If you are like many business owners, you probably fall in one of the following categories. You know a business website is ideal for your enterprise but you have never had time or money to make it a reality. You have a business website you aren’t so proud of. You often give excuses for not making it better.

For anyone falling in the above categories, WordPress provides a great solution to your problems. For those who have used WordPress for long enough, you definitely have an idea of how great this platform can be. If you are yet to join the bandwagon, the following reasons might as well make you want to be part of it today.

Easy Setup and Management

Seeking the services of experts likeLasVegasWebDesignCo.com is a great option when you want a website. However, you do not need to be a coding guru or internet mogul to set up a WordPress site. You simply need internet connection and a web browser. For someone going through this article, you already have what it takes to get started. WordPress.com offers free websites. You will only need a small fee to host your domain name. For a small entity that is just picking up, WordPress.com provides an amazing platform that is easy to manage and update if need be.

Multiple Free Themes

WordPress themes give you the luxury of owning a professionally designed website without the additional cost of hiring a designer. With over two thousand free themes up for grabs, you have every reason to own an amazing site without spending a fortune on it. For advanced and more responsive themes, you can take advantage of commercial sites like Theme Forest at a small fee.

Out of the world Plugins

What makes sites unique is their additional functionality. Do you want to add extra functionality to your WordPress site? Relax because there is definitely a plugin for it. WordPress Plugins give you the opportunity to add sophisticated business features to your website without having to hire an experienced coder. The flexibility of WordPress Plugins provides extensions for any possible additional feature. It doesn’t matter whether you want a simple platform or a fully integrated e-commerce platform; WordPress has it all figured out!

SEO Friendly

Who doesn’t want his website to grace the first page of search engine results? Getting in front of your audience is the ultimate goal of every business. WordPress comes with easy solutions to tons of SEO problems. With additional plugins like Yoast SEO, the deal gets even sweeter. It is easy to optimise a WordPress site to be in tune with search engine demands and you can achieve this effortlessly. That is what makes the difference!

Everyone is using it!

WordPress is over a decade old and still counting. People trust it and that explains the extensive popularity it enjoys. For the many years that it has been in existence, WordPress has been tested, refined and configured to suit the rising needs of the existing clients. If you didn’t have any reason to embrace WordPress for your corporate site, you now have loads of them.


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Web design has drastically changed since I built my first site in 2012. While the term Web 2.0 has been become cliché, it still describes the user-centered nature of modern web design that tightly integrates with social networking sites, blogs, video sharing sites, mobile devices, web apps and other services.

One of the cornerstones of modern web design is the ability for a client, with no technical knowledge, to update their own website from anywhere at anytime. A website built with a Content Management System (CMS) makes this easy for a client to add pages, change text, upload photos and videos and publish blogs—all on their own terms.

There are hundreds (probably thousands) of CMS systems but one has emerged to me as the clear choice—WordPress. If fact, virtually all sites I build now are custom WordPress websites.

WordPress started as a blog service in 2003. It has evolved over the years into a powerful Content Management System that is supported by thousands of web designers and developers around the globe. And many major corporations and organizations use WordPress to power their websites, such as:

  • Ford
  • The Wall-Street Journal
  • Sony
  • People Magazine
  • Samsung
  • Playstation
  • CNN
  • Network Solutions
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • MIT
  • Duke University
  • Boston College
  • And many more

Enough about the history of it, though—what are the benefits of using it to power your company’s website?

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  1.         Easy to Use

One of the reasons WordPress has grown so much in popularity is that the software is so easy to use for people who have no technical skill. Basically if you can use Microsoft Word and Facebook then WordPress will be intuitive for you. Tasks such as adding new pages, images and video are now easy for everyone.


  1.         Update Your Website From Anywhere

WordPress runs in your web browser. So from any computer with Internet access (at home, at the office, on a business trip, etc) you can log in and update your website. Even from your smartphone!


  1.         Take Control of Your Site

After your website is built and live, you can update it yourself. No more waiting for a web designer to schedule you in for a simple change or two.


  1.         Search Engines Love WordPress

The coding and structure of WordPress is great for search engines. Now don’t get me wrong, most companies would still need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get strong rankings, but you will get much greater traction using WordPress than most other CMS choices.


  1.         Add Advanced Features With Plug-ins

With WordPress, you have access to thousands of plug-ins most free that can extend the functionality of your website. Add features such as contact forms, Twitter and Facebook streams, video, Google maps, audio, event calendars, slideshows, photo galleries and so much more.


  1.         WordPress is Scalable

As your business grows and web technology continues to evolve, WordPress will grow along with you. You can create thousands of pages, blog articles, images and video over time without slowing down your site.


  1.         Multiple Users

If your company has several people who need to update your website (such as different blog authors) you can easily create individual accounts for each user. And each user can be assigned different access levels. So you can limit access to advanced features that you want to reserve only for your IT staff, etc.


  1.         Easily Stay Current

With traditional software, companies have to worry about upgrading and compatibility with their other software and networks. With WordPress, updating to the current version is as easy as clicking a button—the rest happens automatically in a matter of a few seconds.


  1.         Built-in Blog

Since WordPress originally began as a blog service, it is a core feature built-in. You can make your site into a full-fledged blog (if you’re running an online magazine for example) or make it a “corporate” site that has a blog along with traditional pages.


  1.   Interact With Visitors

As part of the built-in blog functionality, visitors can comment to your blog articles and you can respond, generating buzz and connecting one-on-one with your company. As a business owner, you also have some different options to moderate the comments depending on your preferences.


  1.   Social Networking Friendly

Automatically integrate your blog posts with social media like Twitter, facebook, Linkedin instead of having to go to each one, login, and make a post that you’ve just added something new to your website.

  1.   Ultimate in SEO Friendliness

The construction of WordPress blog code is consistent and streamlined without excessive HTML code that Google finds very inviting for indexing. Plus, with the right setup, you’re able to customize every page or post you make to give you the highest possible probability of getting your pages in high search results positions.

  1.   Mobile Readiness

No need to produce a second Web site just for mobile users. WordPress automatically recognizes if a person is viewing the site through a Web browser or mobile device and configures the content to be viewed appropriately on either.

  1.   Ease of Printing

Designers are notorious for creating Web sites that are too wide to print. With a simple plugin, all your WordPress blog site content can be easily printed in easy-to-read format…without creating duplicate “printable” versions of pages. No need for sacrificing screen view design just so that people can print the pages.

WordPress is an open source, online tool which is used for creating websites. It is written in PHO. These days, WordPress is the most common tool used in web development when it comes to CMS, or website content management system and blogging.


Why use WordPress for web development?

There are many reasons which have made WordPress so popular these days.


Here are a couple of reasons as to why WordPress is one of the most popular tools used when it comes to website development:

  • Ease: When it comes to WordPress, it is very intuitive and an easy to use system. It allows the users to add new pages, images, blog posts etc quite quickly and easily. It uses a very simple technology and as a result, not too much of time is wasted on the formatting part.


No FTP Software or HTML Editing Required: WordPress doesn’t require HTML software for editing and it is a self-contained mechanism. Different operations like uploading documents, image galleries, video files and etc can be done without the help of any additional FTP or HTML software.

  • Search Engine Friendly: The codes used in WordPress are very simple and clean which makes it easier for the search engines to index and read the content of the sites. Apart from this, every single image, post and page have their own meta tag, description, keyword and title which makes them optimized for the search engines.


Customizable Design: With the help of WordPress, a 100% customizable website can be designed which can prove to be very helpful when it comes to Online business promotion and search engine optimization.


Multiple Users: An administrator of a website made from WordPress can assign different capabilities and access levels for different users.



How to use WordPress?

Here are a couple of important tips which you would find useful while using WordPress for development.


  • Visit the Website of WordPress: At first you need to visit the WordPress website and then click on the button which reads as “Get Started”
  • Enter your Details: You need to create an account by keying in your valid email address. Then you need to click on “Create Blog”, this would let you create a free blog.

Create an Address: While you are signing up, you will be asked to create an URL or address for your blog. Once you have created an URL, you won’t be able to change it.

Check your mail: You will be sent an activation link in your email. You need to click on that link which would guide you to the activation page. There you need to click on the “Activate Blog” option.


Assign a Title: Once you have activated your blog, you will be directed to your Dashboard. You can go to the “Settings” option and assign a title to your blog by selecting the “General” option.

Give a Theme: In this step you can design your blog. You can use a wide range of multiple colors, themes to give your blog an attractive look. You can change the theme at any point of time. There are certain premium themes available which need to be purchased and free also available.


  • Blog Post: Now it is the time to make your first blog post. Go to the “Post” tab on your Dashboard and then click on “Add New”. Assign a title to your post and then you can start writing.


  • Widgets: There are collections of widgets found in every WordPress blogs. These widgets are available on the right side of your blog’s home page.


  • Add Pages: If you wish, you can add multiple relevant pages to your blog with different contents which would make your blog look professional and attractive to the viewers.


  • Make it different: If you wish your blog to stand out among others, then you need to put in a little bit of efforts. You can add certain features like reader interaction, posting frequency, optimal post length and others.


  • Promote the blog: Once you have your blog up and running, it is time to promote it. You can use social media to good effect when it comes to promoting your blog.


Creating attractive blogs have never been so easy before as of now with WordPress Website Development. Also you need to choose best hosting & SSL certificates providers in order to make your business secure online.


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