) to differentiate from other variants. Since it might be confusing when all variations are displayed on different pages, WooCommerce displays them on a single page with a selector to switch between the different variants.

How to add Variable products in WooCommerce

Step 1: Set up the Variable Product

All you need to add a product variable is to either create a new product or edit an existing one.

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce, Products
  2. Choose Add product or select a product in All Products and click Edit to modify it

In the Product data dropdown choose Variable product

You will notice that some product options will have changed. One of these changes is that you can now not enter a product’s price. You can fill in this information at a later stage.

Step 2: How to Add Product attributes for Product variations

Select the attribute tab and from the variable attribute dropdown, you can select the default WooCommerce attributes (Color and size) or you could choose to add a new custom one

For pre-existing attributes make sure to enable the options: Visible on Product Page and Used for variations. After that, you could add as many attribute values as you would wish.

Step 3: How to Generate Product Variations

Navigate to the Variations tab, you will find a drop-down menu with the options: Add variation, Create Variations from all the attributes.

If you choose the second option, WooCommerce will automatically generate Product Variations for each combination of attributes you have specified. Let’s say you specified two attributes Size (Medium, Small) and Color (Red, blue). The variation this option creates is

  • Medium Red
  • Medium Blue
  • Small Red
  • Small Blue

However, if you would want to do this manually, select the first option and use the menus you will find to create each product variation. Each variation requires you to provide an SKU number to help in the management of inventory.

You also have the option to choose how you would want to price each of the product variants by specifying prices for each of them.

Step 4: Publishing your Variable Products

There is additional information you would wish to add to have a complete page such as price, image, taxes, just to mention a few. Having set up the Product variations according to your liking, you can proceed to publish your product page.

Product variations are meant to provide a good shopping experience for your customers and having learned the process of setting it up, nothing should stop you

As most of us already know, LinkedIn is all about making connections, right from people that you already know to people that you want to know. With more than half a billion users from around the world, LinkedIn can be considered a leader when it comes to connecting with potential business partners, hires, and B2B prospects.

Of course, while LinkedIn is made for professional networking, many users are still intimidated by it. Most people do not know who should be in their network, who you should not get in contact with, etc. Sadly, this hesitation will make the process of landing new connections quite slow.

Of course, you can make use of your contact list to find the initial LinkedIn connections. However, you will exhaust this source soon and you will have to find new ways to find connections. In this article, we will discuss some of these methods.

Getting more LinkedIn connections

With the help of these methods, you should be able to find new connections on LinkedIn:

Personalize your requests for connections

When you are going through the list of ‘people you may know’ on LinkedIn, do not only tap on the ‘connect’ button. Even if you do, the request will be sent in a very generic manner. Instead, you need to head to the profile of the person you want to connect with and tap on the ‘connect’ button there.

This way, a box will show up and you will be able to add a personal note for the connection request. You can put in messages like ‘I have noticed your work and would like to connect with you’, ‘Hi, it is good to meet you; let us keep in touch’, etc.

Follow up on the requests

Networking still happens just like in the old days – you need someone face-to-face at some event like a conference or a trade show. Or, you may meet some locals like your classmates, yoga instructor, healthcare provider, or the owner of your favorite coffee shop. Most of us tend to overlook these daily connections we make. Hence, it is important that you reach out to them on LinkedIn.

Set your monthly connection goals

Getting LinkedIn connections outside your personal contacts is not easy. Hence, it would be helpful if you set up certain numbers over some weeks or months. However, ensure that the target is do-able. Instead of setting a goal of 300 connections for the next month, it makes more sense to set a goal of 100 connections for two years.

However, one thing you need to remember is that you need to maintain proper etiquette and do not spam users that you do not know. Also, do not expect all your connections to accept your invitation immediately.

Post daily on your LinkedIn feed

Whenever a connection comment, shares, or likes your status update, all their connections will likely see your original posts as well. If your connections are relevant, these second-degree connections may also send you an invitation to connect with you.

By adding more posts to your profile, you create more engagement for your LinkedIn profile, which will spread across the homepages of your connections. You can also use LinkedIn tools to automate this. Hence, you should not get annoyed when you see daily posts by them. The algorithm of LinkedIn is very tricky and the networking protocol is unlike those of other social media platforms.

Make use of images on your posts

If you want to increase the engagement on your LinkedIn social posts, it is important that you add images as well. This will increase your reach with people in your existing network and also exposure to potential connections. Experts have mentioned that the views on your posts increase by at least 11 times. Add organic images, not links, to your LinkedIn posts.

Engage with your existing connections as much as possible

Similar to all social media platforms, it is important that you engage and talk with your connections as much as possible. Something as simple as a ‘like’ or a ‘comment’ on your post can help you expand your reach. Additionally, it is a very considerate thing to do if a certain post resonates with you.

Commenting and asking questions will increase your exposure and engagement.


Similar to Instagram, LinkedIn has grown into one of the hottest social media platforms on the web today. Content creators and savvy marketers make use of this platform to connect with new users to increase their reach and engagement. With the help of these tips mentioned above, you will be able to increase your LinkedIn connections with ease.

Modern technology has revolutionized and transformed communications. Nowadays, small businesses that operate mostly online can provide seamless customer service and support without investing too many resources. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has the ability to provide such businesses with great benefits.

If you’re only using a WordPress (WP) hosted website, this cloud-based phone system can easily integrate with your site. This will help your business grow in more ways than one. This is especially true for startups and small businesses that are new in the market.

The main reason is that such businesses must compete against well-established companies, and they could use any advantage they can get. With that in mind, here are a few benefits of using VoIP for your WP business website.

Seamless integration

As you already know by now, WP is an open-source project and one of the best content management systems (CMS) in the world. The main reason WP is considered the best is that it allows you to customize your business website as you see fit.

That’s why WP enjoys a 63.7% market share. Furthermore, that means that your VoIP can easily be integrated into your WP website. You can include it as a plug-in or create custom code that will allow your Internet phone to be integrated into your website. Once that’s done, your VoIP will become yet another feature in your website’s layout.

Enhancing communication

A VoIP phone system is Internet-based, but what does that really mean for your business or your WP website? The fact of the matter is that all the services a VoIP can provide you with come via the Internet connection. Therefore, no more landlines, no more miles of wires or bulky hardware you’ll need to rely on. All you need is a reliable Internet connection.

Moreover, a VoIP system is cloud-based, which means you can subscribe to additional features based on your current business needs. If you no longer need specific services, you can simply unsubscribe. This allows for seamless scalability and costs savings.

But what about communication? Interacting with your customers has never been as simple as with a VoIP system. By integrating it in your WP website, you can provide various ways for your customers to contact you, such as emails, live chat, or even a phone. Whichever method customers choose according to their preferences, you’ll have a centralized solution that will process all incoming and outgoing communications.

Choosing the best provider

Like all other cloud-based services, a VoIP system comes with a provider. There are many providers out there, so it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Still, you’ll have to choose the best office phone system that matches your business needs. There are many ways you can go about this, but the important thing is to conduct some research beforehand.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the right VoIP for your WP business website:

  • Does it give you a unique phone number?
  • What are the costs of local and international phone calls?
  • Is there a toll-free number for your local customers? (This is an important feature for customer support)
  • Can the same number be used in different locations, i.e., remote offices?
  • Can multiple employees use the same number?
  • Does it provide call features, such as caller ID, routing, holding, video conferencing, etc?
  • Does it track data such as waiting times, hold times, overall usage, and so on?
  • Does it provide advanced analytics?
  • Can it be integrated into other systems, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), for instance?

Every business is different, and only you know what your company or your WP website needs. That’s why you must determine your needs before you opt for a reliable provider.

Improving customer experience

It’s no secret that customer service and support are vital factors for exceptional customer experience. With a VoIP system integrated into your WP website, you can provide a truly amazing customer experience. So how does that work, really?

Simply put, VoIP is not just a simple Internet phone. It’s actually a wide range of features combined into a single system. For example, in pair with your CRM software, your VoIP can gather valuable information regarding customers that contact you.

This allows you to monitor satisfaction levels each time a customer contacts your service and support department. You can then weed out bad practices and focus on those that produce great results. Over time, you’ll be able to improve customer service and support and ensure that your customers are more than pleased with your business.


In today’s modern age, operating with obsolete technology is a bad move, especially if you operate online. Fortunately, modern technology provides a solution for every challenge. You only need to find the right opportunity and capitalize on it.

Getting your website to show up on Google can be challenging, but definitely isn’t impossible. One of the certain ways to do it is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a process to improve the overall website and page quality to reach the top positions of the search engine results page (SERP).

With that in mind, this article lists five SEO techniques to help your website show up on Google. On top of that, the article will talk about the importance of SEO to give you a better understanding of it.

1. Have A Fast And Secure Hosting Provider

The first thing is having a fast and secure hosting provider. It increases the overall site performance through aspects like site uptime, load speed, and traffic capacity.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to choose a reliable hosting provider. Among the many options, we recommend going for WordPress hosting by Hostinger. It’s a great option that caters to different types of users.

This WordPress hosting also provides affordable prices starting from $2.99, useful plugins, and features that support a fast and secure website such as LiteSpeed Cache, WordPress Acceleration, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

For additional security, you should get an SSL certificate, as it is a confirmed ranking factor. An SSL allows traffic between your site and the visitor to be encrypted, protecting you from man-in-the-middle and similar attacks.

2. Optimize Images

Images play a significant role in SEO, especially when optimized. This is simply because visuals make your content more interesting. Also, optimized images drive more traffic, increase user engagement, and when properly compressed reduce site load times.

To optimize images, start by understanding how Google reads image elements. Then, adjust them with the images you want for your site. Learn more about optimizing images

For faster loading time, use images with less than 500 KB. Use tools like WP Smush if you need to compress them. For image dimension, keep it within 1500 to 2500 pixels wide.

It’s also important for the images to be relevant. Take your own photos or use stock images from Flickr or Unsplash. Then, label the image correctly with an alt text. Additionally, opt for JPEG for regular images and PNG for logos, clipart, or icons.

3. Invest in SEO Plugins

Plugins can make your SEO tasks much simpler and faster. Fortunately, WordPress has beneficial plugins that automate SEO work to increase site visibility and getting found on Google. Feel free to choose the best one for you.

We recommend Yoast SEO among other plugins. This plugin offers complete SEO assistance on copy and images. Moreover, Yoast SEO has two options, free and premium, accomodating both beginner website owners on a tight budget, and experienced pros who need all the advanced features.

To start using Yoast SEO, all you need to do is install the plugin — which takes no time at all. Read about them here, or go to this page to install the premium version.

4. Sign Up For Google Analytics

With increasing usage, Google Analytics is a great SEO tool for almost everyone with a website. It provides in-depth analysis and reports of website traffic useful for business growth.

Google Analytics improves SEO by offering valuable insights on related metrics – this enables you to make data-driven decisions for improving your site, rather than guessing what might work best. Each metric serves a different purpose, but you can prioritize the traffic, conversions, and bounce rate.

Signing up for Google Analytics is simple. What you need is your Google account and provide details about your business. Additionally, you can look into Google Analytics WordPress plugins to learn about more tools for helping perform SEO tasks.

5. Submit Your Site to Google

Before submitting the site to Google, first, you need to create a sitemap. Sitemaps consist of an XML (extensible markup language) file that works to read content on a site. Having a sitemap allows Google’s site crawlers to easily read, organize, and index information on your site.

The steps to creating a sitemap are as follows:

  1. Start with a template that acts as a structure
  2. Code your URLs, and use tools like Sublime Text
  3. Validate the code
  4. Add the sitemap to your site’s root and robots.txt

Learn more about the sitemap creation here. After creating the sitemap, the next task is submitting your site to the Google Search Console. Start by signing in to your account, add your website, and then submit.

Once submitted, Google can now search and find important information within your site, index it, and start recognizing it on search result pages.

Why Is SEO Important?

We’ve talked about all the SEO efforts, but you might wonder how significant it is. To answer that, here are the benefits of SEO:


  • Increases traffic by a significant amount
  • Allows you to better target your audience
  • Improves website’s ranking on search engines
  • A reliable source of leads and conversions
  • Creates a better user experience
  • Builds brand recognition and reputation
  • Increases the quality of your website’s content
  • Promotes customer loyalty

By understanding these benefits, you can determine better strategies for your website and avoid mistakes. However, it’s important to remember that SEO is not an instant win. It requires persistence, consistency, and the right combination of SEO tools.

But it’s also rewarding when your SEO efforts succeed and you reach the target you’ve set.


Being a continuous process, improving SEO is one of the certain ways to get noticed by Google. In this article, we’ve learned how to make your website show up on Google while understanding SEO’s importance.

We hope these SEO efforts help you reach the top page of Google search results.

No matter what kind of business you are handling, having an easy to understand, attractive and professional website is very important. That’s because we live in a digital age where every individual is online and lands on a particular website while searching for products or services.

Being a newbie if you are worried about how to get a stunning website or how to improve the existing one, then the simple answer is WordPress (WP). Yes, you heard it right! Choosing WordPress development for your business website can help you improve your customer experience. 

Here you can get in touch with one of the best digital marketing agencies like Adaptify or others that suit your budget and time. These companies will help you with all your WordPress website development needs. Before that, know the key advantages of WP for your business site. 

<h2> Benefits of Choosing WordPress For Your Business Website </h2>

1. Open source platform – Free to use and edit

One of the critical factors that most of the new business owners are considering before developing their website is cost-effectivity. Having a free and easy to edit software takes away the risk of investing money and time into website development. 

With WordPress, you being a business owner can try it out without worrying about the budget. It is FREE and easy to use, edit, and redistribute platform, which comes with unlimited validity. However, money is also involved only in hosting, premium WordPress themes, and plugins. 

2. Very secure

You must be worried about the private content on your business website. Here you need a platform which is much secure and safe. WordPress continues to evolve in terms of security. It only requires that the core application remain up to date and WordPress does this automatically. 

The digital marketers or developers usually assure you to protect your website by enabling Web Application Firewall. This web firewall blocks all harmful traffic before it arrives at your business website. Also, the WordPress hosting service plays a vital role in the security of your site. 


3. Simple and user-friendly

If you are looking for the simple and easy to understand website building platform that you can handle it yourself being a newbie, then WordPress is the best and user-friendly. Every newbie can easily understand the inner workings of this platform in just a few hours. 

However, if you have stuck with some problem with it, then Internet search can help you get your answers, or you can also consult digital marketing company providing website development. Having years of knowledge and expertise, the experts will solve all your queries.       

4. SEO-friendly to rank your site on Google

Creating an engaging business website is of no use unless it ranks on the first page of Google search engine. To get your website ranked, you need to implement SEO digital marketing strategies. Choosing WordPress development allow you to add SEO keywords and codes into the website. 

You can even change which website page you want to focus on the SEO campaign. Therefore, you have full control over how your site will rank in searches. To avoid the trouble of incorporating SEO strategies to your business plan, hire the top SEO agency nearby. 

5. Create unique websites effortlessly

Being unique only helpful get ahead of your competitors. Start with developing standout and attractive looking websites using the WordPress platform. It helps you create bold and professional-looking websites that suit your business standards. 

With WordPress, every user can choose different themes according to their business aesthetics and keeping in mind customers. There are free and even paid themes available to select for creating the excellent looking business site. 

6. Provides clear Structure for fast site loading time 

What if a customer lands to your business site and has to wait for minutes to see the web content? Any consumer will get frustrated. So, your business site must have a fast loading time. It is possible with WordPress. It provides a clear structure for your site where pages don’t take too long to load.

The data of the page load quickly, which is more satisfying for any customer visiting your site. That’s why you can improve not only customer satisfaction but also generate maximum leads. All in all, WordPress is better for your website when it comes to loading time. 

7. Multiple plugin options for better web development

After choosing hosting and themes for your business site, it’s time to select plugins. Over 22,000 different options for plugins are available in WordPress. Selecting the right plugin, you can even post different content in your site from articles to videos. 

There are all types of plugins available which makes your site best from every point of view. From easy navigation, blog content, search engine optimisation to social media, all can be incorporated into your business site with plugins on WordPress. 

8. Easily printable with media mashups facility 

Most websites are not developed considering printing. Therefore, when the need for it arises, the layout is too wide to be readable. Here choosing the right WordPress plugin, you can make all your business websites content printable. It is one of the fantastic WP’s features. 

On the other side, you know that WordPress is renowned for presenting text blogs. However, it is also possible to embed other sites or media into your website with WP. You can even upload images, videos, audios, and social media posts using the WordPress editor tools and Uploader.

9. Manageable from anywhere

Along with having useful plugins, WordPress is also manageable having built-in update management system. It makes the customer experience smoother. Any update related to plugins, themes or new version available for download, is notified by the system.

WP also provides portable version via WordPress mobile apps which makes working much more manageable. Here you can handle and monitor your website without having hardware. You can manage all the content from mobile phones and get the same quality and result as expected. 

<h3> Wrapping Up </h3>

Want to have an attractive looking business website that engages maximum customers? Are you also looking for an easy and manageable platform for website development? If yes, then nothing can be more considerable than WordPress. It is FREE with multiple plugins and many themes that suit your business standards. Take a look at all of the above benefits that WordPress provides for improving your business site. 

Are you reaching the right target audience in need of essay writing services? There are millions of students who need assistance with their essays. But there are thousands of essay writing services that have come up as well.  The audience is getting choosier in picking among essay services.  You need to catch the eye of the audience with the correct essay online WordPress theme. How do you choose a WordPress theme that works for you?

Responsiveness is Mandatory

The bigger chunk of web traffic has moved to smartphones. Google has noticed this and is giving more weight to websites that are easy to view on smartphones. Many WordPress responsive themes come with responsivity but you have to make sure.

However, not all responsive themes offer the same user experience. Other features that make differences in user experience include menu type, scrolling, and navigation.  You can check how mobile-friendly a WordPress theme is by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.

Check Plugin Compatibility

Plugins are very useful in improving the functionality of a WordPress website.   All WordPress themes come with native support for plugins developed by the WordPress team. But more importantly, a theme should support plugins from third-party developers.

Some plugins are must-have, for example, Yoast SEO for improved SEO on the website. Other popular plugins include Gravity Forms, W3 Total Cache, Elementor, and Lazy Load among others. Be sure to check that the theme supports the plugin whose functionality matters most.

Look for Customizable Options

What options are customizable in your theme? Many free themes come with limited customization, but allow more options in their Pro versions.  But most themes will allow customization of layout, colors, and fonts.

While an essay writing website may not need heavy customization, it is still good to know that you are free to tweak whatever you want.  The basic minimum is that a theme should be customizable with WordPress Customizer.   Look for compatibility with Elementor which offers high customization for all website elements.

Go for a Lightweight Theme

Website loading times matter a lot to your website’s visitors. A visitor will move on if a website takes longer than 30 seconds to load. Using a lightweight theme can reduce loading time by as much as 40%. 

You can test theme loading speeds using speed tools like GTmetrix. The good thing with WordPress is that you can install and test themes on the fly if they are free.  Premium themes also come with public demos for testing.

Check for Multilingual Support

Multilingual support gives your site wider exposure to audiences who may not understand English very well.  There are lots of Asian students, for example, taking technical courses and not very good in English. They are more comfortable reading their native language.

A multilingual student looking for the correct essay online service will have a better user experience using a multilingual website.  A translation ready theme works seamlessly with Google Translate to offer your content in multiple languages.

Developer Support and Updates

How recently was the theme updated?  In the face of alleviated security risks, you need a theme that stays updated. Constant developer support ensures that the theme’s code stays functional.  Go for a premium theme because updating free themes is always a hit and miss affair.

Check Ratings and Reviews

 What do other users about the theme? offers detailed information on the people who have downloaded a theme and its ratings. You can also check out other review websites like PCmag.

Do you want your essay writing website to attract more visitors and more customer inquiries?  Get a WordPress theme that works, and the user experience will keep them flowing in.   

WordPress is almost synonymous with blogging these days. However, the scope of WordPress has widened considerably since its inception. It offers an easily usable framework for the developers. That is why it is the CMS the world is talking about positively according to Brainvire. Interestingly, this development framework has offered a job to several coders and designers too. The development experts stay busy developing tools like plugins, templates, or themes to ensure the food on their tables. All this buzz in the WordPress development space has given way to several tools that have enabled this framework’s maximized use.

Know About the Top WordPress Development Tools

Let’s take a look at these tools.


This tool is available in the form of a developer plugin. Developed by a collaboration of WordPress development experts Automattic and others, this plugin offers ease of website optimization at the construction stage. This tool allows to select the following options:

  • Theme for self-hosted WordPress site installation
  • Plugins for a self-hosted WordPress site installation
  • Theme for VIP website

When you have selected any of these options, this plugin offers a list of tools and other plugins that you can select to make your website dream come true.

Monster Widget

Do you feel boggled by the widget testing that involves checking for their correctness? Moving to and from pages can be quite frustrating sometimes. To offer an easy solution for this, Monster Widget comes forward and makes the checking quick. It can test all the core widgets in the sidebars in an instant. Some users find it as handy as the WooCommerce tool that does the same job for an eCommerce website.


DesktopServer is quite a simple WordPress development tool. As soon as installed, this tool brings to the developers all the tools they will require for putting up the WordPress website. With the help of customizing the tools’ set, the users can select the tools they will prefer to bring on board. This tool offers a wizard to deliver an easy set-up process. Then, you are allowed to map the domains to your website. This can make indexing by the search engines relatively easy. Further, it offers the ease of managing three websites simultaneously with the added comfort of removing or adding the websites. To add to all this, it supports the use of Apache, PHP 5.5, and MySQL.


XAMPP can be expanded to Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Thus, by using this simple tool, you actually bring the goodness of all the necessary tools on board, in one go. This tool offers the convenience of using PHP of your choice. The tool may feel somewhat tricky to use for the beginners, but the advanced or experienced developers find it easy to use. With exceptional ease of customization, the tool feels fit for the inclusion of various features in the WordPress website. Some of the exciting things you can do with this tool are:

  • Map the service to different ports
  • Manually set the WordPress site, if required
  • Single dashboard tool for all services
  • Ease of stopping and starting Apache servers 


Vagrant is a powerful WordPress development tool, as it offers many user-friendly features, such as:

  • Ease of sharing the environment with all involved entities
  • Offer multiple virtual machines set up where each server is run using a different tool without them interfering with one another
  • Allows specification-focused configuration 
  • Allows keeping test environments separated
  • Allows easy managing of all VMs through file storage systems

Local by Flywheel

Local by Flywheel offers a click-and-go kind of ease for website development. In just one click, the users can enable setting up local WordPress websites. As a developer, you would want to check the statuses of all the websites from the list. This is possible to do with this tool. It helps create live links and shares to all existing projects. This tool offers ease of operation to professionally run WordPress websites, which means it fits large scale projects.


It is MyApache version of XAMPP, we can say, as MyApache replaces Apache in this WordPress development tool. This is a development stack that offers the advantages of multiple tools in a single pack. The process is simple. The stack is set up; then, database creation is done; it is followed by the website’s manual set up as required. This tool allows manual setting up of the website, but if you want some automated solution to serve the purpose, it may be disappointing. The tool supports the use of multiple languages like Perl and Python. 


So, when you want to make your WordPress Website dream a reality, take these tools’ help. You can test the free versions first, if available, before moving to the upgraded or premium subscription plans. These tools offer exceptional ease of development to both the starters and professionals.

Building a startup requires you to manage multiple aspects of business development at the same time, and to introduce the right strategies and solutions within the first year in order to stay afloat. It is crucial that you keep the company’s cash flow stable during the critical three-year period in order to get the brand on its feet and set the stage for long-term growth. To do this, you will need to manage the financial resources from your business loan wisely and to invest in the right tools and software.

Of course, improving communication and collaboration should be your top priorities, especially now that you’re probably managing your operations remotely. To do this, you need to invest in the right tech that will facilitate collaboration, automate various processes, and keep your teams in sync. Let’s take a look at the tools your growing business needs.

Boosting collaboration with a project management tool

Firstly, you need to make sure that your employees from all departments have the tools they need to collaborate seamlessly in the digital workplace. The first tool you should consider implementing into your operation is a project management tool, preferably a cloud-based one that won’t put any strain on your own IT resources but will provide plenty of fancy features to ensure efficient and effective collaboration.

Among the top features you should look for in a PM tool are visual boards for tracking and task overview, time tracking and logging of each project and their associated tasks, file management and sharing, team messaging, analytics and reports, and intuitive project timelines. These are the essential features your PM tool should have, which will help your employees manage their work with ease.

Standardizing messaging app use

Your employees are most likely using more than one messaging app to communicate about work, but also just to stay in touch, catch up, and share cat memes. Now, while there is nothing wrong with using various messaging apps for the latter, the former demands that you standardize the app use in your company. When your employees send work information and files from one app to another, they are unwittingly losing the much-needed end-to-end encryption provided by the app, which is a big security risk.

To prevent inadvertent data loss, you need to pick a single app with the highest security and the best features that all your employees will use for work-related communication. This is something that a good entrepreneur and business leader need to do in order to minimize risks and improve communication and collaboration between remote teams as well as in-house staff.

Integrating a VoIP phone system

Having a phone system in a growing business is absolutely essential for boosting marketing, sales, PR, customer support, and other mission-critical departments. That said, it’s also crucial for internal communication and collaboration because you need a phone system that facilitates seamless communication across the company. Now, it’s important to note that legacy phone systems are outdated nowadays, and a far more contemporary option is to invest in a VoIP solution.

Voice over internet protocol is a cloud-based phone system that brings various perks and digital features to your company. Some of the best rated VoIP providers typically provide valuable features like low-cost national and international calls, full mobile optimization, various integrations with other tools you’re using, video conferencing tools, collaboration tools that include file and screen sharing as well as scheduling, and more. Choose the right VoIP plan and you might even be able to avoid paying for a project management tool altogether as VoIP typically has all you need for effective communication and collaboration.

Using a dedicated video conferencing tool

Whether you’re in the process of researching VoIP plans or if you’re not yet ready to make the switch, you can always make do with a free video conferencing tool like Google Hangouts or Microsoft’s Skype for the time being. While these are valid choices if you’re strapped for cash, they offer little in the way of collaboration and communication quality.

That said, you can still use them for small-scale video calls comprising of a couple of participants. Whatever you choose, though, it is imperative that you have a video conferencing tool instead of relying on just your email communication – make sure to use it mostly for email marketing – in order to keep the team together in the digital workplace.

Cloud-based file sharing apps

Lastly, you need a place in the cloud to store and share all important work files. This can be a dedicated PM tool, it can be your VoIP system, or it can be a free cloud storage space like Drive or Dropbox. Make sure to research the free options thoroughly and assess their level of security as well as the features they offer. Typically, you will need to pay for a business account to get more storage space and additional features that will allow your teams to collaborate more effectively.

Managing a growing business requires a lot of investing, and you need to make sure you’re pouring capital into the right strategies and solutions. Consider making communication and collaboration a priority and invest in these tools to take your new business forward in the years to come.