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Brief Description on WordPress

Posted on Aug 08 2016 by vasim in Blog 

WordPress is one of the easiest content management platforms to learn. Within an hour, most people will feel comfortable navigating the WordPress admin area, adding articles, and uploading images. It does, however, take a little longer to get the most out of WordPress. That is why I recommend reading WordPress blogs regularly. WordPress is a…


From Rags to Riches: The Rise of WordPress

Posted on Jul 27 2016 by Solostream in Blog 

In 2016, WordPress is a household name. It’s a brand that almost every website owner or designer is aware of, and that’s assuming they don’t already use it. Like anything else, though, WordPress blogs came from somewhere. Today I’m going to show you just how far WP has come since its creation. We’ll follow that up with…


How to Create Custom URL for WordPress Backend

Posted on Jul 21 2016 by Kalpesh in Blog 

There may be hundreds of search behind this particular issue about creating custom url for the WordPress, basically when you install WordPress you are having 2 different default urls, /wp-admin /wp-login.php and normally people tweek them by their own way, but yes its very strange that WordPress has yet not been offered to customize their url…


Simplicity Behind the WordPress

Posted on Jul 18 2016 by Kalpesh in Software Uncategorized WordPress Wordpress professional themes WordPress Security 

Introduction of WordPress In the year of 2005, WordPress officially launched its Blog, it can be installed on web server either on the internal or network as well as with any remote server as well, one of the best part of its kind is to offering network setup which helps and meet so many requirements…


WordPress Common Issues – Using Too Much Space

Posted on Jul 12 2016 by Kalpesh in Blog WordPress Hosting WordPress Security 

Recently checking one of the WordPress website into our dedicated server we figured out the website is using more than 1GB space which is very unusual for a informative website ???? Guessing many of us is having that question when we came across these kind of situations we check every where and sometime we get…


Protect your WordPress Blog Website

Posted on Jul 11 2016 by SoloStream in Blog 

Most of us know WordPress is the leading open source platform that is used by more than 74 million website and more than 48% of blogs all over the World, and that is why its favorite gateway for hackers to host malicious content that can use extreme resources of your server and you find difficulty…

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