Video: How to Auto-Install WordPress

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As the title suggests, this is a short (5 minutes) video that walks you through the WordPress Auto-Install process.

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  1. Steve says:

    This is the new error


  2. Steve says:

    I tried exactly the way u told me … this is the error im getting. What should i do?

    Install WordPress (2/3)

    The installation can not be completed:

    - You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain.

    Click on the browser’s Back button to fix reported errors.

    • Sounds like you have something else installed in the directory where you’re trying to install WordPress. Either choose a different directory to install WordPress or remove what’s already there. If you’re not completely sure what you’re doing, you should probably check with your web host.

  3. Francesca says:

    Thank you so much. Your demonstration was very very helpful. You are a life saver!

  4. Paul says:

    Michael, thank you so much for the coherent tutorial. I was searching Google for a way of how to install wordpress on a domain, and you just did the trick perfect for me. I will be watching more of your tutorials in the near future, and I will bookmark you if you don’t mind too much. Keep up the good work Michael.

    Thank you

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