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How to Add eBay Listings to Your WordPress Site

Posted on Aug 12 2006 by Alistair Barnett in WordPress 

One of my clients, Hi-Way Campers, has started listing some of their RVs for sale on eBay. Naturally, I had to figure out a way to integrate it into their website, which is build on a WordPress platform. First I looked around for a WP plugin, but there none to be found. And there’s probably…


How to Password Protect Your WordPress Site

Posted on Aug 11 2006 by Alistair Barnett in WordPress 

Rachel Cunliffe has a nice little write-up about how to password protect your WordPress site. I would add this to her list: Check with your web host. Sometimes you can simply make a change on your control panel to password protect your site. My host 1and1, for example, provides this simple method in their FAQ…


Set up a Video Blog (or How to Add Flash Video to Your WordPress Site)

Posted on Aug 05 2006 by Alistair Barnett in Tutorials WordPress 

So you want to create the next Rocketboom (video blog). Or perhaps you have some video you want to add to your WordPress blog or website. This tutorial shows you how to do it with WordPress.


Practically Eliminate Spam With Gmail … Even if You Have Your Own Domain

Posted on Jul 26 2006 by Alistair Barnett in Software 

If you’re sick of spam email and everything it takes to control it, it’s time you signed up for a Gmail account. I’ve been using Gmail for a little over a year, and it’s practically eliminated spam email for me. Sure, a few sneak through now and again, but nothing like the hundreds of bizop,…


46 Best Ever Free Software Utilities

Posted on Mar 05 2006 by Alistair Barnett in Software 

If you’re not into paying for software (like me), here’s a great list of free stuff from Gizmo Richard. “Listed below are 46 different freeware categories with my selection of the best products in each category. The list is ordered by program function rather than merit so you’ll get the most out of it by…


Getting to know the WordPress Control Panel

Posted on Feb 24 2006 by Alistair Barnett in Tutorials WordPress 

Now that you have WordPress installed, you’ll want to get to know it a little bit. Specifically, you’ll need to find your way around the very extensive – yet easy to use – WordPress control panel. This is the backend of your blog. It’s accessible only to you. If, at some point in the future,…

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