Making photo gallery albums is important to a website, adding photo gallery in your blog is simple to do. In today’s society we have become a visual world. Driven by appearances and media when it comes to marketing or drawing in an audience a media gallery should be top priority for keeping our page inviting as well as interesting. What would interest you more a plain page with no pictures or a page with photos included to keep our visual attention.

The good thing about WordPress is it has an add media option where it allows its users to develop a photo gallery on their page. WordPress offers different layouts and ways to style your gallery as well. You have the option of using the default layout which is thumbnail or you can design them in mosaic, and slideshow as well.

Tile mosaic styles come in three styles rectangular, square, and circular tiles. This is perhaps the most popular style yet and has a very easy interface for organizing your stream of photos.

All of these styles can be done through the Media Settings in WordPress and once chosen a style for your gallery this will be the style for all future and past posts created on your page. This can be changed at any time as well.

If you are interested in adding a gallery to your page what you will do is open a page or post for editing if it is a new page be sure to add a title before adding a gallery. You will then want to go to the ADD Media button and from there you can choose the Create Gallery Option and begin adding your photos.

The great thing about the different styles and layouts offered for your gallery you can sample each one and see which one fits your page the best. This is a neat option to offer your readers and can prove to be quite rewarding once added to your page. Once you complete all the necessary steps from choosing the photos for each post and your design layout you are then directed to saving and adding the gallery. From this point you can go to your settings and edit your gallery any time. You are able to add and delete photos, change the style, as well as move the photos around. This gives you complete control over your gallery and how you would like it presented on your site.

This has proven to be a successful tool for example if you are creating a cooking blog with recipes a photo gallery of your created recipes or step by step photos of your meal you are blogging about can give your readers a much better experience with your blog and can draw more people to your page. This can be useful for a number of things and pretty much any blog you can create. A photo gallery can aslo be used as a branding opportunity for displaying your company’s logo and photos for marketing helping give your business an identity through the gallery as well.

The photo gallery option is very easy to use and should definitely be a tool to be utilized. Adding such visual elements to your blog or site will make it stand out and be superior than other sites who don’t utilize this feature. Plugins have also been created for WordPress sites that allow you to easily add galleries to your site in under a minute, so now there are no excuses for creating amazing websites! We always enjoy seeing our clients who use our premium wordpress themes so feel free to email us your website and we can add it in our showcase display.