The Advantages of Using WordPress

Posted on Feb 26 2015 by in customizable wordpress themes 

Many businesses or individuals want to create their own website. A website helps you communicate with the public and promote your brand. But you don’t want your website to just exist; you want it to actually attract visitors. With so many websites in existence, it is very important to make yours stand out.

Content Management Services (CMS) can help you design a website that is unique and well-designed. WordPress, one of the most popular CMS, is simple enough for laymen to use, yet it provides a professional look for your website. This service has many features and benefits that make it a great choice. As you get to work creating your website, consider these aspects of a CMS and see if WordPress is the right choice for you. So what are the advantages of using WordPress?


  • Choosing a CMS can seem overwhelming and distracting from the business at hand which is building your website. Most users are looking for a CMS that is fast and simple.
  • You will want a CMS that works well and is easy to install. With its simple 5-minute installation, WordPress is one of the easiest on the market.
  • No matter what type of computer you have, WordPress will likely be able to install. If you have any issues, there are a wide range of troubleshooting options to help you along.


  • Building a website seems like a complicated task. Many people unfamiliar with doing so may be under the impression that they have to hire a professional designer to get it done.
  • However, many CMS are designed for use by laymen. You do not need to be a professional to learn your way around the program. You simply must devote a few hours to figuring everything out and learning how to use it to best suit your website needs.
  • WordPress has a simple interface that is easy to learn regardless of experience level. If you have any familiarity with word processors or other computer programs, you will likely be able to learn how to use WordPress and its various features to create your website.


  • The layout of your website includes page format, colors and content.
  • WordPress offers an array of themes for you to choose from. These pre-designed templates give you a great way to start.
  • Many CMS offer different themes and designs. WordPress has the advantage of having a very wide selection for you to choose from. No matter what you have in mind, you can find a theme that fits with your content.
  • After you get your website going you can always tweak the look by adjusting the theme.
  • Once you learn WordPress, you can also choose the option of creating your own customized themes.

Customer Support

  • Though CMS programs can be used by laymen, there will still be a bit of a learning curve. You want to make sure the program you choose has adequate support available. If the task seems too overwhelming, users can get frustrated and abandon it.
  • WordPress offers customer support through troubleshooting, forums and FAQs. If you face an issue, you will likely be able to find an answer.