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WP-Clear by SoloStream is the right template for beginners who want a basic blog - that doesn't look like a blog - and advanced users who want to create a media-intensive website. SoloStream's expert service team is very responsive in...
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Lawrence , Xeniors
SoloStream Themes are secure, responsive, flexible and adapt to different "environments" (mobile, laptop, iPad, etc...) I selected SoloStream because of their wide selection of themes AND the ongoing support they offer to those who use their themes. Alan , ADS Consulting
We've used SoloStream extensively as part of the design process for building our websites. The support is excellent and the themes/templates have a nice clean feel to them. Fraser , Critical Impact
I highly recommend SoloStream for a variety of WordPress website design projects. The custom theme options are robust, easy to use and come with full support. I have used them for many clients and my own businesses with great success. Anthony , Central Jersey Blood Center
I recently took on the re-vamping of our regional lifestyle magazine's website using Radiance. I've been around web development for a number of years, but have never taken on a development project on my own. Your themes make it easy...
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Jan , Lake and Home Media Group
After searching the web for weeks, looking for a sleek yet bold, simple yet elegant design, I found WP-Bold and was immediately drawn to it. As a news and social media relations specialist looking to make the transition to the education...
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Alexander , Pitt Community College
After trying purchasing and trying 3-4 themes from different companies we settled on SoloStream Davinci. It was obvious after testing that Davinci provided the most flexibility and ease of use. This was our first WordPress installation and their online documentation...
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Shane , DealGrove
SoloStream themes are some of the highest quality wordpress themes we have ever had the honor to work with. Rayvon , VizTV Media Services
I first heard about SoloStream about 3 years ago from a friend who recommended their themes for Wordpress. He had spoken well about the quality, speed and helpfulness of their themes and technical support. I decided to purchase WP-CHATTER which fitted...
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Malcolm , TopTipsOnline
Amazing Experience with SoloStream. We have purchased a WordPress theme for our client and got good response from client as the client liked the theme and its functionality was awesome. Vicky , Sharp Vision Consultants
I wanted a site that would be easy to modify and also remain mobile friendly. SoloStream offered exactly what I was looking for. Along with being a well built template I needed to integrate a 3rd party plugin system for...
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Tommy , ThreadCorner
I've tried Solostream first time some years ago, then I follow back all new releases. You can understand that they love coding and doing good products. On my websites I use only SoloStream products. They are minimal, clean and fast. That's all...
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Alfonso , FarmaciaVirtuale
I looked at a lot of themes, when I decided to refreshe my blog theme at The SoloStream themes are among the best, but what makes me chossing SoloStream was the profound help and Support I received in the...
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Hansjörg , Der Bank Blog
Absolutely delighted that, with very little technical ability, I created this website. It's easy to edit, looks great and sells my product. Simon , Math Wrap
Dear SoloStream developers, Over the course of the website that I work for, users were constantly complaining about the non-responsive design and slow site loading as done by in-efficient PHP code in the theme that my old WordPress users had to...
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Steve , Eastern PA Weather Authority
Ive been using SoloStream themes for 6+ years now haven't switched,so that itself speaks a lot for myself and also for solostream wordpress themes which I love. Jerome , Megabyte Solutions Proprietor
I create websites using WordPress along with quality, well-designed templates such as the ones from the guys at SoloStream. Love the clean layouts and attention to detail. Great support too! Keely , Worthdesigning
WP Clear is a very clean, easy to use Wordpress theme. Whether you are someone with a little bit of web design experience or you have a lot you will love how easy this theme is to use. There are...
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Jeff , Knox Web Creations
SoloStream Premium Themes create a Professional Image for your personal marketing websites and your client websites. Personal branding is crucial for your success as a business owner.In order to stand out as an authority in your industry and market, first...
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Mark , Success Mentor
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