9 Reasons To Build Your Website With WordPress Over HTML

Posted on Jan 02 2020 by in Blog Blog Post Blogs 

It’s difficult to accept that only 53% of small companies as of now have a website. In all honesty, an amazing 19% of small to medium organizations guarantee they decided not to have a website to avoid the expense of designing a website. What the greater part of these small companies don’t understand is that it just takes under $100 to set up and launch a website.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! You can purchase a domain name, website hosting, install WordPress and purchase a pre-designed WordPress theme to set up your website within a couple of moments. Just for under $100. Ask yourself this: Would you spend $100 to set up a dazzling looking WordPress website and extend your business on the internet or do despite everything you think it is excessively expensive?

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) accessible today. This software allows you to effortlessly create, edit, manage and distribute content on your website without adapting any programming at all.

In spite of popular thinking, WordPress isn’t only a platform for blogging. You can also utilize WordPress for business websites, construct eCommerce websites, set up professional portfolios and much more.

Why use WordPress? There are numerous advantages to utilizing WordPress to develop a website. Here are only a few.

  1. Save A Ton Of Cash

For the most part, it costs around $2,000 to $25,000 to hire a web developer, who designs a custom HTML website. Include the yearly hosting charges and support expenses to that and you’ll end up spending your whole marketing budget on building your website.

This is the reason increasingly more small to medium organizations are currently picking WordPress over custom develop HTML websites to get their business on the internet.

There’s been a long discussion that began a WordPress versus HTML fight. In spite of the fact that, in actuality, settling on a decision among WordPress and HTML is simple.

In case you’re a massive corporate brand with a major promoting spending plan, hiring a design firm to develop a custom website for your organization will make sense.

WordPress, notwithstanding, is best for private companies that are starting up. Since it’s moderate thus simple to set up that even somebody with no website design information can develop a website.

  1. Develop Any Kind Of Website You Want

When discussing WordPress, the main thing that comes to our mind is blogging. Yet, WordPress can do a great deal more. From business websites to informal organizations and many more, you can essentially assemble any kind of website utilizing WordPress.

  1. Cut Out The Middleman

Maintaining a website includes a ton of work. You need to keep your website up to the most recent standards, optimize it for smartphones, execute great security to avoid hacker attacks and increasingly significant, adding new pages and content to your site.

With a custom developed website, you’ll need to hire a web designer to deal with this kind of work. These designers don’t come cheap. They will charge per hour.

In any case, WordPress doesn’t have that issue. You can refresh WordPress with a single tick, install security modules to ensure your website and even include and deal with all the website pages, all alone. Consider all the cash and time you can save.

  1. A great many Themes To Choose From

One of the fundamental reasons why individuals love WordPress is that the platform gives you access to a large number of delightful WordPress themes to develop any kind of website you need.

  1. The Capacity To Scale The Website With Plugins

WordPress plugins enable you to extend the functionality of your site.

Utilizing these plugins, you can make a contact page for your website, including a checkout framework, improve SEO, include an additional layer of security and even make landing pages, with only a couple of basic clicks.

  1. Arrangement Your Website Within Five Minutes

Installing WordPress is just like going for a walk in the park. You can truly set everything up and start dealing with your website in less than five minutes.

The most web has now offered a single-click install, which lets you install WordPress in a few minutes. Additionally, there are WordPress explicit hosting plans, where the hosting organization installs WordPress for you and lets you make a plunge directly into the WordPress dashboard to work on the website.

  1. It’s Beginner Friendly

You don’t bother with any coding information or website design experience to work with WordPress on the grounds that it tells the truth and apprentice agreeable UI that lets you deal with your whole website from a single dashboard.

Utilizing the Live Editor, you can include new pages, posts, and media onto your website. What’s more, you can visit the Appearance area to customize the vibe of your website by including another background, gadgets, headers, and menus too.

  1. Supports Mobile Devices

WordPress is completely responsive and supports every single portable platform and screen size.

Not at all like uniquely designed HTML sites, you don’t need to make a different form of your site for cell phones and tablets. WordPress themes come pre-optimized for smartphone screens, particularly when you purchase premium WordPress themes.

  1. Better Security

Need to add enterprise-level security to your website? It’s as simple as installing a plugin.