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25% of the world’s websites run on WordPress and SoloStream provide Dedicated Support & Maintenance Plans for Everyone who areeusing WordPress Themes. SoloStream always Serve the Customers from Anywhere, Any Device, at Any time. Customers can also check status Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device!

The great thing about working with WordPress is that the best WordPress help is never hard to find. Whether you have a simple question or a more complex issue. The support forums provide a great place to start when you have a WordPress problem, especially for those who are new to using WordPress. Every time SoloStream give you the best team for anything you need, from installing plugins to cleaning up CSS issues and even styling the front-end of your site.

We have diffirent diffrent services according to the customers requirements. our plans include things like Support Time,Premium WP Theme,Email & Chat, Security & Whitelist, Updates [PHP/MySql], Uptime Performance Chart, Backup, Speed Optimization, Job Sheet, Staging Site, E commerce Support, Faster Ticket Response , SEO Optimization, Phone Support, Dedicated Technician, Premium WP-Hosting and many other services.

We at SoloStream are having huge collection of themes which you can use as per your requirement, We deliver our customers high quality service for WordPress. We make sure that our customer is satisfied with the given quality, We are having experts in our team who are having deep knowledge of WordPress Development, We provide best support to our clients. With the help of our Support Plan we give best support, We give high level WordPress maintenance to our clients so that the website never goes down, As per the requirement of our customers we develop theme and provide them custom theme.

To know more about the premium WordPress suppiort of the SoloStream please visit Our Support plans and Prices.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress theme for your website, then this collection of the most popular premium WordPress themes will help you find what you are searching for.

In this collection of WordPress Themes, you’ll find themes that are packed with demos for every type of project and Website. You’ll also find themes that feature bespoke or third party page builder tools that make creating custom designs for your WordPress website surprisingly simple.

SoloStream shortlisted 10 premium WordPress themes which will fullfill all the your requirements for best and advance level of website and Project with free custom support for life time.



Wp Biz premium wordpress theme from solostream

WP-Bizz is a premium WordPress theme that allows you to have customization and flexibility in taking the theme and making the perfect website. Wp-Bizz is the most popular premium theme also includes a wide range of features that will upgrade your WordPress website from a standard blog to a powerful publishing platform. Also, it provides the various options for the blog and stunning and home page. This the most popular premium WordPress themes for a reason.

Wp-Bizz has been available for a few years now and has been regularly updated and improved since its release. As new features are added and improvements made, Wp-Bizz keeps getting better and better.



Wp Galaxy premium wordpress theme from solostream

All-In one WordPress theme with WooCommerce ready in fact it is one of the themes which can meet most of your requirements.

Wp-Galaxy is the theme which contains features like Multi-Purpose functions, easy installation, Layout Flexibility, Total Control Styles, Colors, Fonts, Simple to Read, Add Post Thumbnails. WP-Galaxy includes Knowledge Base, Forum, and Blogs. Page builder for drag and drop for page design And Much Much More.

Wp-Galaxy has a wealth of features that will help you build a professional website with WordPress.



Wp-Soloone premium wordpress themes

Specialised WordPress theme for One Page website and blog. Loaded with fixed header Mobile layout and app features. WP-Soloone is simple and widely used for Mobile App introduction website.

Wp-Galaxy is the theme which contain features like One page Layout, Mobile app introductory website, 100% responsive with fixed header, Mobile Features presentation on the one page, Identical layout demonstrating the mobile screen, Multiple platforms for Android and IOS, Fast and easily customizable CSS, Section Setting, Latest WordPress and plugins compatible, Php 7 compatible And Much Much More.

This is a very impressive one page theme and if you want to know more, be sure to read our detailed description here.



Wp-Vlog premium wordpress themes

WP-Vlog is made with keeping podcasting, blogging using WordPress in mind. It supports WordPress native audio and video players as well as oEmbed. Set up a small or large podcasting platform in a matter of minutes. It is fully responsive.

Wp-Vlog is the theme which contains features like Podcast, Blogs Theme, Easy Installation, Layout Flexibility, Total Control Styles, Colors, Fonts, Podcast Supported, Simple to Read, Add Post Thumbnails, Theme Options And Much Much More.

These all features help to explain why Wp-Vlog has become such a popular premium WordPress theme, however, the list doesn’t stop there.



Wp-Chatter premium WordPress theme ;

WP-Chatter is colorful, modern-looking WordPress Magazine theme that offers multiple layouts and options, all of which are easy to change via the built-in control panel. It can be used as a simple blog, a magazine site or a news site.

Wp-Chatter is the theme which contain features like Responsive Design Framework (Mobile Ready), 2-Column or 3-Column Layout with Widgetized Sidebar, Home Page Magazine Layout, Theme Settings Page, Featured Content Glider, 9 Color Options, Threaded Comments,Gravatar Integration, Banner Ad Integration, Built-In Post Thumbnails, Logo Integration via Theme Settings Page, Drop-Down Navigation, SEO Optimized, Built-In Author Page and Author Profile, Social Networking Integration, Php 7 Compatibility And More.

Other customization options, like the Google Fonts support, easy-to-use color controls, and settings for editing the overall layout and appearance of Stockholm can help you create a unique website with this off-the-shelf Wp-Vlog theme.



Wp-Blogging premium WordPress themes

WP-Blogging is a premium creative blog theme which boasts a very attractive simplistic design that you can use for many types of sites including blogs, news sites, personal portfolio and more.

Wp-Blogging is the theme which contain features like Blog, News, Magazine theme, Easy Installation, Layout Flexibility, Total Control Styles, Colors, Fonts, Contact Form, Simple to Read, Add Post Thumbnails, You can also give ads, Adsense is available in this theme And Much Much More

The impressive number of features make this theme premium and bestseller. However, Wp-Blogging has much more to offer when it comes to creating professional websites for a Blog with WordPress.



Wp-Solotrade Premium WordPress Theme

A premium WordPress theme dedicated to Woo-Commerce Inquiry. Customer Inquiry showing in backed. This theme most of use for Import/Export Business.

Wp-Solotrade is the theme which contain features like Option to change theme Color, WooCommerce ready, Natual WordPress Development, Easy to customize theme options, ecommerce(Woocommerce) configuration, Compatible with most of the WordPress plugin, Fully Responsive, Social medial link in the header area, Home page slider changes option, Home page manage option and many other features.

Also, Wp-SoloTrade is ideal for Trade industry, Trade inquiry listing on admin side also mail sending setting, Premium WordPress layout for performance and Efficiency, Backend site origin page builder Editor, Woocommerce, Treatments and various packages, Contact Form 7, Multiple widgets for footer, Php 7 compatibility.



Wp-Consulancy Premium WordPress Theme

Consultancy WP Theme is designed for Consultant Agencies who want to handle business with a great online design and presence. With this theme, we provide a quick and easy way to bring your business into the world of online businesses and social presence.

Wp-Consultancy is the theme which contains features like Informative Consultancy theme for WordPress, Easy Installation, Layout Flexibility, Total Control Styles, Colors, Fonts, Contact Form, Simple to Read, Add Post Thumbnails, Full responsive theme, Compatible with PHP 7+ And Much Much More.

Wp-Consultancy is a rising star in the premium WordPress theme space and it’s already shaping up to be a strong contender for the best WordPress Website.



Wp-Explore Premium WordPress Themes

WP-Explore is a premium creative blog theme which boasts a very attractive simplistic design that you can use for many types of sites including blogs, news sites, personal portfolio and more.

WP-Explore is the theme which contains features like Pinterest style theme design, Blog, News, Magazine theme, Easy Installation Layout Flexibility, Total Control Styles, Colors, Fonts, Contact Form, Simple to Read, Add Post Thumbnails, You can also give ads Adsense is available in this theme And Much Much More



Wp-Horizon Premium WordPress Theme

WP-Horizon is an incredibly responsive blog theme coded & designed with a purpose. This theme is perfect for anyone creating a blog, news site, or info website. It has 6 blog display types, primary color options to match your logo & website theme as well as easy readability for your users and a quick responsive framework. This theme really is multi-purpose and will make anyone who uses it a beautiful website.

WP-Horizon is the theme which contain features like Blog, News, Magazine theme, Easy Installation, Layout Flexibility, Total Control Styles, Colors, Fonts, Simple to Read, Add Post Thumbnails, You can also give ads The main purpose of this theme is Google Ad-sense And Much Much More.

All SoloStream themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). This means you can modify the themes as much as you like, and use them on multiple sites.


Everyday there are new website are publishing over the internet. Majority of the website uses WordPress as we all know its popularity and easy to use with more than 15000 plugins and many of them WordPress Premium Themes. It takes many efforts to choose the right theme provider as WordPress theme is one of the important part in WordPress development. And that we gone discuss about top 5 things to consider when you choose the perfect theme for your WordPress development.

1. Theme Compatibility and Responsiveness 
Your website must be compatible with most of the ideal devices from mobile, tablet, portable computers and other devices. You have to make sure every aspects are covered and no scripts specially the java scripts conflicts with each other and accumulate non-functions. So you should ask or find out first whether it is responsive or not.
2. Theme Updates 
Now this is ideal question and very few asks to the provider before they buy and the question is “How often you provide WordPress theme update?” Now to have uptime and maintain your WordPress site it must be updated with the latest security patch to make sure your WordPress website be the safe and secured.
3. PHP Compatibility
Many of us does not know there are php versions which is rapidly updating across the internet. Right now the most demanded version in php 7 while I guess PHP 8 is on the way. PHP version is one of the very important thing to ask cause many of the plugins variable and themes variables are depending on that and as you know WordPress is highly dependable on third party plugins so it is very vital that it should be compatible with latest php versions.
4. Customization or Advance CSS 
Here is another addition that as a developer we require. A freedom to customize the style and functions. There are very few companies who provide full control on their theme and its CSS so one can use it to match their companies branding colors or even to make any changes in the design architect. SoloStream offers 100% customization on their themes and full freedom to alter any php codes.
5. Last but not the least Continuity
What if there are new php version launched and your theme provider have already stopped providing any updates on that particular theme? Now in this condition you have to either higher another developer  and ask them to migrate and pay them good money. Now one should always ask how long particular theme will be supported? So over the time you can have latest updates and advance codes which works with your current theme and make sure you have all the new features and security measurements over the years and your website will serve you on and on.
Though, if you have any question or comments, you can email me at

A free WordPress theme dedicated to Photography. SoloStream offers WP-Gallery with responsive design and compatible for showcases and image portfolio.

Multiple Sidebar with Revolution slider and WooCommerce ready.

Top 5 Premium WordPress themes from SoloStream LLC

There are many companies who claim to have best Premium WordPress themes, but very few have the guts and develop in house and do sell to their customer over the period of time. There are companies who provides 100s of WordPress themes but themes what they provide are from third party resources. Any one can develop a theme and then submit to be the best theme but later majority of the developers either stop their support or some time even does not even provide any updates while we all know WordPress it self updates almost every month. SoloStream LLC knows WordPress updates and always provide stable updates to all of their themes and that is why its become the more reliable Premium WordPress theme provider. Here are top 5 Premium WordPress theme from SoloStream LLC.

1. WP-Port

Simple and clean WordPress theme for portfolio website as well as showcase. Easy to use and customize from back-end. Fully responsive theme compatible with latest php version.

2. WP-Explore

WP-Explore is a premium creative blog/WordPress theme which boasts a very attractive simplistic design that you can use for many types of sites including blogs, news sites, personal portfolio and more.

3. WP-Corporate

WP-Corporate is a professional multi-purpose WordPress theme.  This one page layout theme is perfect for big to small businesses looking for an online presence. This premium theme will allow you to get your business information in an easy to read for users on all devices and browsers.

4. WP-News Channel 

NewsChannel is a modern WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease and share your content in a unique way that is easy for your readers to follow and share.

5. WP-Radiance

As its name implies, WP-Radiance is a stunning WordPress theme (even if we do say so ourselves). Bright, clean and feature-rich, it's sure to become one of our bestsellers. Whether you're creating a business website, blog or online magazine, this theme has what it takes to get the job done for you.

Image source:

WordPress is an open-source, free, and a safe and secure content management system. The data from W3techs suggest that WordPress holds 58.55% of the total CMS marketshare which ensures the dominance of this CMS on the web. This is no surprise that presently around 30% of the internet’s websites are powered by WordPress, and with the successful plugins and extensions it is introducing for the developers, the WordPress’s future seems bright and shiny.

The trend of building online websites to sell digital and regular products, or subscriptions and services had a spin in the last decade and is now become a profitable source of business. Businessmen, website developers and designers, and the digital marketing team; everyone is now assembled and compelled to do the finest jobs that they can to establish a working and reliable e-commerce store. The number of e-commerce websites is gradually increasing as every year passes by.

Presently, $192 trillion e-commerce sales are carried out worldwide and this is only made possible owing to the presence of highly-functional and customizable e-commerce platforms. If we look over another statistic, we’ll see that WordPress e-commerce plugin named Woocommerce is one of the most popular and leading e-commerce plugin consisting of 32% of the e-commerce market at the moment. This is then followed by Magento 18%, OpenCart and,Shopify.

What makes WordPress unbeatable?

The statistical data mentioned above and the practical usage and preference of WordPress, a free, scalable and a finest CMS directs us to the fact that, without a doubt, WordPress is a python in the world of e-commerce and provided that it continues its development in different technical domains, it can soon make other e-commerce platforms obsolete. Don’t you think so?

One thing that you should clear here is that WordPress is mainly a blogging website but coupled with its highly-functional Woocommerce and the WooCommerce registration plugin; you can build one of the most challenging and highly-equipped e-stores. In comparison to WP, other platforms like Shopify, Weebly, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, OpenCart, and many others are the applications specifically designed to construct online stores for sales and purchases. You must be thinking that this gives other platforms an edge over WP? Well, this is where WP surprises you with its delicate, exquisite, scalable, and cost-effective approach towards e-commerce. Here are the few main things that make it distinctive in the world of e-commerce website building programs:

  1. Amazing woocommerce registration plugin

As the checkout, billing and payment system of an e-commerce website matters a lot, as its slow speed and low-quality service is the most common reason for cart abandonment,the role of Woocommerce plugin swipes in here. This plugin helps in streamlining the user’s details and data which is then saved into the unlimited custom fields that it offers. The plugin also covers the role of updating the users about the latest notifications and updates.

  1. Open source website builder and the flexibility it brings in

Being an open source website builder allows the developers, designers, and the e-commerce businessmen to control the way it functions. The access to the platform codes gives you the freedom to modify the Woocommerce website and the tons of plugins with which you can play give you a great deal of flexibility.

On the other hand, a platform like Weebly and Shopify are less flexible in its comparison. Weebly allows you to edit the HTML and CSS codes to some extent but does not grant you permission to add non-Weebly tools, unlike Woocommerce.

  1. Pricing and financial commitments

The platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, and others offer a good range of free themes and plugins but the ones with high-functionality and more extensive features are only available after purchase. Keeping this in view, Woocommerce fulfills the expectations of the majority of the users by offering a wide range of free features. It comes with 55,738 plugins till this date and each one of them is updated on a regular basis to ensure quality functioning.

  1. Ongoing updates, maintenance, and security

When it comes to the performance and security updates, in systems like Weebly, these are managed in the background by the system itself. Even Shopify and Magento takes care of the maintenance and security updates itself. But with Woocommerce, the developers are in charge of making sure that the update of the system, plugin, extension, theme or the template takes place on time. The website will simply pop-up a notification and you’ll have to update it on time.

Another drawback of using Woocommerce is that with so many plugins, both good and bad, there’s a constant security threat to the website (if a bad plugin is installed). With other platforms, this threat is next to none.

In conclusion:

Provided that the Woocommerce development focus on the security aspect of its program and filter out the bad quality plugins, it can make other e-commerce platforms obsolete. The WordPress is an established system extending its roots in the world of Web. With some major attention on security and continuous evolution of other features, it can definitely rise as the sole e-commerce website builder.

Author Bio:

Paul Simmons is a professional eCommerce web designer at Extendons, a company offer extensions for various shopping carts such as WordPress & WooCommerce.


This article describes how to migrate WordPress website using the Duplicator plugin.

The Duplicator gives WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another and also serves as a simple backup utility. Duplicator handles both serialized and base64 serialized string replacement. Standard WordPress migration and WordPress backups are easily handled by this plugin as are zero downtime migrations.

WP Duplicator plugin creates an installation file and an archive file of your existing WordPress files and database. You have to then move these files to the new server. The duplicator installer file on the destination will let you quickly unpack and install everything.

Follow the steps below to migrate your WordPress website.

Step 1: Prepare the existing WordPress website for migration

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard, install and activate the Duplicator plugin. The plugin can be downloaded from
  • Go to Duplicator > Packages > Create new package and create a package which contains all the essential files that are required on the new server.
  • Enter the name of the package and click on Next and the Duplicator plugin will scan your WordPress site and will show you any:
    • Extra large files
    • Other warnings

  • If you see an error, fix it and click on ReScan to let Duplicator plugin scan your site again. Please note that the Size Check notice will be triggered at 150MB and can be ignored on most hosts.
  • It is recommended that you check and remove all the backup files or any other unwanted files to reduce the disk space usage of your existing WordPress hosting account before proceeding with the migration process.
  • Once the unwanted files are removed from your account, please click on Build and the Duplicator plugin will create a package which contains an installer file and an archive file. Depending on the size of your WordPress site, it may take few seconds to minutes to complete.
  • Download both Installer and Archive files. These are the only files you need to move to the new WordPress Hosting package.

Step 2: Prepare the new WordPress Hosting package with BizzGang for migration

  • Go to your WordPress Hosting Manager and click on Install WordPress button.
  • On the Install WordPress page, enter the details and click on the Add Site button.
  • Once the WordPress installation is complete, go to WordPress Hosting Manager > More > Manage FTPand create a new FTP Account for your package.
  • Save the FTP username, IP address and password details somewhere securely.
  • Access the newly created FTP account via a FTP client and download the “wp-config.php” file to your local system. Learn how.
  • Open the above wp-config.php file in a text editor and note down the following MySQL Settings for your WordPress Hosting Account.
    • DB_NAME
    • DB_USER
    • DB_HOST


    NOTEThese details are very important going forward because the database details provided in this file will be required to complete the migration process.

  • Now you can delete all the existing WordPress files (Including the above wp-config.php file) on your new WordPress Hosting package via FTP.

Step 3: Start the Migration process

  • Upload the installer.php file and the archive file (.zip format) which we have downloaded in Step 1 to your newly created FTP account on our WordPress Hosting Account.
  • Edit your local PC’s “hosts” file in order to temporarily map the domain name to the IP Address of your new WordPress Hosting package. You may refer to this article for the details. On Google Chrome browser, you can use the “Virtual Hosts” plugin instead of doing this.
  • Open a web browser on the same PC where you have edited the “hosts” file and access “”. Replace “” with your domain name.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Notices and click on Next.
  • Enter the database details which we have taken from the wp-config.php file on the Step 1 and click on Next.
  • On the next page, enter the new settings. (Not required to change this in most cases) and click on Next.
  • You will see the screen below once the installation completes successfully.
  • You can access the site on the new WordPress Hosting Server by entering the domain name on the browser.
  • Once you have confirmed that the site is working correctly, you can point your domain DNS to the WordPress Hosting Account. You can find the DNS details from WordPress Hosting Manager > DNS

Suhweet 1.0 + Widgets is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.

Simplicity 1.0 + Widgets is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above.