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Add WhatsApp to Your WordPress Site and Double Your Traffic

Posted on Nov 09 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Uncategorized 

WhatsApp is the largest and most popular messaging up with over 600 million users globally. That is a wide readership and can highly be beneficial to your business, so why add WhatsApp to your WordPress site? To start with, Google can penalize sites that are not mobile friendly. We delve into this article to discuss…


7 Best WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

Posted on Nov 09 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Fully Customizable Wordpress Themes Plugins 

Plugins help you maximize the potential of your website and thus attracting more visitors. For this reason, developers have been pushing the envelope to come up with the best WordPress plugins that help you perform different tasks on your site. To get the most out of these plugins, taking the time to find out which…


Tested Tips to Help You Stop Pingback and Trackback Spam

Posted on Nov 06 2015 by Kevinson Libama in Blogs and Blogging 

After setting up your website, you publish a couple of posts and before doing any promotions or even after, you log in to the dashboard and bump into comments that do not seem to connect with the blog posts in any way. These are certainly spam comments which are either pingback or trackback. In this…


Top 5 Features Your Next WordPress Theme Should Have

Posted on Nov 05 2015 by Kevinson Libama in best Responsive Wordpress Themes clean wordpress themes Modern Wordpress Themes Wordpress professional themes 

The appearance of your website is crucial regardless of the nature of business you wish to undertake. This goes hand in hand with other important factors like the content which should be relevant and informative. That said the best platform for anyone with little technical experience is WordPress due to its simple nature. In addition,…


This WP Business Template Converts And You Won’t Want to Miss It

Posted on Nov 04 2015 by Sarah R in Business Development commercial wordpress themes 

“Do I need a WP business template and website?” That’s the big question.  It simply depends on your answer to this, do you want to build presence online, gain traffic and convert for your business? If “Yes” is your answer, you need a website. No matter how small or large your business is, coping up…


WordPress Gallery Plugins: The Best and a BONUS Help

Posted on Oct 31 2015 by Sarah R in Blog Plugins 

Adding images and enhancing them is one of the best visual help that the WordPress gallery plugins can provide your website with. If you have just started with one, you might be finding it hard to choose the gallery plugins to offer you with a wide range of options to improve the visual display of…

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