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Boost Your Design Skills by Developing Good Habits

Posted on Feb 21 2017 by Solostream in Blog 

  There’s a lot more to designing a website than just the technical know-how. The technical details are important, of course, but so are a lot of other factors. Web designers develop habits, both good and bad.  There are particular good habits that can lead to considerably better website design, and these are some of…


What the Ideal WordPress Theme Should Have

Posted on Feb 13 2017 by Solostream in Blog 

The right WordPress theme will save you a great deal of time and money which would have been spent in coding. The themes are designed to help you achieve your desired web layout with ease and without ever spending a lot of time in coding. However, before you rush into the decision of using themes,…


Static Web Sites VS Dynamic Web Sites

Posted on Feb 13 2017 by swapnil phanse in Blog 

Static Web Sites:   For a static-content Web site, all content appearing on Web pages is placed manually by professional Web developers. This is also called “design-time page construction,” because the pages are fully built while the site is being developed. Static-content Web site is developed and then maintained by experienced professionals. Such Web site…


Ecommerce SEO

Posted on Feb 11 2017 by swapnil phanse in Uncategorized 

If ecommerce websites are optimized for search engines, they can receive a lot of qualified traffic without paying a penny. That is why SEO for ecommerce becomes crucial. Here are some of the top issues related to ecommerce SEO. 1. On-Page SEO Anything that you can do to a specific page on your website to…


Quick Tips to Securing Your WordPress Site

Posted on Feb 06 2017 by swapnil phanse in Blog 

WordPress is the most used open-source platform nowadays for any type of websites: whether it is blog, CMS or any other custom solution. WordPress is naturally based on PHP (among other languages), so, as a PHP developer I always make sure to cover/apply some tips for WordPress to make secure and speedup the site which…


Blog vs Website: What’s the Difference?

Posted on Feb 06 2017 by swapnil phanse in Blog 

Many people have websites (for their businesses as well as for personal use) and many people have blogs. The issue is whether people truly understand the difference between a website and a blog. They certainly are not the same thing. The following explains the basic differences between a blog and a website: Blog      Content is…

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