How To Add Your Plugin To The WordPress Directory

Posted on Oct 16 2014 by in Business Development Old-Plugins 

Many small to medium web development businesses will enjoy the fun and excitement of putting their developers to work on developing the next best plugin. The WordPress directory has over 30,000 plugins, but that is just a drop in the bucket compared to the number of web sites that use plugins. While I am not going to give you the ratio of opportunity here (I will save that for you to assign to the development unit) but seriously, what is the next best plugin?

Many web page developers will enjoy building a plugin as it can be a great way to get exposure for their business. Many people who develop web pages will use plugins to change the appearance and layout of their site. In fact, Plugins are one of the best things about WordPress because of their ability to work across the platform, with different themes, and allow for greater design variability. So this pushes us to wonder what we would like to do with our web pages, but are unable to with some of the more basic features. The answer? Find the right plugin.



Another interesting thing about a Plugin is that it can sometimes provider a widget as part of the Install, but rarely will you see a Widget be labelled as a Plugin. The Plugin can be used directly with your source code, or can be added to “style sheets”, or other code pages. Most often then have basic instructions, but honestly, most of the more complex plugins do a poor job of outlining how to install the code because it can have various reactions with the different themes that are being used. As a result, sometimes the same effect will not be achieved even when you are following the instructions.

Instead of having these problems, learn how to adapt an existing plugin, or write a new plugin with your favorite theme, then put your plugin in the WordPress directory and see how you can get more exposure to your business.