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With its clean, minimalist and professional-looking design, WP-Clear is one of our most popular themes ever. It offers a responsive design, multiple page layouts and templates, plus a built-in control panel. Add it all up, and you've got a flexible, easy-to-use platform for your business blog, online magazine or business website.
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We go beyond the call of duty and work around the clock to provide you the added support you need to understand what it takes to make a great site.

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Your site will automatically adjust to the browser settings on the device so it looks clean and professional on a tablet, phone, laptop or any other device.

Custom Settings

Do you want your site to stand out from the crowd? With our amazing packages, you are given a range of custom settings so that you can make your site professional and unique.

Layout Flexibility

Along with the custom settings and tools, you are also given a wide variety of layout options. This means you can switch between two, three, and even four different options in some of the themes.

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15 May, 2016


12 April, 2009


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All SoloStream themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). This means you can modify the themes as much as you like, and use them on multiple sites.

Very user-friendly and very fast
Bram van de Biezen
It was very easy to use WP-Clear theme. The theme settings are available from the WordPress administrator control panel. It took less than an hour to install theme, configure settings and get the blog online using this theme.
Karunesh Johri
Hey There, From the beginning, used the theme wp-clear. Various css made adjustments like the page width and adapted various functions added. I am very happy with over 7,500 monthly visitors on our local website. The website has more than 20 gigabyte information, and...
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Dirk Brans
All is well without javascript sliders - loading is so slow, but it`s not so terrable.
Nauris Krūzkops
I foolishly paid for an off-shore developer to use Clear as the basis for my magazine's website. However I soon found that it had bugs, all of which had been introduced by tweaking the theme. Going back to...
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Jimmy Thomson
Clear is very fast and simple theme without useless functions that my site does not need. It has nice slideshow and clean design on which the pictures look very impressive.
Julius Szabo
Will Burdette
Simple and versatile . We were able to add a lot of features and widgets, plug ins. Worked out great for us.
Sven bode
Awesome theme. Thoroughly enjoyed using it.
Sivakumar Venkataraman
I created my original website in 1999, using.shtml. over the years I added hundreds of pages to the site and navigation became unwieldy. Also, the design was not responsive and I could see that I was losing a lot...
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Marshall Masters
It's my go-to theme... easy to tailor to any look-n-feel. The configuration options are intuitive and robust. Out of the box... fonts, layouts, and banner placements make it easy for the novice Wordpress user to create an attractive website. I've...
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Jim Logan
When I set out to create Sail in Finland, I was looking for a simple yet stylish theme that would require a minimum of design and set-up from my side while including some key features such as sliders etc out...
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Håkan Mitts
I found it fit our needs right out of the box and where we wanted small changes, most of them were just css tweaks. More than anything it is the support that makes is really rock.
With zero website experience, I was able to create a robust website for my books. I've changed it, added and removed many plugins, altered the look, and done many things without ever blowing it up. With my limited experience, that's...
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Seeley James
With the help of the outstanding technique support at SoloStream, we have been able to modify the WP Clear theme to meet our needs. Whenever we have come across a need to tweak the layout, css or other options, the...
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Rick Craig
I've really enjoyed using this theme, especially because of the homepage options and layout. It's hard to find a nice looking 3 column template that doesn't look too cluttered. However, I have experienced issues with the slider—the narrow width slider...
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Bianca Schulze
We'd used Media Mag since moving to WordPress but chose Clear for its responsive properties. It works pretty well on all devices tested, and our readers are very happy.
Robin Marshall
I love the theme (WP Clear 3.2), and in fact have used the same theme on several websites now. This said however, as the theme is so versatile, you would never know it was the same them judging the...
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Michael Maxson
I have two sites and was already using wp clear on the www.soundsfromsourceacademy.com site using the 'normal' layout. I had another site www.soundsfromsource.com - while the theme on this particular site was OK it had been there for...
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Susan Ormsby
Simply awesome - easy to modify, sharp colors, greatly highlights our message on chasing your dreams.
Chris Augeri
Encouraged by the great reviews I found on the net immediately convinced that use a template Solostream for me was of vital importance. I use WP-Clear that I was immediately struck by its "simplicity" and elasticity. I manage a bed and breakfast...
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Alessandro Gasparini
WP Clear is a nice, contemporary theme with simple, transparent design. It is easy to customize, both through the dashboard or theme-editor. Basic css styling also do not require any special skill. However, if do, the competent support is adequate. It...
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Laszlo Gog
The WP-Clear Theme by Solostream was very easy to implement (including ads), it is a very clean design making it extremely reader friendly, and it has never crashed WordPress. What else does one need? It is a "Clear" winner!
Don Donzal
This is my second theme ever. The first one was WP-Vybe also by SoloStream. A really nice theme. After searching the web thoroughly I finally found WP-Vybe and that was it. That theme was exactly what I was looking for. I...
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Paulo Sebastiao
This is the first project of mine that used a Solostream theme, and I have used them ever since for my web design business. Clear 3.2 was the exact look and feel I needed for this blog site. It didn't...
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Nancy Largent
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