There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes on the market. It might be hard to choose one. And before you make a choice, think of how a theme would affect your website credibility. 

Professionally looking themes work for website credibility.

Broken images, fonts or links, messy design create an impression of a poorly organized business. The harder to make your prospects trust you, the more professional and thought-out your theme should look. You can use free themes for a small blog or websites about your hobby. But if you plan to reach out some large audience, better think of choosing a premium WordPress theme which is well-supported and can be easily customized to your needs.

website credibility

Consider your target audience.

If your audience are teenagers, they are not going to respond to a corporate website. If you sell pizza, your website should not look like you sell jewelry. Your website design can be compared to your clothes. You wear suits in the office, and shorts on the beach because it is appropriate for the situation. 

Before you choose a theme, find out what your audience likes. You can take a look at your competitors’ websites or browse social profiles of your prospects. 

Support your brand.

if you already have a brand-book for your offline business, apply the same design to your website. Your clients should understand on the first glance that the website belongs to your company. If you use different styles and colors for your website, it will look like a fake. People won’t like to make purchases on such a website or trust the information on it. 

Mind the speed. 

You need to make sure that your website loads fast, especially on mobile devices. You might want to use less images and plugins to make your pages load fast. 

Add your contacts.

It is necessary to write your office address on your website. But the contact information will look more credible if you add a piece of map on your contact page. It will prove your clients that your address is real. Also it will be easier for clients to find directions to your office. 

Website credibility is important for your online sales, and choosing the right theme is a big step towards it. 

Among the world of WordPress themes, there is a specific category of themes called WordPress professional themes – and while the distinction of what makes up the WordPress professional themes is increasingly blurred, there are some specific things that are commonly found in this class of themes. For instance, consider our Chatter Theme: WP-Chatter THeme

Named for being one of the busiest themes, reverberating across the internet like a squirrel call in the forest, the Chatter Theme is a buzz of action. The characteristics that put it in the WordPress professional themes category are some of its clearly presented items such as:

  • Menu

Notice the neat tabs.

  • Front-Page Slider Widget

Offers dynamic views.

  • Search Box

Find it fast.

  • Front Page Sponsor Ads

Pay-per-click options.

  • 2 and 3 column widget layout combinations

Explore your style.

  • Long range of sub-menu items

Make you page more dynamic.

Another theme I want to draw your attention to from the WordPress professional themes category line is the WordPress Glide Theme

Wordpress Professional Themes

Being part of the WordPress professional themes briefcase, and your own collection is a must if you like having a 3-tier layout. Look at the centric design of the model and you will realize that this is one of the top professional themes in the WordPress professional themes category. Capable of handling a range of multimedia posts in this layout style, in a clear and well spaced design parameter, is the key attribute to its professional look.

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