3 proven ways to increase your TikTok followers

Posted on Nov 25 2021 by in Affiliate Marketing Blog Blog Post Blogs 

TikTok has become incredibly popular, especially among the Generation Z users.

It’s a video sharing platform where you can create and upload short videos up to 60 seconds. And you have a massive library of songs and sound effects to match your content.

But as easy, it’s creating videos on TikTok, it’s equally difficult to gain a massive following.

There’re various aspects to this.

But today, we’ll discuss 3 proven ways to help you increase TikTok followers.

Let’s get started…

Use relevant hashtags in your captions

Hashtags play an important role in expanding your reach on almost every social media platform out there.

This story is also true for TikTok.

Let’s understand how hashtags help you.

Hashtags are keywords written with a “#” symbol.


They categorise your content by indexing it into content groups.

For instance, if you use #MARKETING in your video caption, TikTok will understand that your content is about marketing.

How does this help you?

This’s great because when people will search for content related to marketing,

TikTok will know that your video with #MARKETING is relevant to the search and hence display your video in the search results.

So basically hashtags help you reach your potential fans.

Now, you can find hashtags or create one for yourself.

Just write the # symbol flowed by a keyword and your hashtag is ready.

How can you find relevant hashtags?

Search on your niche and TikTok will display relevant videos with hashtags used in them. You can then choose the best suited for your content. Another way is to type # in your caption and TikTok will start suggesting you all the trending hashtags.

Finally, remember, only use the hashtags relevant to your content.

If you create a video on “how to make dark chocolate” and use #MARKETING, your video will reach the wrong audience. This is a bummer because TikTok hosts over 800 million users, and you don’t want to spend your precious time creating the best video only to end up at the wrong place.

Therefore, by using relevant hashtags you can expand your reach and target the right audience.

Perform duets

TikTok offers you many amazing features and one of them is the ability to do duets with other users.

The best part is you don’t have to meet the person face-to-face, all you need is your TikTok application.

How duets help you increase your followers?

When you do a duet, your video gets exposed to a new set of audience. Followers of your duet partner notice you and might end up checking out your profile.

Duets are also a great way to provide different content to your fans other than just normal videos. This keeps them entertained and provides value.

From this equation, the more are the followers of your partner the more exposure you get. Hence, you should only partner up with users with a huge following. Right?

While this’s true, it’s tough because users with large followings never partner up with users having fewer followers than them.

Hence, try to approach users with the same number of followers as you. Once you grow, reach out to the big players.

Bottom-line: Perform duets to reach new followers.

Invest in TikTok premium

If you’re serious about increasing your followers and becoming famous on TikTok, invest some money and buy TikTok premium.

How the premium plan helps you?

With a TikTok pro account, you’ll have access to important analytics to shape your decision and measure your content performance.

So, why is analytics important?

Millions of users post videos every day. Hence, it’s important to know when your relevant audience is online on the platform, else your content will be lost among a million others by the time they come online. This’s where TikTok analytics come in. Analytics tell you the time when your fans are most active on the platform.

Also, how do you know which content is working best for you?

You can manually check each one of your posted videos or use analytics.

The analytics page will show you detailed data distribution on your content.

You can also look into insights like profile views, gender, videos your followers watched, Top territories and more.

This’ll help you better understand what’s working and what to improve.


There you have it, 3 proven ways to increase your TikTok followers. By using relevant hashtags, collaborating with fellow TikTok users and measuring your performance through analytics, you can attract potential fans.