Adding A Poll To WordPress

Posted on Nov 07 2014 by in Business Development How to sell online Small Business Life WordPress 

Do you know that you can add a poll directly into your posts on WordPress? This is an extra-cool functionality of WordPress because it allows for single-sign-on to external polling sites, which calculate the responses for you, so you can have all the information you need for your poll.

Engage Your Audience
Polls are a neat way to get feedback from your audience with a quick question. The question is usually a Multiple Choice Answer, and can be designed through pre-coding, so that you can make a report based on the outcomes of the Poll. When you want to run a story, get market information, or just engage your audience, a Poll can be a fun and neat way to do it.





Adding a Poll to any of our themes can be as easy as following the simple Plugin instructions found when you download or activiate a Poll. It can be interesting to have a Poll every week, or just put a random question to your viewers and see if you get any bites.

Polls are plugins, and if you search in the Plugins area of the Dashboard on the left of your screen, then the Plugin Directory will retrieve anything that is Tagged with a Poll. So that should be enough to get you started engaging your audience in a new way, and remember, if you want or need some of the best premium themes, buy one of our affordable packages now.