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Improve Your Website Speed with the Free WP Smush Plugin

Posted on Dec 01 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blogs and Blogging Plugins 

Web visitors don’t like slow internet and the only thing worse than that is a slow website. Website speed is such an important thing that Google uses it as one of the things to rank a website. There is no way that your website will load faster if you have large images. You need to tame…


How to Set Up Your WordPress Gravatar Image

Posted on Nov 29 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blogs and Blogging 

Commenting on other blogs is great. It helps drive traffic back to your site. However, when commenting, you may end up seeing other guys have a WordPress Gravatar image as their profile while yours only shows a default, generic and dull image. Letting your image show up online is cool and has been proved to increase…


3 Ways to Engage users on Your Website

Posted on Nov 26 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blogs and Blogging 

Do you want to run a successful blog? Then you should think of starting to engage users on your website. The more readers engage with the content by reading and sharing it, the more likely those readers are to come back and view more of your content. We all know that building a blog is…


How to Create Recurring Revenue from Your WordPress Site

Posted on Nov 23 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Business Development 

Recurring revenue is the latest craze as the guru himself, Dean Patino will tell you. Both online and offline with all the big whales taking the lead from Google and Amazon  to Netflix and Minibar. You could do the same for your WordPress business as well. Many times people go into business because they are…


Buying WordPress Themes: Which Vendors Should You Go To?

Posted on Nov 16 2015 by Kevinson Libama in premium responsive Wordpress themes Responsive WordPress Themes 

After setting up your website, the next step is to install a responsive and customizable WordPress theme. Consider premium themes, built and developed by professionals offering unparalleled support, upgraded features and overall are of higher quality than free themes. A premium theme helps you stand out from competitors in your niche giving some extra boost…


Top 7 Reasons You Should Switch Your Business Site to WordPress

Posted on Nov 15 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blog Blogs and Blogging Business Development Great Wordpress Themes 

WordPress is considered a top CMS (content management system) in the world today because of the many advantages it comes with. Once regarded as a platform exclusively for bloggers, WordPress has since evolved to accommodate the non-blogging community. The reason for its popularity can also be attributed to its many themes that are packed with…

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