WordPress is an extraordinary site that is mainly used as a website structure or template, but it is also utilized for blogging as well. A common inconvenience is that the blog posts are displayed on the home page as well. Not a lot of people are excited about their blogs running through their main webpage site, and I’m going to discuss an easy way to separate the blog post from your “static page” or “home page”.

There is in fact a way to have a separate link to your blogs from your front page, and can be achieved in a few easy steps. First off you will want to create a new page this can be achieved by clicking the new page option in the left side of your screen. You can give it any title you want for now like “blog”.

Depending on your homepage theme you may not even have this problem as some of the templates don’t display blog posts, but if you do have this issue you will want to create a second page in WordPress admin panel and title it “homepage”. This newly created page will be your front page of your web site so anything added on here will be viewed first. To create a more clean and professional atmosphere of your webpage it is nice to have your blog page separate as an option for your readers to view once they get past the initial homepage of your site.

You can set your location for your blog post page by going to:


You will then select again in the admin panel “static page” settings select your homepage as your front page for your website. Then you will select your blog page you created as your post page. Make sure to save all your changes.front

You can also create a menu link if you’d like and can organize your pages in the order you would like them to be viewed. The menu option lets you organize the pages by name and order very easily.

It’s as simple as that for separating your blog posts from your main homepage.

By setting your blog pages up in this way you should be able to navigate with ease to the different pages and therefore be able to create different categories within the pages as well. By following these steps you are able to achieve an easy laid out WordPress site with the option of posting to different pages and keeping them organized for your readers.

As an alternative you can choose a template that does not use blog posting as the front page and already has a set theme. There are templates with this option if you would like to keep your site the same with the blogs separate from the main page.

There are many options for designing your website through WordPress and this is just one option available for separate pages you can also do categories as well as different templates. It is truly a world of opportunities. WordPress has really become the #1 site builder out there because of its ease and design options. Even someone with no coding skills can create there own website using WordPress. We hope if you are seeking high quality themes for your site, you review what SoloStream has to offer you and join our great community of WP members.