When it comes to customizing a WordPress log-in page it isn’t usually the first thing one thinks of when designing a WordPress site. All though this is another creative outlet that can be utilized when it comes to creating a site for a client or a customer. The basic templates from the WordPress site can be quite plain and boring. By adding your own background and templates you can log in with style for your page or your clients page.

The original template log in page is heavily branded WordPress and perhaps your clients and users do not need to know the underlying software your site is operating under. This is the most heavily used page throughout WordPress through admin. If you are handing over your site to clients it is a good idea to create a more inviting log in page or perhaps create one more aligned with what your site offers.

This is a page you can utilize your brand and create your own style and color background. WordPress makes it pretty simple to change and customize your log in page by using simple codes and options.

There are steps to take when it comes to customizing your page from inputting codes through you ph files or adding urls in the background images. There are many sites with step by step information on how to customize to your brand and to help direct your log in page in a way that fits your website.

Having a customized log in page also helps your website stand out from others with the basic templates this can be useful when creating your own brand and identity through your WordPress site.

Different ways to customize include:

Changing the logo image Url

Adding a Custom Stylesheet

Adding a Custom link Under Form

Creating a background template or color

Redirecting Users After login

Useful Plugins

These are just a few steps you can take when customizing your log in page.

Creating a logo image for your log in page is a great way to present your brand and to tell your users they are at the right place for your site. This is very useful when creating a new brand and having another area to showcase your logo.

A custom stylesheet for example can be worked with by changing the size of your logo and perhaps matching the background with the appearance of your logo to make it stand out.

These and other easy steps can be taken in forming a customized log in page. There are many useful links on this topic as well as options for colors and styles through WordPress as well as third party sites available. When it comes to creating a page for your brand why not take advantage of every creative and marketing avenue. Every page counts when it comes to drawing your customers and clients in. Like they say first impressions are important and a log in page can definitely make an impression.