With a market share of roughly 35%, WordPress powers more websites than any other website builder or Content Management System in existence. In fact, the battle for supremacy isn’t even close. Therefore, your decision to use WP for your site is arguably the most natural and logistical solution.

Plug-ins are an integral feature of the WordPress platform, and can make all the difference as you bid to unlock its full potential. Here are five that no web owner should ignore.

WordFence Security

The first rule of modern web design is that you need to protect your website from day one. Cyberattacks occur every 39 seconds, and almost half of all attacks hit SMEs and individuals. WordFence Security is the best App to ensure that your site avoids the threat of becoming a statistic.

WordFence has a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage a range of tools. They include protection from malware, viruses, backdoor scanning, and brute force hacking. WordPress core file integrity verification and email notifications help you stay safe at all times.

Yoast SEO

A well-designed and functional website counts for very little if nobody ever visits. Search Engine Optimisation is the most important ingredient in the recipe for attracting more customers. While there are plenty of suitable plug-ins on the market, Yoast SEO remains the most convenient and effective.

Yoast SEO uses a simple traffic light system and a step-by-step guide to ensure that every webpage and blog post benefits from solid SEO. It covers keywords, links, readability, and the metadata of the snippet. However, we do recommend hiring an SEO expert if you want to further grow your organic channel performance.


While SEO will bring a lot of organic traffic, social media remains a huge tool for reaching new clients and gaining repeat visits. Buffer is a simple WP plug-in that lets you schedule post publications to your various social media pages. It can instantly transform your approach to time management.

Buffer additionally allows you to put social media share buttons on your web pages and posts. This encourages readers to share your content, providing free advertising and promotion without any extra effort on your behalf. Social interaction develops stronger client relations. Embrace it.

Optin Master

Pageviews are great. In reality, though, the objectives of your website shouldn’t be limited to this idea. You want visitors to take action and, ultimately, enter the sales funnel. Contact data capturing is a huge step in the right direction, which is why you need Optin Master.

The simple plug-in allows you to create engaging pop-up forms that generate leads by getting clients to enter their details. It works with MailChimp and other services, so you can give your users added value with free eBooks or special promotions to secure more conversions. It is a game-changer.

Google Analytics

Every business owner wants to track the progress of their website, pages, and content ideas with real-time results and extensive insights. The Google Analytics WordPress tool by Exact Metrics is the ultimate plug-in to make this happen.

Detailed stats cover everything from organic searches and bounce rate to traffic channels and device categories. You can quickly see which items are working and, crucially, which need a little added attention. Your website needs to continually improve. This plug-in encourages the results you deserve. For more information visit how to get started with analytics.


It’s likely that a variety of additional plug-ins will be required, such as WooCommerce if you’re planning to sell products online. Nevertheless, it’s the five plug-ins above that will enable you to design an attractive, functional, and safe site on the WordPress platform.

A WordPress site should be a business. From satisfying the needs of Google to satisfying the demands of your visitors, heading into battle with the right weaponry will help you win the digital war. You’ve got this!