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A Discussion On Themes

Posted on Nov 06 2014 by C. in Blogs and Blogging Premium Themes - WordPress Premium Themes 

Sometimes you can forget how to install a new theme if you haven’t done it in awhile, or if it is your first time, then you may not know what to do. Installing a new theme can be exciting, and add a lot of new life to your webpage. Whether you are running a business…



Posted on Nov 06 2014 by C. in Customer Spotlight Freebies 

Are you into streamlining your internet publishing? Do you manage multiple sites? When you want to get your sites updated, there are various ways to go about doing it, but Infinite can be a beam in the dark shedding plenty of light on how you can be more effective as a site manager. InfiniteWP- Designed…


Editing The DNS

Posted on Nov 03 2014 by C. in Blog Product News 

What Is The DNS? The DNS is the Domain Name Server, and is the backbone that provides the data for your websites. When you want to have more than one website showcase your data, then you can get it to point to another website. This is also known as domain forwarding. You may have read…


WordPress Learn

Posted on Oct 31 2014 by C. in Product News Uncategorized WordPress 

Since WordPress is becoming the dominant provider of web page services for both blogging and small to medium size business, they have had to grow their content services to educate all the various people and businesses on how to use WordPress. Thus, the result is WordPress Learn. They write: “You’ve got a blog: huzzah! Time…


How To Set Your Primary Domain

Posted on Oct 31 2014 by C. in Blogs and Blogging Business Development Product News 

Do you have more than one web domain? Do you want to get visitors from a range of domains redirected back to a specific source? If so, those who have multiple domains will want to know how to prioritize them so that people are redirected appropriately. This is also good to know if you are…


What Is The Loop?

Posted on Oct 29 2014 by C. in Software Tutorials WP-Attract-Tutorials 

In WordPress, there is a thing called The Loop. The Loop can be quite complex, but in reality, it is just a fancy way of describing how the content on your page is cycled. You may have noticed that posts and content on WordPress are organized by Tags, Categories, and other variables such as Date…

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