Internet marketing has wrought about a mixed basket of fortunes for businesses in the contemporary world. On the one hand, there are early adopters who are now way ahead of their competition and who are easily integrating innovative techniques to boost their marketing campaigns. However, there are also those businesses that took internet technology as a fad and they are playing catch up today. Whatever your position in the current setup, you can revitalize your marketing efforts by leveraging the power of video.

While video marketing was hitherto a privilege of major brands, it is now possible for all types of businesses to reach a wider audience using online visual content. The secret behind marketing is the nature of humans, especially when it comes to their proclivity to share visuals. Many nondescript brands have rose to prominence through creative video marketing and this is something you can also do for your business.

Harnessing the Power of Video

To appreciate the power of video, consider that adding a video on a landing page increases conversion by 80%. It gets even better; visual content in an email increases click-through rate by about 200-300%, which is every online marketer’s dream. Using video on your pages will also increase engagement by 22% according to the same survey. In addition, 64% of viewers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching an ad.

These numbers make a strong case for integration of video into your marketing campaign. There are so many websites competing in your niche and it is imperative to leverage any technique that boosts your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. By 2017 video content is expected to account for over 74% of all internet traffic. The fact that 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine means you have to add more visual content on your website if at all you are to boost visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs).

In summary, video marketing boosts visibility online and allows you to reach a wider market. It is the most cost-effective strategy to meet your website’s marketing goals and it is now even easier to make a video using video plugins. Video encourages social shares, increases lead and sales conversion, creates brand awareness, boosts brand trust and helps increase engagement on your website.

Hassle-Free Video Making Process

If you are using a WordPress website, then you are already ahead of the pack. It is easy to customize your website and add and edit your video content. However, you have to come up with the video content first and this can be a hassle for most website owners. Your hands are already full trying to run your core business and starting to create and publish videos will be stressful.

Luckily, you can now make video online without much strain and add it on your WP website or blog. One good thing about WP content management system (CMS) is the availability of video plugins that make it possible to create a professional video to promote your business.

An online video maker comes with various advantages as seen below:
1. Availability of high-quality software – Video making software is expensive and for this reason, most small businesses end up making poor quality productions. However, you can take advantage of high-quality movie software that gives the best visual quality for your videos. This will add an edge to your website and it increases the likelihood of your video going viral.
2. No technical skills needed –The beauty of online video software is the fact that you don’t require any specialized skills in videography or computers to get the job done. You can now create an amazing animation to market your business without investing in an in-house design team. Once you select the template you love from the platform, you just have to add your video, photos, text and audio to get the production you want.
3. Affordability – If you are worried about the cost of a professional video, it is time to look at the best WP video plugin to make a scintillating production at the best prices. You don’t have to break the bank in order to market your business. With a good online video maker, you are assured of the best ROI.
4. Quick video production – The best thing about using a video plugin is the fact that everything is done online and you don’t need to wait for anyone in order to complete the process. Within a few minutes, you will have done everything and visitors to your website will start watching what you have posted.
5. Versatile range of videos – Whether you want an animation, explainer video, mobile app marketing videos, logo animation, event videos, promotional video or any other type of production, it has never been easier to get it done. This versatility is what has made online video making software so popular.

WP video plugins come in different forms and their functions are diverse. They allow you to embed your videos into your WPblog or website, create a professional video gallery, remove YouTube brand from your videos and replace them with your own logo, enable social sharing, customize your video in terms of appearance, size, video feed type, width, ratio and much more.


There is no denying the importance of video in modern business and for this reason, you must include it at the core of your SEO St Pete efforts. Video content is easy and affordable to produce and also highly customizable, making it the ultimate SEO technique. Better still, there are many online tools that you can use to optimize your video marketing campaign.

If your business is struggling to make a mark in the internet marketplace, it is time to leverage this versatile marketing tool. With professional video content, you will be able to reach a bigger audience and enjoy the best ROI in your RiseOak SEO Company efforts. This is without doubt the ultimate online marketing tool now and in future.

Author Bio

Charlene Ryan is a freelance online marketing consultant based in Miami. She also blogs on topical issues in the industry and mentors upcoming marketers with webinars such as how to make video; the mother of two is also a PADI-certified diver.