5 Best Reasons to Choose WordPress

Posted on Aug 31 2016 by in Blog 

5 Reasons to Choose WordPress

1. Free to Download

WordPress is absolutely free for you, you can simply go to https://www.wordpress.org and download the latest framework and than you can easily setup with your hosting, but it requires the Databases PHPMySql, which is mandatory to run the WordPress website. You can now even have one click setup when you have your hosting with https://www.bizzgang.com or other service providers. It can be done in less than 10 minutes when you know how to do that. For developer it’s like Quick Food, they can download and install and than they have the option to use either one of the default themes or they can select the themes from the WordPress inside the Dashboard, normally you can access that by going yourdomain.com/wp-admin

2. Easy to USE

As you know it is very easy to install and use the WordPress for your multiple requirements, WordPress can be also very easy to apply major requirements through the WordPress plugins and other resources. You can find more than 2 millions WordPress Free and Premium plugins that can put your WordPress website into something dynamic website. Normally people love to put their new contents and modify their products or services over the website and that is very easy when you have WordPress, infact it’s so easy that you can go to your dashboard and select your pages or posts and do the necessary update with the default editor or you can use any third party plugins as editor. There are also many other plugins that can help you to meet up your basic requirements with free plugins so that is another benefit or WordPress to choose for your website

3. SEO Friendly

WordPress is something that have very easy to access and strong as well as simple infrastructure that most of the Search engines found easy to access, like google have their crawlers and when they run they find WordPress as simple to access because of its infrastructure. There is another goodies that you can change your permalink structure, you can change the menu name without affecting the page name, you can have different page name with different menu name and one of the editors special is you can have .html at the end of your every urls which again can be customized according to your requirements.

4. Vast resources

WordPress framework basically runs on Themes, Plugins and medias, if you have proper those things you have one of the most amazing sites meeting your requirements to closest. There are nearly more than 4 million WordPress themes are available into the market few of them are paid while few of them are free, www.Solostream.com is again one of the rivals into the WordPress theme subscription, they can give you more than 50+ WordPress theme as low as $99/year, you have complete WordPress theme as well as the tutorials that can be used to setup your theme as they have their demos over the website www.solostream.com . Another reason is the plugins which are again plays a crucial role to stand out your website from the rest, if you choose right plugins and apply to your website, it can change whole lot of easy to you and for your viewers as well as customers/clients

5. Fancy & Multipurpose

As the market trends for the responsiveness and mobile friendly WordPress and their theme developers like solostream.com and other companies they make sure that what ever the theme or plugins they develop they follow the mobile friendly nature and latest HTML5 with Latest JAVA scripts that make whole lott difference to your WordPress site’s look and feel. WordPress often known for its multipurpose use based on the availability and functionality of the plugins that can change the whole WordPress site into something we can call like, Blogs, eCommerce, Forums, Product Portfolio, Showcase, CRM, Recruitment and many other industries that can be used.