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The great thing about working with WordPress is that the best WordPress help is never hard to find. Whether you have a simple question or a more complex issue. The support forums provide a great place to start when you have a WordPress problem, especially for those who are new to using WordPress. Every time SoloStream give you the best team for anything you need, from installing plugins to cleaning up CSS issues and even styling the front-end of your site.

We have diffirent diffrent services according to the customers requirements. our plans include things like Support Time,Premium WP Theme,Email & Chat, Security & Whitelist, Updates [PHP/MySql], Uptime Performance Chart, Backup, Speed Optimization, Job Sheet, Staging Site, E commerce Support, Faster Ticket Response , SEO Optimization, Phone Support, Dedicated Technician, Premium WP-Hosting and many other services.

We at SoloStream are having huge collection of themes which you can use as per your requirement, We deliver our customers high quality service for WordPress. We make sure that our customer is satisfied with the given quality, We are having experts in our team who are having deep knowledge of WordPress Development, We provide best support to our clients. With the help of our Support Plan we give best support, We give high level WordPress maintenance to our clients so that the website never goes down, As per the requirement of our customers we develop theme and provide them custom theme.

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Website designing is more than creating something beautiful and remarkable. It is more about functionality that melds into aesthetics. A great website usually has many professionals working on different aspects till it is perfect. Therefore, designing any site takes time, perseverance and resources. If you are in a time-crunch, chances are you will end up with a slightly over-stuffed, over-designed site that screams for rescue.

Website designs have to be visually pleasing to the target group, but they also need to be pleasing to the crawlers too. Only a few website designers keep search engine optimization and user experience in mind, while they are designing new websites. These contribute to some of the most significant mistakes in site design.

Here are a five design mistakes you must avoid today:

It is the first fatal flaw of any website. Most of the sites we see today are either too gaudy or too cluttered. Sadly, neither can make up for a good and functional website that can offer a remarkable user experience. UX is the only thing you need to worry about while designing the basics including background, layout, color coordination, and navigation options. You are developing your site for the people. The design and options must appeal to the people. You should not cram too many features that do not have a purpose. You need to keep it simple and stay away from all distracting elements.

A great way to achieve this is by smartly utilizing the whitespace or negative space on the page. The area of the page that is “empty” makes up the negative space you can find the graphic elements, texts, and images. Whitespace balances out the content, limits distractions, and helps in guiding visitors to the right content.

Not appealing to the right users

While designing people forget to target their specific users. If you are targeting new mothers or soon-to-be mothers, you might want to keep a baby related theme. Usually, powder blue and baby pink colors go well with these simple yet cutesy themes. If you are targeting automobile lovers, you might want to use logos of famous automobile manufacturers and other relevant themes.

Research shows that color, images, layout and design features can easily attract or repel a user. Your buyer persona likely has their own preferences and dislikes. You need to research their buying habits before you can confidently usher them in for a buy.

Non-functional design elements

Your website should not have too many frills. Unusable design elements on the site may contribute to the looks of your site, but they will surely add to the weight as well. When designing a new site, you need to think about its usability and functionality. Design and technicality should play into each other to help conversion rates. Each link must be swift, and each CTA must be in plain sight. Amazon puts forth a great example of minimal, functional and user-friendly website design that is fast and easy to use.

Complex designs

No one has the time to sit and solve the mystery of your sit. You need to give visitors clear answers to their queries. If they are looking for a particular product your inventory holds, you need to provide them with a way to find it. Include live searches, galleries, filtering options and lots of FAQs to help your potential customer make a purchase.

Lay out your entire website content clearly and visibly. Each visual element should serve as a clue to what is important and what actions the user can take next. Pay more attention to the visual hierarchy of design, and you will find more visitors becoming buyers easily.

Not including enough visual cues

Your design elements should create new paths for conversions. For example – if you have a new product on discount, you can try posting an image of the same with the offer details and an exciting catch line on the header image slider. Design elements need to be smart cues that guide user attention right where it needs to be. Do not forget to couple these elements with the right CTAs to aid your conversion rate.

The ideal way to convey the purpose of your business and your site is to find the perfect content to image balance. You need to pay more attention to what your customer wants. Conduct surveys, follow your target groups on social media and find out what they are saying about you. Once you understand their needs and desires correctly, you will find it much easier to find designs, colors, and content that resonates with your target groups.

Gone are the days when businessmen and website owners used to foster their business through obsolete marketing tools.  In recent times, people have changed their perspective of marketing and are now employing contemporary tools for the same.

The right choice of the tool for marketing your WordPress business is the most crucial step in this direction. The right Plugins, Content Marketing expertise, and Email marketing are some of the greatest tools. Through this blog post, we will help you explore some of the best marketing tools that can help you boost your WordPress business and achieve its goals in real time.

WordPress Marketing Plugins

The WordPress repository is full of awesome plugins that can assist a website owner or an admin to impart great functionalities and creative features to their website. These attractive additions drive in the audience and increase engagement on the website. Here are some of the best plugins to help you with your WordPress marketing tasks.

  1. Jetpack

Just the very way its tagline reads, Jetpack helps you increase your website’s traffic and secures your website. Providing the social media sharing management through your WordPress website’s dashboard, the plugin can be aptly used to share the content that you are about to post on your website. This plugin is a must have for all the website owners who want to publicize their content.

  1. Related post plugin

When visitors land on your website through their research for a post, you would want them to navigate through your site for a while, instead of abandoning it in a few seconds. The one of the most effortless ways of doing so is to use a plugin for showcasing related posts just followed by the post that the user was already interested in. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a good choice for the same.

  1. Revive old post

Many bloggers and website owners specifically focus on the current set of posts or updates that they want to float around. However, they completely forget that re-circulating the old popular posts can drive in a significant number of visitors for their WordPress blog or website. This plugin works seamlessly to serve the purpose. Its keeps your content alive and includes link backs to your website.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin helps in creating an XML sitemap of your website and allowing Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. to effectively crawl it and retrieve information. Rated as one of the best WordPress plugins, Google XML sitemaps notifies the search engines about every new post that goes up on your website.

  1. OptinMonster

Crafted specifically for marketers, this plugin helps you increase your website subscribers by capturing the right lead. You can create amazing opt-in forms along with floating header and foot-bars, slide-ins, sidebar forms, after post forms, mobile specific forms, inline-forms, welcome forms and much more.

  1. All in one SEO Pack

It is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress, it can optimize the search engines like Google and Bing. This tool helps the bloggers and website owners to promote their brand across the globe. With features like advanced canonical URLs, Automatic META tag generation, Google Analytics Support, Duplicate content prevention; this plugin is multi-lingual too.

  1. Broken Link Checker:

This plugin also helps in affecting the SEO ranking of your website by scanning the posts, pages, and comments on your website for any broken links. It scans and displays broken links in a different manner so that you can select them and make the necessary changes.

  1. Monarch

Social media marketing helps in increasing the visibility of your website to numerous users. So, social media selling is generally a larger chunk of marketing.

This social media marketing plugin enhances the social sharing functionality. This premium plugin helps in upgrading the social media presence of the client. It shares the content on over 20+ social media channels within a few minutes.It also shows how many times a page has been shared on social media.

Other key tools

Marketing is a tactile technique like tech blogs Technoven. It incorporates descriptive, appropriate and engaging activitiesthat can aid in focusing on and attracting the targeted audience. Only this way, can quality leads be generated.

  • Creating awesome content that engages the audience:

Irrespective of the type of industry your website or business belongs to, you can never ignore the importance of great content. In fact, marketing has been dealt differently in the content arena. As a part of content marketing ethics, you should create relevant and creative content for your website or blogs. The content should be error-free, non-plagiarized and readable. To make sure that content is truly apt, you can use tools like the Hemmingway app and Grammarly.

  • A speedy website

You cannot expect visitors to pour in if your website or blog is slow loading. So, optimize your posts and pages in a manner that optimum speed is delivered. Also, using the best hosting service is a crucial step.

  • Making sure that updates are scheduled regularly:

Once you begin to enter the marketing spiral, it is highly recommended to stay regular with your practices. This is so because if you are planning to engage your audience, you must give them sufficient matter to absorb.

Always schedule your posts on a prior basis so that the flow is maintained and no hitches or breaks come through. For instance, before going on a holiday, you should set up a schedule so that interested subscribers are not disappointed. For this purpose, you can use the Editorial Calendar plugin.

Bonus Tips:

  • If you are setting up a new blog or a website from the scratch, you must make sure that your website design follows the latest design trends and looks attractive yet classy.
  • You can collaborate with your industry relevant Influencers and bloggers to populate and market your website content products and services. They have a substantial following and their audience will trust your business through their words.
  • Pay most of the attention to Email marketing because if your website does not have subscribers, your marketing plan will eventually die.
  • Keep a track of your marketing efforts so that you can be sure that the tools are indeed working. Use tools like Google Analytics to track the user engagement on your website. 

Wrapping Up:

WordPress is a great platform for your content and when employed with a certain level of expertise, you can build your business, market its services and create the necessary brand awareness for your website.

With this detailed guide to the best marketing tools for your WordPress site, we hope that you will be able to embark on your marketing journey and bring out the best results.

Author Bio:
Catherrine Garcia is a freelance blogger and web developer. She is currently working as a freelance writer at MarkUp Trend and managing content. You can follow her on Twitter.