To make the WordPress site more catching and interactive, the website owners now apply a vast number of methods. They install various plugins, change the website theme or use the website builder for their platform to stand out from the competitors. 

Today we will talk about the simple method to change your website design and make it more interactive for its visitors – the text color. By making the website design more attractive for the consumers, you will certainly notice a huge increase in website performance.

So, let’s get it started!

Why Text Color Is Important for a Website?

In general, the website text color has a lot of benefits to consider. Here are the main reasons to consider changing the standard text color on your website. 

  • bring the large changes to the website’s design;
  • catch visitor’s attention;
  • helps to highlight the key points;
  • allows structuring the content;
  • makes the text more attractive for reading and more.

As you can see, the text color changing is a must for any WordPress website to introduce a unique user experience for visitors. Thus, having covered the major benefits, it’s now time to learn the methods for these changes applying.

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Advice for Changing Text Color in WordPress

Before start changing the colors on your website, keep in mind two basic pieces of advice for this process:

#1 Make Sure You’ve Got the Backup Copies

The first try is not easy at all, and sometimes people do regret they can’t start all over again. However, having saved the previous settings, it becomes much easier to implement the changes

#2 Don’t Overuse the Colors 

Be careful while using the colors for the website fonts, as it is really easy to spoil the best design with the worst colors. For this purpose, we recommend double-checking the text colors and use the matching options to make the website design really unusual. A great example of a nice color combination is used on sites like gumroad: a turquoise color can be easily combined with white and green as well.

Ways to Change the Font Color in WordPress

Method 1. Change the Text Color of a Single Block

Let’s first train changing the colors of a separate text:

1. Select the paragraph you want to edit with double-clicking. 

2. Click the arrow tab on the block and then option “Text Color”.

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3. Then, customize the color of your text. You can use the one offered by the system or select the color you want to use manually. 

4. Another great tip you can apply for color customization is to use a hex code for the exact color you want. This option may be found in the “Text Color” line below the standard WP colors and can be repeated for the other text blocks posted on your website.

5. Click the “Update” button to save the changes or “Publish” to publish your new post. 

Right now you can easily customize any text on your WordPress website. So, enjoy your results!

Method 2. Use a CSS Class to Change the Text Color

Another great tool to use for customizing a bunch of text blocks is the CSS class plugin for WP. The main advantage of it is that this plugin remembers the color you used once and gives the possibility to apply it again later. 

This method is a little bit complicated in comparison with the first one but is still widely used for setting the color for your multiple texts:

1. Select the text block you want to edit.

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2. Open the tab “Advanced” located in the “Block” pane. In the Additional CSS class field type in a CSS class, for instance “highlight color”.

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3. Click the “Update” or “Publish” button. At this stage, you can use that styling in the Customizer or just add it to a stylesheet of your theme. For the last option go to the post you changed, and check the colors you want to use for a certain block. 

4. Go to the WordPress admin, choose Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS.

5. Type in the CSS class and the hex code you want to apply to change the font color of the text block.

6. Click the “Publish” button to save the changes. 

Also, in case if you want Now you can use all the creativity to apply some awesome ideas to your website. 


All in all, there are lots of methods that can definitely help you to create a catching design for your WordPress website. By changing the colors of the text you can extremely change the way people react to the website content, increase the overall platform performance, and widen your audience as well. 

Nevertheless, the methods we have presented in our post will not only save your time and efforts but also greatly assist you in creating a unique design for your WordPress website. 

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