Solostream is used by over 90% of my clients and for a
good reason. They have amazing business oriented websites and that helps
out a lot. Many WordPress themes are made for flash and style, but not for
substance. Solostream themes have amazing design, yes, but they also have
business oriented goals in mind and this helps the user experience a lot.
The support is amazing and my clients, and I, are never disappointed.

I was looking for a theme that had good layout flexibility for the homepage and blog page. Of course, it absolutely needed to be responsive, coded in HTML 5, and have a clean, modern design. This theme was helped me to get a head start on development and deliver a website my client was happy to show off.

This was a pro-bono web site I designed using the DaVinci theme. I needed to get it launched quickly, and DaVinci was so easy to use and customize and we were launched in just a few days. The client loved it!

This is the first project of mine that used a Solostream theme, and I have used them ever since for my web design business. Clear 3.2 was the exact look and feel I needed for this blog site. It didn’t take long at all to customize it to look exactly the way I wanted it to. I have received so many compliments on the design and ease of use of this web site. Solostream themes are the best!

This is a very simple, small content web site. Solostream’s Professional theme was perfect for this web site. It was extremely easy to customize and I love the clean look and easy user interface. Another great theme from Solostream!

This is the first e-commerce web site I designed and the DaVinci theme was perfect for that. It worked perfectly with the Cart66 e-commerce plugin, and was easily customized, just like all Solostream themes. My client was extremely happy with how his web site turned out!

Enlightened is a wonderful theme from Solostream! It is easily customizable and worked really well with User Access Manager for the secure login feature, and Connections for an online directory. This theme is also extremely stable.

I selected the Enlightened theme after using it for another web site for the same client. ( I was really impressed how different these two web sites look, even with the same theme! I love working with Enlightened — it is very well-designed, well-programmed and easy to customize.

From a customer completely new to developing a website, I found Enlightened to be extremely user friendly with loads of extras and functionality. All of Solostreams themes are smooth, clear and beautifully presented.

If ever an issue or a problem arose with an aspect of the theme, a quick email would see my problem solved both  professionally and extremely quickly.

I couldn’t recommend Solostream and each and every one of their themes highly enough. A professional company with superb support and backup makes it a one stop shop for developing your new website!

It was so easy to use and at the same time the theme looked really great. It was very easy to incorporate the different parts that I wanted to and also add plugins. Stable and fast. Look forward to building another site with a solo stream theme.