Being on the first page of Google is the dream of every site owner. But this does not come naturally. As a site owner, you must invest in search engine optimization missions. You need to make your site appealing so that Google and other search engines can fall in love with it. The two main approaches to doing this are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page optimization involves selecting the right keywords, interlinking your pages, formatting your content, and having meta descriptions, anchor tags, and meta tags. On the other hand, off-site SEO involves things done outside your site.

Many website owners think that off-page SEO is only about linking your site with other sites. However, SEO experts like Sitecentre will have a different option. When you work with them, you will realize that this list of off-page factors beneficial to your site SEO ranking. Here are some off-page SEO aspects that will enhance your web traffic and ranking:

Link building

Links are central in the SEO arena. The search engines use links to determine your site’s place on the search results. In other words, it views links like applause from other website owners or appreciation for your content. For this reason, building links is vital to achieving a better ranking and drawing traffic to your site.

Link building involves backlinking. You can get bank links through 3 ways. First is through organic links where you get an endorsement from your content readers or users of your services through a link. You have no influence on this action. Manual link-building campaigns where you reach out to customers and other site owners and ask them to link your website.

The last option is self-created links, where you build your links by commenting on other blogs and forums. However, natural links stand out as the best approach. You can achieve it by developing high-quality and authoritative content that attracts sharing from users and readers.

Brand mentions

Brand mentions are the next way of boosting your off-page SEO. Mentions are signs that people are having a conversation about your brand. This aspect sends a signal to the search engine on the authenticity of your products and services. As the website owner, you need to invest in boosting brand mentions. Whether through linking or just mentions, the act will enhance your SEO.

Guest posting

Guest posting is another approach to realizing your off-page SEO goals. Here, you post on other people’s sites in exchange for a link back to your site. When guest posting, it is essential to find authoritative sites.

This way, your site will have a high chance of benefiting from their positions. Remember, birds of the same feather flock together. Having backlinks from authoritative sites will show Google that your content is of the same level. So, Google will move you up the rank in the search results.   

Social media sharing

As you know, social media is the modern meetup point. Many people spend their day on social platforms. As the site owner, you need to have a superb strategy of boosting your content reach through social media. Boosting your content on social platforms drives traffic to your site from different parts of the globe. When Google gets massive IPs accessing your site, it ranks it as quality and relevant. This way, you get several moves up the SEO ranks.

Blog commenting

In past years, writing a comment on another blog and leaving your site address was the perfect and easy way of creating links. However, people abused the norm by creating spammy comments. Google took a step and made commenting links irrelevant.

But if you think blog commenting is no longer valid, you are wrong. Commenting with the right content and avoiding spammy issues remain a superb off-page SEO strategy. This approach can help you boost your SEO ranking. It enables you to establish a solid relationship with other commenters and site owners.

Content marketing

With various online marketing options, content marketing has become a dime in off-page SEO. Crafting your content well for various online markets can be a perfect way to realize your SEO ranking dreams. For instance, when you write content for your site, you can convert it to a YouTube video. You can develop graphics for Instagram or small quotes for sharing on Twitter.

For most web users, sharing their content on Facebook is the only idea. Do not be like them. You can use all available content marketing platforms to draw an audience to your website. This approach will work well for your SEO and web traffic.  

Influencer outreach

Whether it is buying products or taking some actions, you have some people who influence your decision. A given person’s views define your next course of action. This principle is the same in the online space. People will read and follow sites that their influencers pick as their choice. When an influencer mentions your site or writes a review about it, you will likely receive huge traffic. You can leverage influencer outreach as your off-page SEO strategy.

Working with experts like Sitecentre can be a good idea if you do not know how to do it. Identifying your niche influencers and requesting them to share information about your site or brands will make your site authoritative and positively impact your SEO ranks.


A newsletter is a good way of keeping your web visitors coming back. The approach helps you to get the users’ contact information when they subscribe to it. Having a well-laid down newsletter strategy can boost your off-page SEO.

Always ensure your newsletters are helpful and offer value to the readers. This way, you will win their engagement and following, resulting in a boost on your traffic and making your site noticeable to the search engines.

Wrapping Up

In a word, off-page SEO is as essential as on-page optimization. When you do it perfectly, you can benefit from massive traffic and earn better search positions. However, it can be a challenge to have an effective off-page SEO strategy. This is why you need to consider engaging a SEO expert like Sitecentre to walk with you through this journey.

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The High Points of WordPress That Makes It Most Suitable for SEO

If you are not using WordPress, you are doing great injustice to your search engine optimization initiatives, because you are not exploiting its full potential. The beauty of WordPress is that it allows enhancing the capabilities of the platform for achieving better SEO performance. You can improve the capabilities to any extent by using suitable themes and plugins. To make SEO work the way you want and implement strategies that give better marketing results, you must use WordPress.

Themes and plugins make WordPress a much superior CMS as compared to other content management systems like Joomla. Drupal and Squarespace are one of the prime reasons for its popularity. The built-in SEO features are basic, but by using proper themes and plugins, you can undertake complete customization for achieving your marketing goals. Why you must use WordPress for search marketing will be clear after reading this article.

Faster website creation

WordPress is available to all as it is open source and you can download it free. Ever since 2003, when WordPress was launched, the task of making websites has become not only very easy but also very fast. If you are slightly familiar with technicalities, you can create a site in just five minutes, which was just unthinkable earlier. Within that time, you can even get it hosted, and it will be up and running. Over the years, the fine-tuning of the process has also brought the time further. Faster website creation is welcome to meet the demands of the fast-paced business world.

Deriving power from open source

Being an open source platform, WordPress has become much more powerful due to the contributions of developers around the world who are always engaged in creating tools and resources for the platform. It is most beneficial for users who can access the resources that create endless possibilities in customizing SEO to make it more powerful and efficient. You can find thousands of SEO friendly WordPress themes and countless plugins that enhance the SEO functionalities and help to achieve better results. The SEO performance can even touch the sky if you wish and WordPress can do it for you. You can always stay current and updated with the best practices of Google without any worries.

Site structure and content

Better is the site structure, more organized the website is. The site structure determines how much friendly the website would be for viewers and makes it look attractive because this is essential for proper SEO. The process of site structuring happens naturally with WordPress, as the content automatically falls in place by virtue of being organized into pages and blog posts together with tags and blog categories. Your task is to specify the type of content, whether it is a blog post or page and then assign the correct tags and categories to it. The tags and categories related to the topics of the content.

Manage the basics without codes

If you had known that SEO is complicated and managing it is not easy, then you would change your view of using WordPress. It is easy to manage SEO with WordPress as it gives you the options of doing it entirely out of the box. Moreover, you can manage the basics without having any knowledge about codes that provide more control over on-page SEO.

Permalink structure

The structure of URLs, also known as permalinks is essential for SEO and your blog posts, you can set your own permalink structure because WordPress allows it. Once done, you can use the parent pages for organizing your permalinks. Go to the settings menu and choose ‘permalinks’ from the drop-down list that displays the default URLs. Among other options that you see, choose the ‘post name’ option, and you become sure that the URL structure remains optimized with the possibility of customizing the actual words when editing a page or blog post.

Website speed

When using WordPress, you need not worry about site speed because websites with standard themes and basic installation load quite fast. Since website-loading speed is important to Google and search engines, this is a significant benefit for you. However, at a later stage when you use different themes and content on the website, the speed might slow down, but then you can make use of some plugins that can accelerate the speed.

Plugins enhance optimization

Plugins are great SEO boosters, and this is where WordPress scores above other CMS. Plugins are extensions that you can choose to perform specific SEO functions that are over and above the basic features. Plugins allow configuring SEO settings across the website, and some plugins support particular optimization of keywords and content.

To know more about SEO functionalities of WordPress get in touch with the experts at, the SEO Company that has mastered WordPress.

Author bio: Dennis Williams is a WordPress developer who has worked with many different content management systems. He was briefly associated with but has now formed an SEO company along with his wife. A very creative person, he is the brain behind many successful websites.

In the initial stages, WordPress was not considered to be a useful platform from where marketing could be done extensively. However, with the passage of time, several innovative features have been added. It has been developed now in such a platform that it spontaneously proves to be one of the best marketing platforms. As a powerful blogging and highly efficient content management system or CMS, it has now gained substantial popularity, and its use appears to be escalating to greater heights with every sliding second. With a broad range of alternatives for search engine optimization, it renders great freedom and facility to the marketers to reach out to the larger and targeted masses of audiences as per their choice and requirements.

WordPress and SEO advantages

Do the search engines prefer the WordPress sites? Well, there is no need to be misguided. Search engines would not favor any website just because it is on any particular platform. In fact, the search engines act impartially. The page ranking of a website does not go up or down just because it has been created using any special platform. What the search engines look for are the websites that are active and the blogs for which are updated more frequently. And, it is here that WordPress provides the SEO advantages by allowing you create and update the contents more quickly and as per your desire. WordPress and its plugins have been designed and developed in such a manner that they enable you to create or amend the contents quickly. Moreover, for blogging, WordPress is a suitable platform. Most sites are accompanied by the blogs. Updating the blogs quite frequently can make your sites and blogs favored by the search engines as the search engines like frequent updates.

Configuring WordPress for SEO purposes

Though WordPress is highly suitable for SEO purposes, nothing happens automatically. Search engine optimization cannot be adequately carried out unless due configuration for SEO is done.

There are several ways through which the configuration of sites or blogs can be done for SEO purposes. If you are familiar with the WordPress theme, you are, certainly, well aware of its benefits for SEO purposes. There are various choices in WordPress themes, and you can choose the one that is best suitable for SEO. However, one needs to be careful in making the right selection. Some WordPress themes look appealing, but they are not designed for enhancing the search engine optimization purposes. So, it is wise to choose the ones that are best suitable for SEO purposes, no matter they do not look lucrative.

The permalinks are great benefits when it comes to using them for SEO. However, it is required that the permalinks are to ‘post name.’ This makes the title appear in URL.

The WordPress SEO plugin is indispensable if you desire to use WordPress for SEO. Though there are several plugins, the ‘All in One SEO Pack’ is highly popular and user-friendly and you can think of using it. This can perform a lot many tasks; however, you should understand well its features and functions before you use it.

Once your sites start getting enough web traffic, you will require addressing certain issues relevant to your site. For instance, you may need to deal with the comments of the visitors properly. And, without using the right plugin, it may be somewhat difficult to do it. So, here also you require identifying the best suitable plugin.

Optimizing pages and posts for SEO purposes

Whether you use the WordPress platform or any other popular platform for your website, something that is essential is to optimize the pages and posts for SEO purposes. And, for this, the optimized content is a must. Much needs to be done through On Page SEO. For instance, you need to ensure that the page or the post is organized around a particular keyword. Also, it gets a place in the title and headings. The frequency of the keyword is organized in such a way that it does not overburden the post or the site and it looks natural.

The graphics, as well as the links, need to be used meticulously. You can add internal links to the other pages on your website. Also, you may add the external links to the authority sites that are in your niche.

This may seem a tedious task, but you should run through the WordPress checklist whenever new create a new page or post. This will ensure that everything is correct. Plugins are available to perform this task, and you can choose to use one that is best suitable for it.

Getting help from the experts

If you are not a tech-savvy, it may be somewhat challenging and confusing to use the WordPress for SEO. Moreover, as a businessman or manager, you may be busy with several other business activities related to your business. This may make the things tough. But that should not be the reason not to use WordPress for SEO purposes. There is no dearth of WordPress SEO experts. You can invest some time in doing some research and find the top New York SEO agency and get the support of the best SEO experts. Again, it may call for some investment, but that should not frighten you. WordPress SEO would get you due to return. After all, your WordPress site or post would prove to be less meaningful unless it is optimized.

Need of WordPress SEO

At a time when competition in almost every sphere of business is getting tougher each day, it is essential to be familiar with the latest trends in marketing and other activities of the firm. There is no way a business owner can afford not to use the online marketing tools and techniques. And, if WordPress provides the convenience to use it for SEO purposes, there is no reason why one should not harvest the benefits from its highly elegant features for search engine optimization of pages or posts.

Author bio: The author Bryan Rich is a WordPress SEO expert. Besides carrying out WordPress SEO, he also keeps sharing valuable information about SEO. In this article, he explains how one can use the WordPress use for business SEO. He also guides the business owners how they can find the top New York SEO agency and get due help from SEO experts.


It is very amazing to hear that in the world of the internet still, many business owners are not aware of the term SEO. Many of the companies want to reach the pinnacle of success, but they do not know how to get there. In the last two or three years, this has come more in the trend. It is the most favourable way to get results from the world of advertising on the internet. SEO sets the milestone for the success of any website. SEO or Search engine optimisation is the procedure of affecting the presence of a site or getting the site on top of the search engine results page. It gives specialisation in the skills of the internet user. SEO has a primary difference from local search engine optimisation because it helps in increasing the online visibility of any website.

SEO plays a role in the strategy which decides about:

  • Search engine behaviour
  • What does the user want to browse?
  • What are the repetitive keywords used?
  • What are the searches engines utilised by the targeted audience?

Webmaster, as well as people, content developers, know the value of the search engine optimisation.

The fantastic imagination has taken its wings, and still, SEO needs recognition in the market. As without the proper implementation of SEO, it is tough to reach their full potential. It can reap daily profits for the internet user.

SEO and WordPress go hand in hand

While talking about SEO and internet service, it is next to impossible to avoid WordPress. The WordPress is the best place to express the thoughts of any interested person. WordPress and SEO have come together to do the fruit of success online. Those who want the feeling of credibility and perfect online visibility are not forgetting to use SEO.

WordPress is a well-known open source platform that gives best opportunity to show the skills, as well as plug-ins and SEO, is an open source tool for getting the presence on the internet.  It is helpful in converting organic traffic into the result of sales.

The role of the WordPress is significant when it comes to operating on the search engines.

SEO for WordPress carries the meaning that one must know and learn the tools of customer management service.

WordPress helps anyone to create and start blogging according to the niche.  The user needs to have the information about the keywords used by the search engines to achieve the high rankings. While talking about WordPress and SEO, the people cannot ignore the value of WordPress Plug-ins because they have a continuous process of evolving and developing. They make the user spend more time in publishing as well as the updating their date.  The Process is not as easy as the reader expects.

Content creation – Highly essential

As the contents that are created have importance for the ranking goal that the user wants, so it is obvious that one has to use top keywords related to the content.

The interested people must avoid the repetition of the content because it will become the reason of decreasing the ratings on the internet.

While using SEO on WordPress, carries the goal of creating the contents. The contents are informative and entertaining for the people. It will keep them visiting again on the website.

Some key points needed to include in the contents:

  • The Title: The content is relevant, but the title is not lesser impotent for attracting the interest of the reader. It is the best thing to get something before the development of the website. It will give an idea of getting the search engines. If the title gets repeated, it will decrease the rankings provided by the search engine. After choosing the choice of keywords in the headings, the content will be optimised and benefit the readers. The uniqueness in the title will make the people easy in after the websites. It will enhance the ratings of the sites. Hire a reputed SEO agency to get proper services.
  • The tag of the description contents: One cannot overlook the description tag. It will not affect on ranking. It will ignite the interest of the reader and will offer a short description to the readers.
  • Provision of the alternate text of the image: In certain conditions, images play a significant role in promoting the content with the image. It is not enough to get the proper rating; the user must take proper check-ups of the keywords used by the readers.


Most of the readers take the keen interest in viewing pictures, and images of the articles, so new and fresh images must be added to attract the attention of the readers. For achieving the better ranking, one must concentrate on Domain Names and extensions.  If they are generic, then it will be the best for the reader.  Hopefully, this post will help you if you wish to open a site with WordPress!


Author bio: Cathy Varela is the author of this post, and she has been working in an SEO agency since many years. She has apt knowledge in this subject along with several years of experience. She has written this post with the motive of helping the readers to understand the relationship between WordPress and SEO.

WordPress is the undisputed king of Content Management Systems as it holds the center stage in everything related to websites and SEO. From creating websites to enriching content and publishing content in the most attractive manner, WordPress has so much to offer that making a comprehensive list of its offerings can be very difficult.  It has now almost become a norm to create websites using WordPress themes. Every day some new themes appear in the long list of themes that rule the world of web design and web development. It often happens that you might think about changing the current theme of your website as some new theme has caught your fancy. The task is not difficult, but you must consider the impact it might have on SEO before deciding to switch over to a new WordPress theme.  Read on to know more about how a change of WordPress themes affects SEO.

Why change themes?

Changing website themes is mostly prevalent among bloggers most of who start with free WordPress themes, and once they learn the ropes and traffic keep increasing,  they prefer to switch over to a new theme. Since most of the free themes have built in SEO features duly optimized, it provides bloggers an immediate start to their SEO campaign.  Websites created with free WordPress themes are vulnerable to hackers, which is another reason for changing the theme. However, the primary reason for moving over to a new theme is to increase traffic flow to the website.

WordPress themes and SEO

If you are currently using a WordPress theme and want to change it with a new one, you must first know whether the existing theme has built in SEO options that you have been using or were you using separate plugins for SEO. Many websites prefer built in SEO features with the theme, as you have to use one less plugin. If you are using a theme with in-built SEO features, then changing over to a new theme can affect the SEO campaign that you have initiated.  In case the theme does not have in-built SEO infrastructure, and you are using an SEO WordPress plugin then changing the website theme would not affect SEO, but you must ensure that the new WordPress theme is optimized for local SEO Gilbert AZ. However, some other issues would come up when you change the WordPress theme.

It affects heading tags

When you switch over from one WordPress theme to another, there are chances that the SEO campaign is affected. Suppose you are using hyperlinked post titles or you might even use H2 tags for post titles. In such cases, changing the theme would inevitably impact SEO. To avoid such problems, use SEO optimized themes as it uses proper heading tags, the codes are clean, and it meets all other requirements of SEO.

 URLs will change

The most notable change that you will see when you change themes is that the website URL changes. The URL is most important for your online identity because viewers recognize your site by looking at the URL. It is more than a mere address; it is the face of your website. Since search engines rank websites by considering the URL, it is evident that when you change the theme, it changes the URL and as a result, it affects the SEO ranks that you had earned.  Therefore, to retain the SEO benefits, you must ensure that the website URL remains the same after changing the theme or there must be some arrangement of redirecting viewers and search engines to the right page.

You lose the custom settings

When using a WordPress theme, you would usually prefer some specific settings that make you feel comfortable as you are very convenient with it. The setting becomes a part of the theme feature. However, when you change the theme and choose a new one, you must be ready to give up the earlier custom setting that will no more be available.  To get back those settings, either the new theme must have provisions for it, or you need to take help from a WordPress developer to get it done for you.  While selecting a WordPress theme, pay attention to the manner in which the website loads content because it relates to site speed that Google considers an important factor in search rankings.  Some themes load the content first and then the other elements of the website whereas some other themes load everything together. If the site speed is slow, then the search rankings take a beating.

To retain the search rankings when changing WordPress themes, you must take a backup of the theme and the database and then use an SEO plugin to store the data. Some WordPress SEO plugins have the facility of data migration built into it that helps to import all data to the plugin quickly.

About the author: Isabella Scott has a degree in management and a decade’s experience in online marketing.  She is quite familiar with local SEO Gilbert AZ, and she is greatly attracted to writing on various SEO topics.  Although she never wanted to be a marketer, it was a chance meeting with her mentor that changed her career.

Digital marketing is here to stay, and the sooner you make good use of it to promote your business the better chances you will have against your competition. Blog writers and marketing experts have taken a special knack into online marketing and duly so. Now any blogger, who knows their work, will vouch for WordPress above anything else simply because it has an excellent connection with search engines.

WordPress site

It is a well-known fact that WordPress blogs get way more attention from Google and other search engines. Every webmaster worth their money knows how to create a WordPress site that can provide a platform where the contents will perform well and in the process gives you a certain edge over your competition. This automatic boost in SEO is a significant advantage in WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress SEO

WordPress helps in finding direct organic traffic to your blog or website. All you need to do is add some efficient features and they are very easy to use. WordPress is a way better site than your average HTML sites and give you an extra edge. With WordPress, you can maximize your chances of getting output and attracting your targeted viewership from search engine giants like Google and other search engines as well.

To get the best possible results from your blogs on WordPress, there are certain things you need to do so that your website is optimized for optimum performance results. After all reaping the most from the organic reach is any blogger’s dream. If you wish to learn more about how to utilize WordPress SEO, then please continue reading below.

How to use WordPress SEO?

If you wish to make good use of WordPress, then you have to place high relevance keywords within the title of every single post and into your contents as well. These keywords should be target oriented. Thirdly, avoid repetition of the title everywhere or else you risk the damage of search engine spiders not being able to rank you properly.

Create a list of keywords for the blog that can be related. The next task in hand as to make your titles as catchy as possible. Keep in mind that the title must be filled with important keywords. By doing so, you make sure that when a visitor comes to your site; that is the first thing that they see. The more pieces you put on the main page of your website, the more it appears important to the viewer as well as to the search engine. Also, keep in mind that the titles you give should be brief and easy to remember. They should apparently also bear a resemblance to the topic that you are writing. Always remember to put quality over quantity and content should be enriching after all.

Getting the help of professional can enable you to optimize your SEO will increase your chances of actually getting ranked in top web search. Companies like Sames Digital SEO provides you with just that. With proper keywords and technique, quality web design and search engine optimization is now available within the budget of your business depending on the size of your business.

A crucial point here is to remember that the blog titles should be reader friendly as well as search engine friendly because if they are not, then they might not end up on top searches in the first place and might result in reducing the chances of getting higher organic search.

Don’t forget to keep a sitemap to your blog as it’s an important criterion in maintaining a WordPress blog. You could just opt for a Google plugin. They are easy to use and relieve you from the tedious and complicated task of programming. The Google plugin will create the sitemap for you. This way, the search engine will find it easier to index your posts from your pages and all your contents will show up in searches at the same place. Also, keep in mind to ping your posts within various sites as well. Backlinks play an essential part for bloggers and is chance of getting discovered by a potential viewer on the internet. There is no limit to the numbers, and you can practically use pings for every post if you can.


Always focus your energy on one topic at a time. A lot of blogs choose to keep a variety of topics as well and there is nothing wrong with that either. But to reap the most benefit from SEO, it is advisable that you stick to one topic at one time only. You can always use other sub topics if you feel they are necessary. Why is this an important matter of discussion you may ask? Well, this way your visitors will find a pattern and will find it easier to relate and secondly, the search engines will find it easy to figure out the relevance of your content. At last, always remember to include posts that are related to your content on the site as well. There are bunch of free plugins too that you can use. Plugins are a great way to keep the contents and relevant keywords in check even if the posts get old.

Author bio: James Cornelius is a well known writer on online marketing and WordPress SEO and is currently writing for Sames Digital SEO. His works on various online blogging methods and marketing have helped thousands of followers and his works can be found all over the internet.

When it comes to search engine optimization, it has never had a clear-cut definition. Based on the changing algorithms of the search engines and the ever-evolving technological possibilities, SEO is changing from time to time. There are many aspects to consider while you are trying to optimize your website for search engines. For example, page speed is one of the most important concepts when it comes to usability and SEO values. Similarly, design, accessibility, and readability of a website are also crucial in determining search engine ranking and conversion rates

It is nobody’s fault if your SEO consultant does not tell it to that the concept of SEO and practices are ever evolving. Making your WordPress site SEO-friendly means that you need to get it optimized for the conversions. There are a few important things to consider in this regard.

The primary aims of an SEO friendly WordPress design

These include:

  • Aiming at a particular and targeted audience
  • Retaining the visitors long enough to read thoroughly
  • Evoking a desire to take action in your favor

The primary thing to keep in mind before starting to design a WordPress site to be SEO friendly is that “content is paramount.” Everything else you do is to essentially make your site more appealing and user-friendly to people and search engines.

To ensure SEO value for the new search engine crawlers, the content on your website should be relevant, informative, and engaging.

Here are some design and development techniques to practice during SEO friendly WordPress designing.

  1. Speeding up WordPress

Before planning to do anything on your website, you should make a comprehensive plan. Always ask the question as to “what is the most important aspect you should put at the first point?”

There are many WordPress plugins available to help you out with this task. Once you complete this analysis, you can take steps to make your site optimally fast by adding .htaccess speed hacks and also subscribing for CDN.

WordPress speed is one thing which makes your site more user-friendly, usable, and hold the visitors to stay longer and in turn enhance conversion rates.

  1. Optimizing site architecture

Site architecture is also called information architecture, which is something you need to plan well before starting to create your very first content. Consider which categories you need to have, and while categorizing, try to set it below ten.

For each post you put under any category on a WordPress site, you must assign at least three to four tags. For example, this particular post your are reading now is tagged under search engine optimization, WordPress design, SEO best practices and so on. The objective of optimized information architecture is to set a properly categorized symmetrical pyramid through which the content is distributed evenly across the website.

That means that every page should be easily accessible through a single URL. WordPress now uses taxonomies and archives. There are WordPress SEO plugins which you can use to define the canonical pages instantly and also those which you do not want to search engines to index.

  1. Optimize the tags too

The designers use meta tags to label the web pages. These tags help search engines to determine what your website is all about. Meta tags are good pointers for the search engines as well as the users alike. It is always ideal to include the keywords correctly in the meta tags, title tags, description tag, and alt tags to ensure the desired SEO value.

  • Title tags

Apart from keywords, you should always try to include branding ideally towards the tail end of the title tags. Try to set your title tags in maximum 70 characters. You can also think of going over 70 characters if that is necessary to explain what your site is all about.

  • Header tags

The header tags (usually H1, H2 to H6) are not as relevant now. However, these are vital to maintaining the content hierarchy. Header tags will help the users to read and understand your content easily.

  • Meta description

Meta descriptions are used by the search engines to craft the result pages logically. It is also a great tool for the site makers to create a good first impression to the search engines. It is ideal to make the meta descriptions the most relevant to your site title and content of the page. The suggested character count for meta description is 154.

  • Image attributes

There may be many images on your web pages. Crawlers cannot read these images, so for easier understanding, you need to use alt text tags and image file names correctly. Appropriate captions also need to be given to the images.

  1. Linking to related posts

When it comes to the internet, relationships matter a lot. Links to your website and back decide the worthiness and value of your pages. However, these should be quality links and provide the crawlers enough information about the acceptance and dignity of your content. So, WordPress site owners should ensure that the website is well linked internally and externally.

There are plenty of plugins available to be used in WordPress development to help in linking. Some of the best-rated plug-ins to find the related posts in WordPress SEO are:

  • WordPress Related Posts
  • Related Posts for WordPress
  • Manual Related Posts
  • ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget
  1. Using all-purpose WordPress SEO plugins

There are many general plug-ins available for WordPress SEO. Yoast is one of the most popularly used plugins. The best WordPress SEO plugins can take care of SEO activities like:

  • Web and page analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page and Off-page optimization
  • Meta descriptions
  • Link elements
  • Sitemaps
  • RSS feed optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Social media integration

Now, with all the basic of WordPress web design covered as done by SEO agency experts, you can also handle web development much effectively. A beautiful design can surely help in creating a welcoming ambiance for the users of your site.

Author Bio: Tim Cook is an SEO expert and WordPress web development consultant, who is working as a freelancer and also writes a lot of blog posts for SEO aspirants

Gone are the days when businessmen and website owners used to foster their business through obsolete marketing tools.  In recent times, people have changed their perspective of marketing and are now employing contemporary tools for the same.

The right choice of the tool for marketing your WordPress business is the most crucial step in this direction. The right Plugins, Content Marketing expertise, and Email marketing are some of the greatest tools. Through this blog post, we will help you explore some of the best marketing tools that can help you boost your WordPress business and achieve its goals in real time.

WordPress Marketing Plugins

The WordPress repository is full of awesome plugins that can assist a website owner or an admin to impart great functionalities and creative features to their website. These attractive additions drive in the audience and increase engagement on the website. Here are some of the best plugins to help you with your WordPress marketing tasks.

  1. Jetpack

Just the very way its tagline reads, Jetpack helps you increase your website’s traffic and secures your website. Providing the social media sharing management through your WordPress website’s dashboard, the plugin can be aptly used to share the content that you are about to post on your website. This plugin is a must have for all the website owners who want to publicize their content.

  1. Related post plugin

When visitors land on your website through their research for a post, you would want them to navigate through your site for a while, instead of abandoning it in a few seconds. The one of the most effortless ways of doing so is to use a plugin for showcasing related posts just followed by the post that the user was already interested in. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a good choice for the same.

  1. Revive old post

Many bloggers and website owners specifically focus on the current set of posts or updates that they want to float around. However, they completely forget that re-circulating the old popular posts can drive in a significant number of visitors for their WordPress blog or website. This plugin works seamlessly to serve the purpose. Its keeps your content alive and includes link backs to your website.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin helps in creating an XML sitemap of your website and allowing Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. to effectively crawl it and retrieve information. Rated as one of the best WordPress plugins, Google XML sitemaps notifies the search engines about every new post that goes up on your website.

  1. OptinMonster

Crafted specifically for marketers, this plugin helps you increase your website subscribers by capturing the right lead. You can create amazing opt-in forms along with floating header and foot-bars, slide-ins, sidebar forms, after post forms, mobile specific forms, inline-forms, welcome forms and much more.

  1. All in one SEO Pack

It is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress, it can optimize the search engines like Google and Bing. This tool helps the bloggers and website owners to promote their brand across the globe. With features like advanced canonical URLs, Automatic META tag generation, Google Analytics Support, Duplicate content prevention; this plugin is multi-lingual too.

  1. Broken Link Checker:

This plugin also helps in affecting the SEO ranking of your website by scanning the posts, pages, and comments on your website for any broken links. It scans and displays broken links in a different manner so that you can select them and make the necessary changes.

  1. Monarch

Social media marketing helps in increasing the visibility of your website to numerous users. So, social media selling is generally a larger chunk of marketing.

This social media marketing plugin enhances the social sharing functionality. This premium plugin helps in upgrading the social media presence of the client. It shares the content on over 20+ social media channels within a few minutes.It also shows how many times a page has been shared on social media.

Other key tools

Marketing is a tactile technique like tech blogs Technoven. It incorporates descriptive, appropriate and engaging activitiesthat can aid in focusing on and attracting the targeted audience. Only this way, can quality leads be generated.

  • Creating awesome content that engages the audience:

Irrespective of the type of industry your website or business belongs to, you can never ignore the importance of great content. In fact, marketing has been dealt differently in the content arena. As a part of content marketing ethics, you should create relevant and creative content for your website or blogs. The content should be error-free, non-plagiarized and readable. To make sure that content is truly apt, you can use tools like the Hemmingway app and Grammarly.

  • A speedy website

You cannot expect visitors to pour in if your website or blog is slow loading. So, optimize your posts and pages in a manner that optimum speed is delivered. Also, using the best hosting service is a crucial step.

  • Making sure that updates are scheduled regularly:

Once you begin to enter the marketing spiral, it is highly recommended to stay regular with your practices. This is so because if you are planning to engage your audience, you must give them sufficient matter to absorb.

Always schedule your posts on a prior basis so that the flow is maintained and no hitches or breaks come through. For instance, before going on a holiday, you should set up a schedule so that interested subscribers are not disappointed. For this purpose, you can use the Editorial Calendar plugin.

Bonus Tips:

  • If you are setting up a new blog or a website from the scratch, you must make sure that your website design follows the latest design trends and looks attractive yet classy.
  • You can collaborate with your industry relevant Influencers and bloggers to populate and market your website content products and services. They have a substantial following and their audience will trust your business through their words.
  • Pay most of the attention to Email marketing because if your website does not have subscribers, your marketing plan will eventually die.
  • Keep a track of your marketing efforts so that you can be sure that the tools are indeed working. Use tools like Google Analytics to track the user engagement on your website. 

Wrapping Up:

WordPress is a great platform for your content and when employed with a certain level of expertise, you can build your business, market its services and create the necessary brand awareness for your website.

With this detailed guide to the best marketing tools for your WordPress site, we hope that you will be able to embark on your marketing journey and bring out the best results.

Author Bio:
Catherrine Garcia is a freelance blogger and web developer. She is currently working as a freelance writer at MarkUp Trend and managing content. You can follow her on Twitter.


WordPress is very popular website developing and blog platform with tons of SEO advantages. It is very famous CMS used by thousand of websites from many years. When we developed a website OR launch any website of our personal OR business, SEO is now a day compulsory thing to take in consideration.

SEO is to optimize a website to increasing traffic to a website which ultimately increase your visitors to website. If your website is developed using WordPress platform than SEO of such website is somewhat different from other simple static OR dynamic website. SEO of WordPress site is easy and it is shown by many years that wordpress sites are perform well in SEO, WordPress site is ranking well in search engines for its targeted keywords.

WordPress SEO is drive with the different supported WordPress Plugins. SEO of wordpress sites are done with the help of different SEO plugins. One of the main and popular SEO plugin for WordPress site is Yoast SEO plugin. The beauty of this plugin is – it is with no of charges means free for all and easy to use by thousands of WordPress sites owners.

One can easily integrated yoast seo plugin to its WordPress site. After adding this plugin into the site, you can add all seo stuffs like Title, meta descriptions, meta keywords, Header tags etc. to each and every webpage of the site.

Other wordpress plugins which help for seo is LinkPatrol , Nofollow check box in WordPress which are helpful for SEO. When you want to start SEO of your wordpress site, after adding yoast seo plugin, you should first make keywords research for deciding your targeted keywords. Titles and meta descriptions are written using targeted keywords and with extra care because these things are highly impact on higher or first page rankings of the targeted keywords. Other factors including Header tags, images, alt attributes are also considered as a important in SEO of wordpress site.

WordPress is a CMS and also mainly used as a blog platform so one can easily update contents frequently on wordpress blog. Other SEO tools which can help are:



LinkPatrol is a premium WordPress plugin which allows you to control all the links on your website.

You can monitor all the outgoing links on your site, find out which links are giving away link juice, and more. LinkPatrol is less resource intensive than other free plugins that do the same job. It provides a quicker and efficient way to clean up all your anchor text, spammy links, and link juice problems with a very intuitive and super fast user interface.



SEMRush is a tool that Pros use to gather analytics and insights from their competitor’s to help improve their own SEO. You can learn about organic keywords to rank for, places where you can get backlinks from, insights into your competitor’s advertising strategies, and so much more. SEMrush is a paid subscription and is used by thousands of SEO professionals all over the world. It can provide you an enormous wealth of data.

Thus SEO of WordPress is made easy with the help of different WordPress Plugins.

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If you are looking to create a website for your business or personal content, WordPress can be a great design tool. It’s simple layout and user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for any website builder regardless of experience or skill level.

When you create your website, you will want to gain as many viewers as possible. Most website viewers gain access through search engine results. Your placement in a typical search can be hugely impactful on the traffic that visits your website. This is where the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. Fortunately, if you are using WordPress as your web design tool, it can help promote your website SEO. WordPress has many options that can help to drive web traffic your way.


Yoast Plugin

This is a popular and effective plugin for SEO on your WordPress website. It is simple to download and provides many benefits. Yoast will offer reminders for you to take steps such as enabling permalinks that will promote your SEO. It also has very advanced functionality that makes it a crucial plugin for anyone running a WordPress website.


RB Internal Link

Another great plugin for WordPress sites, RB internal link serves to promote internal linking. It creates links based on the post name rather than its URL. This makes it an effective tool for internal linking and the promotion of SEO.


Simple URLS

This plugin offers the benefit of tracking outbound links. This is an important part of SEO. If you include links on your WordPress website, you can use Simple URLS to track the clicks and views that occur from your visitors.


NextGen Gallery

Images are an important part of SEO and your website in general. As you plan your website and devise SEO approaches, you will want to place your images and manage them carefully. NextGen Gallery offers superior image management. With the use of this plugin, you can control the title and alt tags of your images and promote them through SEO. This will help you make your images work well for viewers and use them to promote your website traffic.


Lightbox Plus

Lightbox plus is another SEO plugin that relates to images. It is used to control the image overlay in your WordPress site. With the help of the Lightbox plus plugin, website viewers can access images, slideshows and videos all through the overlay it provides.


Widget Logic

Widget Logic is a great WordPress plugin for controlling widgets. It lets you easily determine which pages a widget will appear on. By using Widget Logic’s conditional tags, you can place your widgets exactly where you want them.


Gravity Forms

This is another WordPress plugin that can be hugely helpful with your SEO. Gravity forms is a contact plugin that works easily with other applications such as paypal. If you are using your website for any business functions, gravity forms can help you tailor it in a way that will facilitate communications with your website visitors.