Most Effective Ways of Integrating Instagram into Your Web Design

Instagram, the informal photo-sharing app, was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and now it has found its way into the mainstream and stealing all the attention and limelight. Today Instagram boasts of over 400 million truly dynamic consumers and so there is nothing to be surprised about if more and more brands are latching on to the Instagram platform for business success. Here are a few effective ways of integrating Instagram smoothly into your web design.

Sales Approach

You could come up with a page having clear sales approach. For instance, White Fox Boutique has generated a web page with sales as the intent and approach. The title ‘Shop Our Instagram’ itself conveys to the user before he could even land up on the page, the actual purpose of the page. Once the consumers click on the Instagram images, they would find an extensive list of links leading to the products on display and then take the clients directly to the POP.

Instagram has started to integrate e-businesses into its platform through its latest effort called the Instagram for Business. However, it is believed that Instagram advertising could be quite exorbitant ranging from about $350,000 to $1 million every month. For startups and relatively smaller organizations, these rates do not at all seem to be realistic or feasible.

Embedding a Feed Is the Way to Go

The chief way of incorporating Instagram into your web design is simply by embedding a feed. You could have an Instagram theme which would be integrating well with web design colors and current products for making the integration certainly much more unified.

The easiest way of embedding your Instagram content is by using any plug-in. Experts say that plug-ins provide more functionality, for instance, you could go about adding your pictures to the gallery and consider including a slider. The free plug-in allows you to backup all your Instagram videos and photos to your website and demonstrates them along with custom taxonomies. You could be having control over imported posts that would be formatted for getting custom post formats and custom post types. You could attract to your site by integrating Instagram effectively into your web design.

The Instagram Badge

Often the simplest integration works out best. This is true if your website has already been designed impeccably with animations, for instance, Make Me Pulse, the computer generation company. The Instagram logo, placed with other social networking logos, at the bottom left corner, is extraordinarily fundamental. The dark foundation makes the white actually pop out but does not distract from the website’s original outlines and vibrant pictures.


Today several other social media platforms are being nicely integrated into web design, so it is necessary for web designers to find out more effective techniques of integrating Instagram, especially, those sites whose target demographic matches with the actual age of majority of the active Instagram users. There are multiple ways of integrating Instagram from using badges to full Instagram content pages. You have absolutely no excuses to stay away from integrating Instagram into your website.