How to Create WordPress Custom Navigation Menus

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All Solostream premium WordPress themes now use the Custom Menu Management function that shipped with WordPress 3.0. If you don’t have the latest version of your theme, you can download the necessary files from the Members Area (you’ll have to log in to access the files for download).

I also did a short screencast (below) to show you how the menu management system works. It’s fairly intuitive, but I’ve already had a few questions on it, so here ya go.

Why you should upgrade to WordPress 3.0 – In a word, security. The added functionality in WP 3.0 is great, but some people are happy with their current version of WP and prefer not to upgrade. It’s fine if you don’t upgrade, but it leaves you at greater risk of having your site get hacked. And I can tell you from experience, it’s no fun when your WordPress site gets hacked. So, for that reason, you should always run the most recent version of WordPress on your sites.

Now, here’s the tutorial I promised …

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  1. eruna says:

    Hi Michael,
    I want my pages to appear below the website header and my categories as the top navigation. Is this possible? In other words I want to replace top navigation with category navigation so my pages appears where the category navigation is and my categories appear where the top navigation is.


  2. MargaretTraynor says:

    Can you have a page as a navigation link and then drop down with categories – have done this but in the nav at the top of the post eg home/business directory/travel tourism/accommodation – business directory is a page and rest are categories but in the nav at the top of the post, the business directory is showing all the posts in blog form and not the page as in in the nav. Hope I have explained this ok for you

    • Can you have a page as a navigation link and then drop down with categories.

      Yes, you can do that. Just add the links and drag them to where you want them. The breadcrumb (nav at the top of the post) will not work that way though. It will only show something like: home > category > subcategory > post title

      • MargaretTraynor says:

        Yes thats what I thought – I will have to figure something out that suits – Ah well love a challenge!


  3. Miha says:

    Hi Michael
    I am going to use a Solostream theme for my new site.
    I would like to set up left side menu. I did´t find that option jet. Is that possible?

    • I’m not clear what you mean by a “left side menu.” You can place a menu in any of the sidebars by using a sidebar widget.

      • uptheme says:

        Hi, just signed up as well, I think am I have the same question.
        Can I add a Left Side Menu to the left of the theme? Yes there are the standard sidebar widgets but I think the only go to the right of the main content.

        So the question is… in my case using WP=Ellie I like the POSTS BY CAT – 3 WIDE layout but I would want to use this layout with the Sidebar to the left not the right… Is it just a matter of using the Sidebar Left layout then editing the content area to have a past by cat – 3 wide setup? (The sidebar left layout shows main content just as a list of blog entries).

        I know I could try but I am not able to install the theme until tonight… so I sort of can’t wait to know :)


  4. Cloud says:

    Hi Michael

    I’ll get only the plane list view with that on my local MoWeS-Wordpress.
    what i have to look 4 if i want to use it in my own created theme ?

    Or what esential things have to be given before ?

    ty Michael

  5. David says:

    does this menu have maximum number of page/categories to be created in theme? I have more than 50 of both, it seems not working for big amount of pages. am i correct?

  6. I have a pretty full navigation menu, and I am using Solostream Sooth theme. Right now it does not allow me to save my menu, and times out saying that the execution time of 30 seconds passed. It doesn’t save my changes. Basically I am unable to make modifications to my menu at this point.

  7. Michael says:

    How do I actually disable the category menu? I don’t have a menu set up (i.e. I only have one menu defined and that is the top-level). However the categories are showing up as a secondary menu anyway.

  8. Martin says:

    WordPress 2.9.2 is still safe to use, no security changes were made in WordPress 3.0.

    WordPress 3.0 was mainly new features etc, menus, mu, new default theme etc…

  9. Ariana says:

    I’m glad to see you listened to my proposal of switching to WP3 menu management on your themes.
    Didn’t expect the update to come this fast.

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