WordPress is a great site to manage ads for bloggers, business owners, and anyone involved in the social network. There are great and useful tools and an easy interface for expanding your website. Even with all these great things there are still a few drawbacks and one of them is the amount of ads through WordPress. There is a fix to this issue and it’s a pretty simple one at that. Don’t be discouraged with your page being bombarded with banners, ads, and advertisements from other online outlets. This is in fact the way WordPress generates an income is through its marketing available through adware.

There are a number of plugins that can be added to your page to prevent the amount of adware on your page by cutting out the middle man you can sell the ads yourself and clear up some space on your page as well. OIO Publisher is one of the most popular plugins allowing you to center the ads and banner in the positions and size you want on them to appear on your page. This gives you better control over the appearance and amount of ads on your webpage.

Let’s face it ads can get very irritating especially when we are trying to create a professional appearance on our page. Another fix for this is to sign up for a professional plan through WordPress which would be ad free in the process. With ad plans like these there is a higher fee as well. Still it depends on how much you feel they are affecting your page and how much you would like to get rid of them.

Most WordPress users do expect to see ads and banners when visiting most pages since this is an ad based program when it comes to the way it is ran and generates income. All though it would be ideal to have better control over them on your page and the position of them on your page. There are many plugins that can allow you to gain control over your page when it comes to adware. Depending on your page use and activity there may be comparison on a number of them for your specific needs. As mentioned above OIO publisher is a very popular one as well as BUYSELLADS Pro. BUYSELLADS Pro is a more expensive option then WordPress plugins such as OIO Publisher but it allows you to connect directly with advertisers and allows you to get a full earning benefit from them for advertising their ads on your page this can perhaps balance out the initial cost of the program. This is also allowing you to pick and choose what ads to present on your page and can perhaps pick some that goes along with your blogs and homepage. There are also plugins that integrate Google AdSense into your blog/site so all you have to do is input your Google AdSense Publisher ID and ads will start appearing right away.

Again with WordPress, there are endless ways to make your blog more profitable. With the use of Plugins and simple coding, you too can start making revenue from your visitors. From my personal experience, I would recommend using AdSense as its the largest ad marketplace where you can find the most buyers for your ad space, they have virtually a 100% fill rate while other ad networks fill rates are between 90-95%. It is also very important to keep testing ad spots and sizes on your site to find out which produces a higher RPM which will result in a higher payout for your site as a whole. These ad companies provide stats where you can view CTR, RPM and other metrics to measure your site’s performance and gage whether or not an ad unit is producing the most money for you, if not, keep updating until you find the perfect formula.