Troubleshooting Browser Formatting Problems

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We have received a number of inquiries lately about browser display problems like:

My site displays perfectly in Firefox but when I open it in Internet Explorer 7 it is all scrambled. How can I resolve this problem?

First and foremost, we want to let you know that we make every effort possible to quality check our templates before they are distributed for sale. We test them in different browsers and operating systems to ensure that they display properly.

You can test this for yourself by going to the many demo sites that we host and view them in different browsers for yourself:

Zeke 1.0 + Widgets

If the demo site displays properly and your site doesn’t in the same browser, the most likely causes are:

1. Plugin Incompatibility – You have incorporated a plugin to your site that has created a compatibility problem. It’s like mixing ice cream and steak. Both of them can be very good by themselves but they are not the type of ingredients you want to mix on your plate at one time.

To resolve this situation, we recommend you deactivate the plugins one by one until you isolate the specific plugin that is causing the problem.

2. You may have mistakenly modified the code – This can be a true pain in the neck since there are so many places to look within the site’s code.

Our best advice in these moments is to try the following tools:

- Go to to validate the HTML and check for errors
- Go to to validate the CSS and check for errors

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Alistair Barnett is a member of Solostream Support. He is a walking Internet how-to and can almost always tell you where to go on the Web to do x, y, and z. Over 15 years’ experience of being an avid Copyeditor, Web Designer, and Internet consultant allows him to assist in any way he can. His focus is on attention to detail, while also being a helpful, easygoing person.

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  1. omnigold says:

    I use 3 different browsers (web designing purposes) Chrome, Firefox & IE. I Download & install new themes for Firefox & IE but no theme effects display!
    Also, the icons & graphics are invisible on web pages and my email accounts.
    Composing email is a hassle because I can’t see the stationary text tools unless I mouseover them to view the “ALT” tag.
    Only Chrome has been working fine!
    Please help! I’ve tried everything…almost. :-)
    Thank You in advance !!!!!!!!

  2. Martin says:

    [b]You may have mistakenly modified the code[/b]

    I think the problem above is one of the main problems. Most of the theme problems I have come across are not done by mistake either, the modifications that are done to the theme are done by people who don’t have a full amount of knowledge when it comes style sheet editing and the impact of one style edit which can have impact on other aspects of a theme.

    Most style sheet changes can affect other areas within a theme.

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