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Packaged Themes To Make Your Life Easier

Posted on Oct 07 2014 by C. in Customer Spotlight Product News 

Are you looking for a theme or range of themes? If you are a developer, professional designer, or any other WordPress user, then you will understand the importance of getting your access to a large toolkit of WordPress themes like ours, and how a larger package means greater value. If you look at all the…


Joining The Theme Team Focused On Support

Posted on Oct 05 2014 by C. in Blog Customer Spotlight Freebies How to sell online 

Are you looking for more than just a full suite of business themes? If you want to get some of the best themes along with some of the best support then you should consider looking at purchasing one of our packages. Get all themes for $89, giving you 36 themes for $89.00, or go for…


Forums And Themes: Joining The Fun

Posted on Oct 03 2014 by C. in Blogs and Blogging Business Development 

Once you choose a theme from us, play around with your site if you are new, or if you are already experienced, then put your site to the community for feedback. This is as easy as joining the WordPress feedback discussion site where you can get your site reviewed. You can get in the know…


What Is The WordPress Codex?

Posted on Sep 30 2014 by C. in Blogs and Blogging Freebies How to sell online 

Many developers and WordPress Gurus know that WordPress was a game changer for web page development, and pretty much internet web pages in general. As the platform continues to expand, there is a place on the internet called the FAQ Codex, which is a list of all the FAQs that are geared towards WordPress. The…


Designing A Content Market Strategy With Our Themes

Posted on Sep 26 2014 by C. in Business Development Customer Spotlight 

Content marketing is the chief strategy being used by businesses to reach more customers and garner customer loyalty. Every bit of help that you can get with streamlining your marketing strategy can improve how effective your content marketing is at expanding your business. Whether you focus on releasing informative blog articles, sharing information through social…


Staying Secure Against Hackers

Posted on Sep 26 2014 by C. in Blog Blogs and Blogging 

Your WordPress site has been hacked – what do you do next? Hopefully this has not actually happened to your WordPress site already, but if it has, there are steps you can take to secure your website and keep all of your settings without having to start all over. WordPress, being the most popular blogging…

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