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What Is WordPress Premium?

Posted on Nov 10 2014 by Rob C. in Blogs and Blogging Customer Spotlight Product News 

Have you ever started a new blog or purchased a new domain with WordPress and noticed a prompt asking you if you want to upgrade to WordPress Premium? Since getting a blog on WordPress is free, and purchasing a domain can be had for a nominal fee, there are just a few other budget considerations…


Top Plugin Award Goes To….

Posted on Nov 07 2014 by Rob C. in Plugins 

Do you know what the most popular downloaded plugin on WP is? ….And the Winner is: So why on Earth is Google XML Sitemaps so dang popular anyway? With over 15,000,000 downloads, it is obvious this plugin is more than mainstream. That is alot of downloads. The Reason It Is So Popular It is super…


Adding A Poll To WordPress

Posted on Nov 07 2014 by Rob C. in Business Development How to sell online Small Business Life WordPress 

Do you know that you can add a poll directly into your posts on WordPress? This is an extra-cool functionality of WordPress because it allows for single-sign-on to external polling sites, which calculate the responses for you, so you can have all the information you need for your poll. Engage Your Audience Polls are a…


A Discussion On Themes

Posted on Nov 06 2014 by Rob C. in Blogs and Blogging Themes 

Sometimes you can forget how to install a new theme if you haven’t done it in awhile, or if it is your first time, then you may not know what to do. Installing a new theme can be exciting, and add a lot of new life to your webpage. Whether you are running a business…



Posted on Nov 06 2014 by Rob C. in Customer Spotlight Freebies 

Are you into streamlining your internet publishing? Do you manage multiple sites? When you want to get your sites updated, there are various ways to go about doing it, but Infinite can be a beam in the dark shedding plenty of light on how you can be more effective as a site manager. InfiniteWP- Designed…


Editing The DNS

Posted on Nov 03 2014 by Rob C. in Blog Product News 

What Is The DNS? The DNS is the Domain Name Server, and is the backbone that provides the data for your websites. When you want to have more than one website showcase your data, then you can get it to point to another website. This is also known as domain forwarding. You may have read…

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