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10 Best Heatmap Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website

Posted on Mar 15 2017 by Prachi Barot in Blog 

Being a website owner or a blogger, you should always know the behavior of your web visitors whenever they visit your site in realtime. By tracking the action of your web visitors on your site, you can generate better  user experience for them, which in turn, boosts your conversions as well as sales. However, getting the…


40 Best Website Designing Tools

Posted on Mar 15 2017 by Solostream in Blog 

  Website designing is not child’s play. It definitely helps to have a couple of smart tools to help you with the design process from time to time. You will especially feel the need of tools when you are designing a responsive website within a short period of time. Adding tools and plugins to your…


How to Add Push Notifications to a WordPress Blog

Posted on Mar 09 2017 by Prachi Barot in Blog 

Blogging is all about readership, the process of getting content right into the eyes of your readers after you have finished writing and publishing. Not everyone uses RSS readers, or checks your website on a daily basis, or gives you their email address for your list, and posting on social media can often be overlooked…


Improve Page Views in WordPress

Posted on Mar 09 2017 by Solostream in Blog 

  The true mojo of a great WordPress website lies in its visual appeal and the smooth functioning when it comes to a visitor’s choice of revisiting the website. Everything can be in its right place, yet the magic might fail. As a website owner, you would want a lot of people to visit your…


Understanding the world of WordPress themes and WordPress plugins

Posted on Mar 08 2017 by Prachi Barot in Blog 

You can be a blogger for years and yet go on without knowing the difference between a WordPress plugin and a theme. Well, we have met quite a few bloggers and WordPress users in real life, who have no clue about the differences between WordPress themes and plugins. Let is read this account from a…


Should you Incorporate Visual Search on eCommerce Website?

Posted on Mar 08 2017 by Solostream in Blog 

Running an online business is like keeping an eye on every web design trend that put forth an ultimate level of comfort in searching for products. The common search method includes typing a word or phrase related to a product a user need. And, the website returns with a variety of search results, which may…

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