To make the WordPress site more catching and interactive, the website owners now apply a vast number of methods. They install various plugins, change the website theme or use the website builder for their platform to stand out from the competitors. 

Today we will talk about the simple method to change your website design and make it more interactive for its visitors – the text color. By making the website design more attractive for the consumers, you will certainly notice a huge increase in website performance.

So, let’s get it started!

Why Text Color Is Important for a Website?

In general, the website text color has a lot of benefits to consider. Here are the main reasons to consider changing the standard text color on your website. 

  • bring the large changes to the website’s design;
  • catch visitor’s attention;
  • helps to highlight the key points;
  • allows structuring the content;
  • makes the text more attractive for reading and more.

As you can see, the text color changing is a must for any WordPress website to introduce a unique user experience for visitors. Thus, having covered the major benefits, it’s now time to learn the methods for these changes applying.

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Advice for Changing Text Color in WordPress

Before start changing the colors on your website, keep in mind two basic pieces of advice for this process:

#1 Make Sure You’ve Got the Backup Copies

The first try is not easy at all, and sometimes people do regret they can’t start all over again. However, having saved the previous settings, it becomes much easier to implement the changes

#2 Don’t Overuse the Colors 

Be careful while using the colors for the website fonts, as it is really easy to spoil the best design with the worst colors. For this purpose, we recommend double-checking the text colors and use the matching options to make the website design really unusual. A great example of a nice color combination is used on sites like gumroad: a turquoise color can be easily combined with white and green as well.

Ways to Change the Font Color in WordPress

Method 1. Change the Text Color of a Single Block

Let’s first train changing the colors of a separate text:

1. Select the paragraph you want to edit with double-clicking. 

2. Click the arrow tab on the block and then option “Text Color”.

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3. Then, customize the color of your text. You can use the one offered by the system or select the color you want to use manually. 

4. Another great tip you can apply for color customization is to use a hex code for the exact color you want. This option may be found in the “Text Color” line below the standard WP colors and can be repeated for the other text blocks posted on your website.

5. Click the “Update” button to save the changes or “Publish” to publish your new post. 

Right now you can easily customize any text on your WordPress website. So, enjoy your results!

Method 2. Use a CSS Class to Change the Text Color

Another great tool to use for customizing a bunch of text blocks is the CSS class plugin for WP. The main advantage of it is that this plugin remembers the color you used once and gives the possibility to apply it again later. 

This method is a little bit complicated in comparison with the first one but is still widely used for setting the color for your multiple texts:

1. Select the text block you want to edit.

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2. Open the tab “Advanced” located in the “Block” pane. In the Additional CSS class field type in a CSS class, for instance “highlight color”.

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3. Click the “Update” or “Publish” button. At this stage, you can use that styling in the Customizer or just add it to a stylesheet of your theme. For the last option go to the post you changed, and check the colors you want to use for a certain block. 

4. Go to the WordPress admin, choose Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS.

5. Type in the CSS class and the hex code you want to apply to change the font color of the text block.

6. Click the “Publish” button to save the changes. 

Also, in case if you want Now you can use all the creativity to apply some awesome ideas to your website. 


All in all, there are lots of methods that can definitely help you to create a catching design for your WordPress website. By changing the colors of the text you can extremely change the way people react to the website content, increase the overall platform performance, and widen your audience as well. 

Nevertheless, the methods we have presented in our post will not only save your time and efforts but also greatly assist you in creating a unique design for your WordPress website. 

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Are there effective SEO strategies that are underestimated by the marketers? Well, not rightly so, since the industry has matured with time. Presently, there is quite a bit of transparency working that helps in sharing and uncovering every successful SEO tactic to ensure minimal left-outs. The concept of reverse engineer plays a crucial role in the process, investigating the source behind a highly successful site.

After conducting a thorough marketing research, it has been noticed that a lot of people are living, with a false mindset in regard to SEO marketing concepts. Falling for these illogical SEO traps could prove to be fatal for your business. Let us analyze the scenario:

Misjudging The SEO Concept

Many tech-savvy companies, as well as, start-ups are of the opinion that the SEO approach is primarily used for developing an effective marketing campaign, as per the requirement of the targeted audience. After all, Google’s engineers would never be offering any kind of extra advantage to those who are into Manipulative SEO in comparison to those who simply make those great stuffs. Due to Manipulative SEO, a lot of people start to ignore learning SEO in details. They even overlook the importance of recruiting a professional SEO agency in Mumbai or other places. Neither do they try to invest in legitimate SEO practices to improve the potentially of their site’s traffic generation ability. Well, it may sound weird, but it is taking place more commonly these days.

Spams Don’t Work; Or Do They?

A lot of White Hat SEO users stay away from spam. They think that spam will never work and would result in banning the site. It is not their fault. Over the last few years, Google’s SEO guidelines have made it really difficult for spammers to make use of the process, with the perfect outcome. However, it is also a fact that after reaching a certain height of SEO marketing, a little bit of spamming can prove to be effective in making your page retain the TOP 10 spot on notable search engine pages. And the funny part? Google never makes a strong move to wipe away the spam completely! Crap content and spam-linked networks continue to pop up on sites and search results. What would you tell about this scenario?

Non-spams Take Time, But Definitely Work

SEO marketers using gray and black hat techniques never accept the credibility of non-spam SEO strategies. They try to poke and make fun of SEO approaches that follow the White Hat route. Remember, White Hat SEO approach can take a bit of time to establish its credibility and gain momentum, but in the long run, it stands nil chance to get banned from reputed search engines.

Before signing off, I want to raise awareness: what is it that really counts for an effective SEO campaigning? Can illogical steps be applied sometimes to make a site SEO-friendly or should you follow only the legitimate approach? Only the future would tell.

Author Bio: Walter Moore is a SEO expert and entrepreneur. He runs a blog where he talks about solid SEO practices, new updates and trends and also recommends great sites and services like He enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with his readers.

Over the years WordPress has claimed quite a few domains as its own and it includes digital signage. Digital signage is not quite as new, but the concept gaining momentum only a couple of years ago. Digital signage is an extremely flexible medium that allows room for interactive content including video advertisement films, images and text messages.

Digital signage has become the forte of hospitals, educational institutions and transport terminuses who want to keep their clients/students informed and entertained. Such a dynamic media requires a dynamic platform to support the templates and contents to be displayed on the digital boards.

Most digital signage companies and designers go for WordPress to create websites for their companies. WordPress itself is extremely dynamic and is an open-source platform. This means, it is extremely pliable towards changes and its themes can be customized according to individual needs. But before we get into the depths of technicalities, let us give you a whiff of the design trends that will keep your WordPress digital signage website looking fresh and attractive like a spring daisy.

Just because WordPress has the highest market share does not mean it only has responsive themes. It has quite a few “useless” and frigid themes that are no good for professional use. So before choosing your theme and investing on design make sure that your theme is 100% responsive and retina-ready as well. You should be able to work the theme on mobile devices as well as desktops.

To make your website visually appealing you need to follow the current design trends. To be on the safer side you can steer clear of brutalist website designs as those are extremely exclusive and most people don’t find them “pretty” to look at. Use negative space very cleverly and pay attention to the inclusion of white space. It will make your website look more professional and less cluttered.Focus on the fonts

What would you think if your last blood work report came in Comic Sans? There are millions of fonts out there for a reason. A font is all it takes to turn a love letter to a creepy threat. It is not the 90s and thankfully WordPress gives you about a few hundred fonts to choose from (thankfully). The ideal font should highlight the content and not take attention away from it!

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it! Every website experiences breaks or downtime. But how you convey that to your users makes all the difference. You can use something as fun as the Google T.rex or simply use a basket of kittens as long as it keeps your customers coming back. Remember, anything will look better than a default server error on a stark white page.

These are some basic design advice that all designers must remember while designing their basic WordPress website for digital signage businesses to make them attractive, happy and precise.


Author Bio: Charlie Brown is a professional website designer and a blogger who likes to stay in touch with trend. Currently, he is working with to define website trends that are best suited for digital signage businesses and advertisement firms.




WooCommerce is a free plug-in or a functional extension for WordPress. It has been downloaded more than thirteen million times and has more than 37% of all online stores. WooCommerce is a famous WordPress plugin that is designed to convert the wordpress platform to e-commerce. When installed on a wordpress website, WooCommerce is used for functionality of the main product, order processing and shopping cart. WooCommerce can create a simple online store and sell a wide range of products and services that include physical goods, digital products, trading agents and membership. Basic software can work with e-commerce the main features of international customers, inventory, sales management, the calculation of shipping charges and coupons. The basic functionality of WooCommerce will be increased by more than three hundred extensions that can add additional features such as reservations, packages, products, structured products, EU and track assessments, customer documentation, declarations and guarantees, as well as a number of systems for sale Courses.

WordPress allows you to create an online store with the passage of time and minimal effort. But this statement is not required to do all that is a wordpress shop base with a minimum set of ecommerce features. No software e-commerce is ideal for any user or situation. For this reason, it is best to use a structured process to determine the ecommerce solution in order to determine which works best for your individual needs.

Do not just ask yourself what WooCommerce can do and help me. Instead as a way to start in the WooCommerce reviewing process, start to document your individual needs. Think functionality, accessibility, documentation, and support. Once you have this well-documented list, compare it with various solutions, whether WooCommerce will meet your needs.

Choose from WooCommerce’s vast set of e-commerce themes and hundreds more offered by WordPress and third-party developers. Personalize them by customize your theme. You can further customize these themes via built-in options. For instance, use drop-down menus and color pickers to change colors, and one-click buttons to change layouts and navigation. You can also add widgets and, if you are a little more tech-savvy, shortcodes and HTML/CSS.

There are many extensions available for woocommerce store. From accounting, analytics, payment processing to order fulfillment and many others, WooCommerce's huge library of free and paid extensions lets you put together different business apps and functions that work finest with your business.

Compared to other shopping cart plugins that strengthen you to use their own services or limit your back-end choices, WooCommerce vs shopify lets you better modernize your operations in a way that works for you, while giving you more organize over how you run your online store and business. Popular extensions include UPS and FedEx for shipping; PayPal, Amazon and 2Checkout payment processing; Xero and FreshBooks accounting software; and Zapier automation.

To give you even more options, WooCommerce works seamlessly with extensions and widgets offered by WordPress and third-party developers. These extensions give you a wide range of customization options, such as personalized deliveries, PDF invoices and packing slips, custom product and order numbers, Google Analytics integration, the ability to incorporate affiliate programs into the platform and more.

Create a professional website

When you want to take your work to the web, your best friend is WordPress. The extremely customizable platform is capable of being whatever you want it to be. To get the look and functionality you want, you can count on professionally made WordPress sites from Solostream.

The WP community is big. Really big in fact. We’re talking thousands of designers and developers, tens of thousands of writers, and millions of users, all contributing to pushing WordPress forward. And one very popular way to do this is designing and developing WordPress premium themes.

It’s now easier than ever to use platforms such as WordPress to create a highly effective and professional website, which is easy to edit and navigate as you please, similarly to the way you would a blog page.

Vital Pieces of WordPress

Now, let’s assume you have decided that you’re going to use the WordPress platform to create your site, but you’ll not use it in order to host. If you would like to learn more about the most effective plugins, you can look for assistance from websites specializing in WordPress security. You only need to pick the best ones you could incorporate with your WP site.

Internal link structure is among the essential issues of SEO. Therefore, understanding how to set-up page redirects with WordPress could be convenient in the longer term. Additionally, It will become simpler for you to spot changes in code structure which will indicate that malicious code was injected into the WP theme.


Since then search engines won’t decrease your own page rank. This flexible tool enables anyone to establish an authoritative website with highly little effort. WordPress websites are really an excellent and inexpensive method to appeal to your desired customers along with a phenomenal strategy to succeed at SEO.


Let’s say you possess a site that you would like to rank well. Now you need to be able to observe the website and it will look the very same. As a consequence, their website might be hacked.

Here, we routinely help small business owners get started with their online presence buy starting with a fresh copy of WP and a professional theme. Based on our interaction with our clients, here are a good few points of DO’S and DONT’S when buying a WordPress Theme.

WordPress Theme Do’s

  1. Do know the type of site you are
  2. Do know what you want your website to do
  3. Do know your needs for functionality and design
  4. Do know where people are using your website
  5. Do think about your need for multiple layouts

WordPress Theme Dont’s

  1. Don’t get persuaded by colorful imagery
  2. Don’t assume anything about your theme
  3. Don’t buy themes for their functionality (that’s the job of a plugin)
  4. Don’t panic

We make it incredibly easy to build premium WordPress sites in no time. In just 30 minutes, you’ll be able to get a gorgeous site up and running. Subscription to this service also gives you access to tons of pre-built themes and tools that will make the interface of your site look and work great. Please reach out to SoloStream support today to get your site started!

When it comes to customizing a WordPress log-in page it isn’t usually the first thing one thinks of when designing a WordPress site. All though this is another creative outlet that can be utilized when it comes to creating a site for a client or a customer. The basic templates from the WordPress site can be quite plain and boring. By adding your own background and templates you can log in with style for your page or your clients page.

The original template log in page is heavily branded WordPress and perhaps your clients and users do not need to know the underlying software your site is operating under. This is the most heavily used page throughout WordPress through admin. If you are handing over your site to clients it is a good idea to create a more inviting log in page or perhaps create one more aligned with what your site offers.

This is a page you can utilize your brand and create your own style and color background. WordPress makes it pretty simple to change and customize your log in page by using simple codes and options.

There are steps to take when it comes to customizing your page from inputting codes through you ph files or adding urls in the background images. There are many sites with step by step information on how to customize to your brand and to help direct your log in page in a way that fits your website.

Having a customized log in page also helps your website stand out from others with the basic templates this can be useful when creating your own brand and identity through your WordPress site.

Different ways to customize include:

Changing the logo image Url

Adding a Custom Stylesheet

Adding a Custom link Under Form

Creating a background template or color

Redirecting Users After login

Useful Plugins

These are just a few steps you can take when customizing your log in page.

Creating a logo image for your log in page is a great way to present your brand and to tell your users they are at the right place for your site. This is very useful when creating a new brand and having another area to showcase your logo.

A custom stylesheet for example can be worked with by changing the size of your logo and perhaps matching the background with the appearance of your logo to make it stand out.

These and other easy steps can be taken in forming a customized log in page. There are many useful links on this topic as well as options for colors and styles through WordPress as well as third party sites available. When it comes to creating a page for your brand why not take advantage of every creative and marketing avenue. Every page counts when it comes to drawing your customers and clients in. Like they say first impressions are important and a log in page can definitely make an impression.