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Our new WordPress theme, WP-Ellie, is now available, and I just uploaded a short demo video. YouTube is still processing the video, so it may be a bit blurry for the next hour or so.

If you’d like to embed the video on your own site, grab the embed code from YouTube.

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  1. shoegal says:

    I have installed this theme on site, but the footer widget links are showing up the default blue color while all the other links in the theme are the color I want. Any ideas how to change footer link color?

  2. Hi, Michael.

    One of my good friends from uses your theme and I saw this adorable theme of yours. I was wondering, am limited to two columns with this one? And is the footer fully customizable?

    CSS is greek for me.


    • Thanks for the kind words, Michael. Yes, WP-Ellie is a 2-column theme, although the bottom of the right sidebar is split into two smaller sections.

      As for the footer, since you don’t know CSS, I can’t say it’s “fully customizable.” What were you wanting to change?

  3. uri says:

    Hi Michael,
    First off the theme looks great. I wanted to ask whether I can cahnge the sidebars for each page or are they fixed?
    can I move them to the left side as well? And as for the page content, is it possible to integrate a google-map into it?

    also, as I am going to use the theme for a site in Hebrew I will need to make it work from right to left, meening text alignment direction of tabs and so on. Do you know of a quick way to do so?

    Thank you

    • Hi Uri. The sidebar can be moved to the left via the theme settings page, but it will be the same on all pages and posts. If you want it to vary depending on the page, that would require customization.

      The theme does not come with an RTL stylesheet. You can create your own if you like, and I’d suggest starting with a google search on how to do that.

  4. Trish says:

    Love the WP-ellie theme but was wondering if the option to display more than 125 x 125 ad units exists? In other words I would like to be able to incorporate 300 pixel wide x 250 pixel length ad units on the right sidebar as well and was not sure if this is easily achieved with the WP-ellie theme and widget ready?

    We would also like to feature a video from You Tube or Vimeo on the right side bar as well. Is this something that can be accomplished easily with the widgets?

    As far as a background for the blog itself I assume this is also customizable?

    Thanks again. Looking to purchase this in the next day or so and would appreciate hearing back as soon as possible. :)

    Also can the footer area be more customized to instead have headers that represent business/company information…etc instead of recent posts, blogroll and flicker options?

    • Hi Trish. The sidebar is widget-enabled, so you can place whatever ads you’d like there. Likewise with the video.

      The main body background image or color is easy to change via the theme settings page. If you want to chnage the content background color (the white area), that would require a little custom programming.

      The footer is widget-enabled as well, so the content you place in there is easy to update and change.

  5. Ryan says:

    Thanks SO much for this theme. i simply love it. It’s everything and more…

    Did you ever notice how cnn dotcom borrowed the solostreams layout from media mag? How could we make a similar theme using many of the “ellie”ments as a hybrid layout?

    Thanks again.


  6. Martin says:

    Enjoying playing with this theme atm. Going do some customizing and whack it on my live site for some real world testing. Must admit I like the theme settings section, they are getting more advanced on each theme release.

  7. Sketch says:

    Just purchased :) Done it under my ThreeRavens addy. Very much looking forward to getting it installed and set up :D I’ve been really excited to get this, since I love how comprehensive the back end of your themes are and the demo vids really help show the range of easy options available which makes purchase choices a snap.

  8. Hamant Keval says:

    Hi Michael,

    You make it look so easy!:)

    Your new theme makes it so easy to do many of the things that normally take a lot of tweaking and time consuming.

    Thanks for the Video on each of these because they are very educational as well.

    By the way I dont know how you manage but you seem to reply to each comment. I salute you – That is really a fantastic trait in customer relationship.
    Thank you for your attention.


  9. Iskwew says:

    Congratulations on yet another good looking theme! I especially like the featured glider, and the fact that it has the text below the image. And I also like the new way of presenting the posts, with the image above the text.

    Looking very fresh indeed!

  10. Nice Video.. This month solostream best designs codings. Thanks michael..

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