Introduction of WordPress

In the year of 2005, WordPress officially launched its Blog, it can be installed on web server either on the internal or network as well as with any remote server as well, one of the best part of its kind is to offering network setup which helps and meet so many requirements that most of the developers and bloggers can be satisfied.

Its considering not only Bloggers but also any stand alone websites and recently it has been declared that more than 60 million websites are using WordPress as heir native development. There are many developers you can easily find one of the most experienced and serious developers we refer is “” and “VeravalOnline Incl” .

Infrastructure of WordPress

From the hosting prospects, WordPress doesn’t need any special plugins to your server and its very easy to maintain with any shared to dedicated servers, It is only devided in 4 main directories which are, wp-admin, wp-include, and wp-content, and rest of the files are on the home page, you can download from When you see each of the directory have its own purpose, wp-admin helps to open the backend for users and admins, wp-include is the directory where all the wordpress core files are located and its something that helps WordPress to communicate while the wp-content is having all the themes and plugins that is necessary to stands up your website as WordPress sites,

Themes for the WordPress

As We know there are more than 60 millions websites are hosted with WordPress so themes are also popular as their numbers. You can find many free themes that is already into your Dashboard [Wp-admin] but we strongly recommend to buy or custom themes from Approved WordPress Premium theme sellers like,, and They have tremendous package and always offers package to suites your every requirements.

Plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugins are its addons that can be either download from your dashboard or again you can buy or custom them with many of the developers and companies. The best part of the plugins for WordPress is , they are very easily available and many of the resources and tested plugins are in the market that is always keep updating by their developers.

WordPress Updates

As you know technology and time they are competing each other and considering that, the WordPress developers and  themes are always keep updating to make sure to suits the most compatibility and for security purpose. Mainly WordPress have three major things that is always updating, themes, plugins and WordPress framework by itself.

WordPress Security and Maintenance

Yes its famous and highly usable to many bloggers and website developers, due to that, there are always people to try new tricks and play with their own idea to break or twist the code which we call it “Hacking”, to maintain that protection WordPress is always keep updating and finding any new threats which come across and that is the main reason to keep having most updated version in any themes, plugins or framework.